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The teams at Rally Software and Getty Images demonstrate that co-creation is not only possible, but likely necessary, to be a success in business today. As they show, co-creation helps reduce barriers between what a business needs and what it can get from its suppliers. Read more »


Yammer has a sophisticated understanding of how customers come to value their tools. They understand that although executive leadership and groundswell support are important, it’s the heart of the company that has the greatest impact on how Yammer ends up being used. Read more »

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Work boundaries have blurred and so has our understanding of who knows what in a given company. WikiOrgCharts uses the power of crowdsourcing to bring that information into focus. Having a clear picture of roles within an organization makes it easier for partnering companies to collaborate. Read more »


Something as simple as Smartsheet’s cloud-enabled spreadsheets can greatly improve communication in the workplace, allowing everyone to see how different steps in a project relate to manpower, timing, and other resources. The Oshkosh, Wisconsin School District provides a useful example of Smartsheet’s capabilities. Read more »


IBM recently announced new social networking and collaboration mobile apps — specifically designed to support enterprise needs around consumer mobile devices. IBM aims to bring social networking, real-time collaboration, and online meeting capabilities from behind the company firewall and into the hands of tablet users. Read more »

Wrike Workspace + Google docs

Today, Wrike launched a free version of their project management software into the Google Apps Marketplace. Wrike’s CEO Andrew Filev says the free version will continue to improve as Google expands their API to allow greater flexibility for building off the Google ecosystem of applications. Read more »


Our product life cycles are getting shorter — putting more pressure on how quickly we can form teams and work effectively across teams. At the same time, team members are often working apart or on-the-go. Managers need support, and performance management platforms, such as Rypple, aim to help. Read more »

Woman with futuristic data screen

Data is playing a bigger role in how we do our work. According to a recent study by Factiva, there are at least six different personas that workers take on in their data work, illustrating the different ways we relate to this data. Read more »

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Hyve Knowledge

What would work be like if our colleagues just knew what we were working on? Peers could better coordinate, and managers could more easily allocate resources. DoubleDutch HYVE takes us one step closer, automatically letting colleagues know what we’re doing, for whom, and where. Read more »

Screenshot of InMagic IdeaNet moderator page

Last week, Inmagic introduced IdeaNet, an innovation management platform. I spoke with Phillip Green, Inmagic’s CTO, about how the company approaches B2B collaboration and how its clients integrate innovation into customer interactions. I came away from the conversation with a new appreciation for keeping things simple. Read more »

Screenshot of RedCritter Tracker profile

RedCritter Tracker is a thoughtfully gamified project management tool for software development teams that’s set to launch later this month. Founder and CEO Mike Beatty walked me through the app’s key capabilities, including project management support, visibility into employee skill sets, customizable rewards, and badges. Read more »

Screenshot of the hack creation page

Submissions to the Harvard Business Review/McKinsey M-Prize for Innovation closed July 18. For two months, management practitioners, consultants and professors have been posting their work hacks and stories of experimenting with radical management practices to share with the community, gather feedback, and gain recognition. Read more »

Screen shot of Spigit contest on Facebook

Spigit is a leading enterprise social innovation platform. Paul Pluschkell, CEO and co-founder of the company, talked to me about the product and Spigit’s perspective on innovation management, which supports the “edge to the core” philosophy that is top of mind in many high-impact organizational settings Read more »

Screen shot of Intuit Brainstorm home page

Brainstorm began as an internal innovation management platform at Intuit, but it’s now available as an external offering following extensive customer testing. Tad Milbourn, product manager for Brainstorm, walked me through the application’s role in the company’s own innovation approach. Read more »

Clear and muddy water in two glasses

Transparency is something we want from our collaborators, know has value, but often lag about providing ourselves. While studies show transparency nearly always results in better outcomes, people often withhold information because they feel it would take too much time or are uncomfortable sharing it. Read more »

Screenshot of Brightidea Pipeline

Once you have the good ideas, what do you do with them? Innovation management tools can support the transition from good idea to great change or product. I spoke with Vincent Carbone, Brightidea co-founder and COO, about the company and his perspective on innovation management. Read more »

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