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To the envy of developers everywhere, Google Software Engineers are granted what they call their “20% time.”  As a result, Google coders get 20% of their working time to work on projects that the developers select away from management approval.  Many well-known Google projects have resulted […] Read more »

Scribd is a document hosting service that we’ve touched on before that allows users to bring their documents into their online service for viewing and later use.  Scribd recently launched a service called iPaper@Scribd that is aiming to do away with annoying email attachments by granting […] Read more »

Small business owners are always looking for smart ways to keep costs down while achieving useful practicality.  Whether it’s running a business from your home office to avoid renting an office or completing administrative tasks sometimes best outsourced to a hired hands, business owners seek balance […] Read more »

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Being able to bookmark and save web pages for future reference is a functionality that has been tried by many players, including Instapaper, toread, and Iterasi (previously covered).  However, a new entrant called LaterLoop is approaching this web page saving space with some unique and interesting […] Read more »

While the emergence of VoIP, or voice-over-Internet protocol, technology has already helped push down the cost of making a phone call, now it’s starting to have a deflationary impact on the world of mobile, where call charges remain stubbornly high. We at GigaOM are constantly tinkering with these mobile services, so we’ve put together a list of seven mobile VoIP apps that we think you’ll find handy. Continue Reading Read more »

As forecast in a previous post, Starbucks has begun their complimentary Wi-Fi service.  To get your two free hours of Wi-Fi, you must: Create an AT&T Wi-Fi account Have a Starbucks card (that can have as little as $5) on it and you must have used […] Read more »

When traveling abroad, making calls back home or otherwise can get very expensive, as alluded to in a previous post. With an unlocked GSM mobile phone, you can use the Orange service as discussed in the aforementioned link, or any other pre-paid GSM provider.  However, what […] Read more »

If your company or co-workers are involved in numerous web 2.0 sites, you may have images on Flickr, videos on YouTube, a blog with an RSS feed and so on.  This results in giving your website users many places to look when they consume your organization’s […] Read more »

Back when broadband Internet access was made available to homes in the late 1990’s, teleworking took off.  In businesses, employees were allowed to work from home part time (in some cases, full time) and many home based businesses took off, allowing small time entrepreneurs to have […] Read more »

Just as any online content producer or web site owner is hungry for metrics about their web site, iPhone application developers are bound to want the same types of facts and figures surrounding the usage of their programs. New York City-based startup Pinch Media, which has […] Read more »

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Strands, a Corvallis, Ore.-based startup that has shown success in the music social recommendation space, is relaunching into a private beta online activity aggregation service. The company hopes to take the lifestreaming features offered by Web 2.0 darling FriendFeed a step further by adding the […] Read more »

Phone makers these days are packing so many new technologies into their wireless handsets, it’s enough to make you nostalgic for a plain ole phone. Take Nokia’s N95, which has networking technologies including 3G and Wi-Fi, a still/video camera and a GPS module. But all of […] Read more »

For mobile workers, it’s hard to beat the freedom and flexibility Internet telephony provides us.  One of our favorite web services, GrandCentral, gives you the ability to have one phone number that can ring an assortment of phones including your mobile, landline, office phone, and any […] Read more »

Orange, the mobile arm of France Telecom, is marketing affordable plans to make it easy for you to use your mobile phone while traveling to some European countries. When traveling abroad, travelers who want to take their mobile phones along for connectivity feel the sting with […] Read more »

Tungle, the meeting coordination web service we covered in February, has made it easier to coordinate meetings with your more mobile colleagues. The newly announced BlackBerry optimized mobile website features the Tungle web service, specially formatted for the BlackBerry’s screen.  After the meeting has been scheduled […] Read more »

Have you ever been in a meeting involving collaboration around a whiteboard, sketched up brilliant ideas or diagrams on the whiteboard, only to have to erase it at the end?  Or perhaps you’ve wanted to permanently preserve a hand-written note or quickly scan a printed document, […] Read more »

When you think of what values you seek from co-workers, colleagues, and clients, punctuality is probably one that wouldn’t immediately come to mind. Being web workers, parents, co-workers, spouses and just about every other role you can imagine, we have many demands for our attention and […] Read more »

When planning a vacation, it’s hard to find good information on the web.  UpTake, now out of private beta, tries to help with that process by assessing keywords and returning user comments from across the web to help you find great travel destinations based on your […] Read more »

Strands, a social recommendation startup whose core product is focused on music, today made another move aimed at expanding into other areas with an agreement to buy NetworthIQ for an undisclosed amount. With the acquisition of NetworthIQ, Corvallis, Ore.-based Strands is looking to further build its […] Read more »

Nimbuzz, a little-known mobile VoIP company out of the Netherlands, has released a mobile client that not only allows users to conduct VoIP calls, but to engage in IM conversations and share media such as photos, music and video. Nimbuzz, which claims to have received an […] Read more »

Web Worker Daily readers are likely familiar with GrandCentral, a service that gives you a single phone number that can ring multiple phones including your office, cellular phone, and home number simultaneously. However, if you’ve ever thought it would be nice to read your voicemails either […] Read more »

VoIP has some major advantages over traditional landline phones. First, typically you can call phones in the US and Canada for one monthly flat rate. Also, international calls can be made very cheaply. Included services with your flat rate service include: call waiting, call forwarding, online enabled voice mail, CallerID, and many more. Whereas conventional phone companies charge you individually for each of these services, VoIP providers give them to you for one flat rate.

