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It must be nice to be Verizon right now. Free from the intense scrutiny AT&T receives by having the hottest and “smartest” smartphone, it can appear to rise above it all. It can have TV ads to claim the best network on the planet, and it’s […] Read more »

Fortune has a nice article on discussions with IT professionals with regards to the iPhone. I especially like this quote from a former CIO: “What’s interesting about the iPhone is [that] the capability of the device is tremendous,” he added. “We’re looking closely at it. There […] Read more »

When writing about Microsoft’s previous Laptop Hunters ad, I made the following plea: So, Microsoft, I’m begging you to bring back Lauren #1. Give her the same $1,000 budget so she can easily rule out a Mac In its newest ad, the company did reduce the […] Read more »

So there’s a new OS that’s based on the web, relies primarily on a web browser, and whose native apps are web apps. Old news, you say? We already know about Palm’s WebOS. No, I don’t mean that one. This one will primarily target netbooks. Still […] Read more »

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Harry McCracken at Technologizer wrote a nice piece about the virtues of hardware keyboards on smartphones. I think one reason a keyboard argument even exists is because when competing in a given market, you have to tag a competitor’s hot product with a “missing feature,” and […] Read more »

Microsoft’s free antivirus software, Morro, will soon be in beta testing — a free cure for one of the Windows world’s greatest sicknesses. And you know it’s gotta be good, because who better to close those doors than the company that opened them in the first […] Read more »

Dave Winer published a piece explaining his views on netbooks, and he brings up Apple because a) he uses Macs and b) Apple has publicly stated its disinterest in getting in the netbook game. (I’m setting aside whether Apple really isn’t getting in the game.) He […] Read more »

Apple pulled a flanking maneuver on us today, catching us by surprise. While there were some rumblings about the unibody 13” MacBook possibly being brought into the “Pro” family, there were no rumors about changes to the MacBook or Pro line in general beyond perhaps the […] Read more »

First, it’s great news that the “old” iPhone 3G 8GB model now sells for $99, effective today. It’s a great device that will get even better on June 17, when the new iPhone OS 3.0 arrives free of charge. This is an incredible smartphone, and Apple […] Read more »

Well, this is a fine how do you do. Today Palm just kicked Sprint in the groin while improving its own outlook greatly. Sprint is now rolling around on the ground thanks to the announcement that Verizon will sell Palm’s Pre in “about six months.” Sprint […] Read more »

Sure, Limerick Day was actually yesterday. Think of these as either a day late or 364 days early. There once was a major OS Whose code was so clearly a mess. But we just have to cope, And hope against hope It’s fixed in the next […] Read more »

Yes, I know “RC” designates Windows 7 as a Release Candidate, but a better designation would be Reality Check. Windows 7 is an improvement over a very bad Vista, OK? Big deal. Let’s not pretend it’s more than that. The signal-to-noise ratio from some quarters is […] Read more »

So I’ve been unwinding in Vegas the last week (yeah, I know, “unwinding” and “Vegas” do not belong in the same sentence). Now I’m back catching up on my news feeds only to see that Microsoft has attempted a return to the good ol’ days. The […] Read more »

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