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I’ve had my new iPod shuffle for two days and thought I’d post my thoughts on it. We’ve already covered the out-of-the-box and setup experience elsewhere, so I won’t repeat them here. Playlist Support I experimented with a few different setups, but finally settled on using […] Read more »

And so ends the life of another would-be iTunes competitor. Spiral Frog, a Universal-backed subscription music catastrophe, has apparently called it quits. Though the service was “free” (using an ad-supported model), it still suffered from the five things that pretty much all subscription-based music models share: […] Read more »

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The blogosphere will be “all OS 3.0, all the time” for a while. I wanted to wait a little bit and see some reaction to the update. Predictably, Paul Thurrott didn’t approve. He cherry-picked a few things and claimed they should have been there from the […] Read more »

Apple released the 3G iPod shuffle today. That’s “3G” as in third generation, not 3G as in the communications protocol used by the iPhone 3G. See? It’s as clear as the dirt on the floor. But I digress… Naturally, Digg Nation has weighed in on Apple’s […] Read more »

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So Verizon is finally acting like they “get it,” specifically asking people who leave their service if “the iPhone” has anything to do with it. The problem with this is that by saying “the iPhone” they imply having the device just like it exists on AT&T’s […] Read more »

Seems nearly everybody believes the rumored Mac mini is fake. At least, that’s what I see in most of the comments to the published rumors. Predicting what Apple will do next is nearly impossible, and I usually don’t bother going there. But today, what the heck. […] Read more »

Billboard recently reported that Total Music, a joint venture between Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, has finally ceased operations. The two music giants have “agreed to stop funding the effort, citing both business and economic factors for doing so.” As far as I’m concerned, […] Read more »

Microsoft has made public their “edition strategy” (my term, not theirs) for Windows 7. While there are still too many editions, at least they make a little more sense, and offer a better overall choice, than what Vista offered. Paul Thurrott has a write-up on the […] Read more »

I wrote about the patent Apple received for this, but I’d like to comment further in light of all the discussion going on about the relative usefulness of this patent. A lot of the discussion seems to stem from these sources: A Gizmodo article using a […] Read more »

For quite a while (heck, pretty much forever), the knock on Apple has been that it’s overpriced, that the same thing can be had for much less elsewhere. A much more recent complaint is that somehow Apple never gets any critical reviews, it’s all just shoddy […] Read more »

Like many users, I’m pleased that the labels are finally allowing Apple to sell music free of DRM copy protection. Given that the labels have allowed this for many other vendors (Amazon, Wal-Mart, Zune Store, etc.) I think they’ve been flirting with collusion on the iTunes […] Read more »

Today the 17 inch MacBook Pro joined its younger siblings with a unibody construction. While many of the improvements were expected — based on the existing unibody models — and there are some worthwhile performance enhancements, Apple also had a couple of nice surprises in store. […] Read more »

The good news is that with the keynote almost upon us, the Mac community has switched primarily from crying about Jobs not giving the keynote to instead focusing on the usual rumors and speculation. This is as it should be. I’ve written about what I think […] Read more »

In a previous article I discussed Apple’s approach to cloning and how far they should go in shutting down that business. This led to the question “why can’t I just buy Mac OS X and install it on any hardware I want?”, which led to a pretty […] Read more »

‘Twas the night before Macworld, when all through the blogs Every pundit was asking “Where is Steve Jobs?” His stockings were hung at Mascone with care, But it seems his last keynote was for MacBook Air. The attendees were not yet settled into bed; All concerned […] Read more »

With all the hoopla surrounding Psystar these days, a few other companies have jumped on board the Mac clone bandwagon. In some cases they’re using somewhat, shall we say, unique, methods. Still, the intent is clear: skirt Apple’s EULA and sell a solution that allows Mac […] Read more »

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