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Adobe Acrobat can cost anywhere from $300 to $500 per user license, depending on the version you purchase, so replacing it with a free or lower-cost alternative can save your company big bucks. Here’s a list of some great alternative PDF tools. Read more »

Xobni — an app that aims to help people get more from their email — is coming to the BlackBerry with Xobni Mobile. Just as the Xobni plugin does for Microsoft Outlook, Xobni Mobile offers the ability to gather more information about your email contacts. Read more »

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Despite all of the attention they have gotten recently, there isn’t a universal e-book format, and we must contend with the many different types of e-books that are available. Here’s a rundown of the ebook formats that are available today and how to use them all. Read more »

I have to come clean and admit that I love freeware. Yes, I know that everyone likes getting something for nothing, but I’m talking about a lifelong addiction here. Read more »

There are countless ways to track your brand on social media. Simple methods include using Twitter search and Google Alerts; more elaborate tools include Radian6’s newly announced Engagement Console, which will scour numerous social platforms for any mention of your brand. Read more »

YuuGuu is a little different than the options outlined above, because it allows you to share your screen via instant messenger (IM). It also supports all of the major IM platforms such as Yahoo, MSN, AIM, GTalk and more. Read more »

A recent Pew survey revealed that the popularity of blogging among teens and young adults has declined dramatically from 28 percent to 14 percent from 2006 to 2009. It reveals a trend that clearly shows that blogging is losing its luster with today’s younger generation. Read more »

Sometimes it’s good to get feedback straight from the horse’s mouth — namely, your customers and clients. But doing so via email can be a pain to organize and manage; that’s why the five solutions covered in this post might be a good answer. Read more »

Zoho today announced support for Facebook Connect, which means you can now access its entire suite of applications using your Facebook account. If you don’t already have a Zoho account, then you can sign up with your Facebook ID. Read more »

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The recent launch Google Buzz brought to light one of the most common problems with participating in many social networks: duplication of posts. Whether you’re using social networks as an individual or on behalf of an organization, the problem of “crossing the streams” remains the same. Read more »

If you still haven’t made up your mind yet about Buzz, here are some useful tips for customizing and automating the service so that it can work with your other social networks. We’ll also look at some ways to share messages and links via Buzz with specific groups. Read more »

Here are some apps that provide useful ways to collaborate online on writing scripts for anything from short promotional corporate videos to full-length motion pictures. These three apps focus specifically on the task of writing scripts, along with the formatting that requires. Read more »

Plaxo has released a much-improved version of its address book, the bread and butter of the app. The first thing you’ll notice is the speed. It’s now faster when searching your contacts. It starts displaying results as you’re typing in the search box in real-time. Read more »

With these tools, you are no longer required to send your tweets in real time, because you can write them in advance. This is a perfect solution for those of us who can’t find the time to jump on Twitter on a consistent basis. Read more »

Since you liked our list of 10 must-have Google Chrome extensions so much, and seeing as Google today released a stable version of Chrome that includes extensions, I’ve decided to share another 10-pack of useful extensions. Read more »

If you’re looking for a new job, I’ve rounded up some useful iPhone apps that can help you with your search and preparation for interviews. Here are 24 free apps to get your job hunt moving in the right direction. asapLocal displays many different types of […] Read more »

Google Apps continues to grow in usefulness over time, especially as you can customize and extend the original platform. You can add a slew of new apps and gadgets to the default selection that appears on your dashboard. The first place to look is in the ever-growing Google […] Read more »

You no longer need to spend a great sum of money to get your startup off the ground design-wise. You can find some fine deals for things such as new logos, flyers, presentations, marketing campaigns, new web sites –even a new company name. Here are just […] Read more »

Increasingly, brands are getting into social media and social networking — we see them everywhere we go online these days. One of the most popular campaigns was last year’s Skittles web site relaunch, which cleverly included a “lifestream” of all of its social networking content and […] Read more »

Threadsy has recently updated and added some new features that expands its already ambitious goal of becoming your universal social inbox. In addition to aggregating all of your regular webmail accounts (Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail), it has now added support for Apple MobileMe ( email addresses). […] Read more »

Lazyfeed has relaunched itself with an emphasis on making things even easier for you and, thus, making you even lazier (to use its own terminology). Topic-based readers (a subject we’ve written about before) have become popular of late, but Lazyfeed appears to be gaining the most […] Read more »

Sometimes, it’s not what you know but who you know that counts — and that certainly is the case on social networks these days. One of the best features on Facebook is the way it shows you all of the mutual friends you have in common […] Read more »

Xobni, a very useful Microsoft Oulook plug-in that we’ve covered with praise previously, has just released a new update that now reveals more information about your contacts, including acquiring valuable data from their Salesforce account. This has been a much-demanded feature that is available for all […] Read more »

I recently wrote “How to Carry Your Office on a Stick,” which showcased the best ways to install portable applications on a USB flash drive. But what if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to carry a flash drive around or happens to lose […] Read more »

As USB flash drives continue to get faster and provide increasing amounts of storage capacity, you can use them for more than just backing up files and documents. You can actually run a ton of applications right from your flash drive, which can come in handy […] Read more »

Quirky is a unique service catering to those fledgling Thomas Edisons in our midst. Similar to Threadless, it’s a social network that allows inventors to upload ideas and vote on them. If a product gets enough votes, it gets manufactured and sold through the site. While […] Read more »

One of the great features of social networking is how easy it is to share information with large groups of people. In this post, I’m going to share some ways that you can create bundles or collections of useful stuff that you can share with others, […] Read more »

Ning, the do-it-yourself social network, has taken a hint from Apple and Facebook by announcing the availability of Ning Apps. This is a big deal because now every Ning social network, whether they’re for personal groups or professional organizations, will be able to install many useful […] Read more »

In this age of instant gratification, we are always busy and increasingly impatient. Even with the latest computer technology and ever-faster broadband speeds, most of us would still like do be able to get things done faster. Here are some buttons and bookmarklets for your browser […] Read more »

Single sign-on adoption continues to spread, as increasing numbers of web sites embrace technologies such as OpenID, Facebook Connect and OAuth, which let you log into web sites using an existing account from another service, such as Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, and many others. JanRain, a respected […] Read more »

Sharein, the link sharing service, has responded to bookmarking web app Delicious’ new link sharing features by unleashing a raft of new functionality. Interestingly enough, much of this new functionality involves bookmarking, which is Delicious’ bread and butter. I guess you could say that is fair […] Read more »

Thanks to the web, the old adage that there’s strength in numbers has never been more true than now. Increasingly, web workers are finding ways to establish powerful partnerships with vendors that offer products or services that compliment their own. They’re learning that while they might […] Read more »

Whether you use Twitter for personal or professional reasons, after a while you’ll notice that your inbox is overflowing with direct messages (DMs). Ultimately, you’ll realize that you will never have the time or the patience to sit there and manually delete all of them. What do […] Read more »

We’ve previouslycovered the impressive Microsoft Outlook add-on Xobni. The company behind it has just released a new premium edition of the product called, appropriately enough, Xobni Plus, available for a one-time fee of $29.95. There are a number of productivity-boosting features that are exclusive to the […] Read more »

If you’re trying to promote a prize giveaway or other type of contest through social media, you should check out Wildfire Promotion Builder. Wildfire has helped create and manage online promotional campaigns for some very well-known organizations such as Pepsi, Facebook, Red Bull and Zappos. The […] Read more »

Here are a couple of ways to be more efficient when it comes to sharing your photos online from events. Like most web workers, you’re probably on many different social networks. How do you share those great photos from the event with all of your contacts […] Read more »

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