Where do you begin if you’d like to use your broadband connection to lower your phone bill dramatically? Lets walk through some of the options. Read more »

A recent podcast from CNet featured Michael Breus, a psychologist and sleep specialist.   Dr. Breus discussed some common misnomers regarding sleep and its effect on those around us. Getting adequate sleep is foundational to being successful in today’s world.  Consider the following important factors regarding […] Read more »

There are many online project management offerings on the web including Projjex (previously covered), Basecamp, and Zoho Project. A relatively new entrant to the market is 5pm, a product is built by a very small team. Even without venture funding, the 5pm team has built a […] Read more »

With travel costs rising each and every day, business are seeking ways to not only save money but be more conscience of the way their business practices are affecting the environment.  Video conferencing is a hot space currently with many options for web workers to choose […] Read more »

The iPhone’s ability to switch seamlessly between Wi-Fi networks and AT&T’s EDGE network with minimal mucking around by the user still remains unmatched. If you’re using one of Nokia’s increasing number of Wi-Fi enabled phones, the experience is the opposite: painful. Unless you permanently set a […] Read more »

For people who work on the web, getting access to the Internet is vital. If we can’t connect to our colleagues and projects online, we can’t earn a living. However, we can’t always stay attached to our home base and therefore we need a way to […] Read more »

Typically, there are two ways of getting online when you are traveling: either rely upon Wi-Fi hotspots where you can find them, or pay for a mobile broadband cellular card.  However, mobile broadband cards are very expensive when you do a pay-as-you go plan.  With these […] Read more »

Spell checking functions are built into many tools these days including Microsoft Word, blog editing programs, and even now into browsers such as Firefox and Opera.  However, this doesn’t stop web publishers or bloggers (including me!) from slipping and including an occasional spelling error into our […] Read more »

Managing projects in an internet based environment can be difficult.  We have options such as Basecamp from 37Signals, Zoho, and even an open source tool called There is a new player on the block called Projjex and it has some promising features. The team behind […] Read more »

SlingPlayer Mobile has announced updates for their clients on Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 smartphones. The new SlingPlayer client adds support for additional handsets including the Nokia N95 8GB, Samsung i750 and Treo 500v, among others. The new clients support Sling’s newly released set-top boxes as […] Read more »

Updated: Whisher has sent this special offer to our readers. They are giving away WiFi Out credit to GigaOM readers, and you can get the details here. The deal allows you to get free WiFi at Starbucks, Hilton Hotels, International airports and other locations. Whisher, which […] Read more »

One of the benefits of close proximity to your colleagues is face to face meetings to draft out an idea on a whiteboard. PalBee is a new web application that allows you to do this online.  Similar to Twiddla, but PalBee adds video conferencing. The South […] Read more »

Glance, a screen sharing/web conferencing service that we’ve covered before, would like to offer relief for potential customers who have experienced trouble trying to fly recently. With recent flight cancellations, airlines in bankruptcy and other issues, Glance is offering a free month’s subscription for those affected.  […] Read more », aims to be a catch-all for teams seeking collaboration.  This Swiss army tool of a collaborative site includes ‘Modules’ that enable various degrees of functionality, based on your teams’ needs. currently offers: chat blogs wikis mailing lists + forums photo albums links (centralized bookmarks) […] Read more »

Jeff Pulver said today that he has resigned from the board of Pulvermedia, the company he founded. Pulver is a pioneer in the VoIP world and Pulvermedia — the company behind the VON conferences and magazine — has been a rallying point in the VoIP community. […] Read more »

Apple’s Address Book is a central repository for your contact information and makes your contact information available to many other Mac programs.  To enhance Address Book, take a look at an application called PostCheck, which adds some great improvements. For starters, have an incomplete address in […] Read more »

An online experiment is taking place titled Shut Down Day.  The intent behind the web site is to have you shutdown and not use your computer for an entire day.  I was skeptical, because like many web workers, I depend on my computer daily to make […] Read more »

In a article, Steve Tobak laments the fact that when you work on your own, you are typically your own tech support.  It’s true – when you work solely from home, you miss out on many of the support services like administrative support, IT support, […] Read more »

Information security is a very important consideration when using computer networks (including the Internet).  Security is one of many reasons corporate IS departments exist. However for your own personal and work-related communications, how do you ensure your emails and instant message conversations don’t fall victim to […] Read more »

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