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The delivery of real-­time query makes Hadoop accessible to more users — and by orders of magnitude. Its significance goes well beyond delivering a database management system (DBMS) kind of query engine that other products have had for decades. Rather, Hadoop as a platform now supports a whole new paradigm of analytics. With the introduction of real-­time query, Hadoop has taken a major step toward unifying the majority of big data analytic applications onto one platform. This research paper targets information technology professionals who have in-­depth experience with traditional RDBMS and seek to understand where the Hadoop ecosystem and big data analytics fit. Read more at Gigaom Research »

Gigaom Research

The explosive growth in the volume, velocity, variety and complexity of data now challenges the traditional enterprise application vendors, and new applications have emerged that are real-time, massively scalable and have closed-loop analytics. Managers collaborating with IT must assess these new applications to support new business models. Read more at Gigaom Research »

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