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Going through the day-to-day realities of web crawling I find myself using the Favorites or Bookmarks feature of browsers less and less. Oddly enough, however, this statement is coming from the same guy with thousands of them backed up on multiple drives. Early this week, I […] Read more »

Red Giant Software is a company that develops special effects applications for film and video editing, with credits in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Vanilla Sky, Grindhouse, and more. These applications are offered in two formats, as standalone applications or as plug-ins for most industry-leading […] Read more »

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I have tried just about every blogging platform out there and the one I finally stuck with was Tumblr. I like many of the more advanced functions in WordPress, but Tumblr is where it’s at for me. I’ve notice over the past couple of months I […] Read more »

The iPhone has been on the market for more than a year now, and as a result technology manufacturers are beginning to see the touch screen as a viable solution for personal computing. Before the iPhone hit the market in 2007 the general population’s experience with […] Read more »

It’s a device that originated while most of today’s tech generation were just learning to walk, and it took the world by storm. Of course I’m talking about Nintendo’s Gameboy. The nice monochromatic display, the flat gray casing, and who would forget the monolithic size of […] Read more »

About seven months ago I made the decision to sell my Macbook and use only my iMac. I love this decision and I don’t regret it, other than one small issue…portability. This isn’t a huge issue but since I do quite a bit of traveling it […] Read more »

I use my Mac for a fair number of things, and one of those is sharing media with my Xbox 360. Ever since I got my Xbox 360 a few years ago I wanted the feature of streaming media to the machine, one of the rare […] Read more »

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanza, there is one undeniable fact. The holiday season is around the corner, and it is time to find the perfect gift for the Mac Addict in your family. As good as an iTunes gift card or iPod case may […] Read more »

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I do a fair bit of video editing and I have upgraded my arsenal of tools throughout the years. Each time I go for something that can pack a little bit more punch in terms of video editing. However there is a problem with this, a […] Read more »

Everyone remembers when they get their first Mac — the instant feeling of belonging in an elitist group of technologists. You go to class, a coffee shop, or down the street and see cars driving past with an Apple sticker on their back windshield as you […] Read more »

Whether you use Windows, or Mac OS X you are going to have a hard time determining which browser to use, which is right for you? Choosing a browser is basically like choosing a car, a car that will take you down the Information Super Highway. […] Read more »

Looks like Apple pulled a sneak attack with us in the night, and released the new Macbooks. Which are now in two colors (black and white), but sadly they only come in 13″. They come at 3 different price points, $1099 for 1.83 GHZ core duo, […] Read more »

As many of you have wondered what Apple’s big glass cube was, it’s a store. It’s a new Apple store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. This Apple store will be one of the largest built and it’s main focal point would be that of […] Read more »

As many of you have seen, heard, or used a Macbook Pro, you know that they run kind of hot. This is partially because of the insane processor speed, and the small size of the casing; even though there are some other mysteries of the heat. […] Read more »

I have a PSP and I love it, but when using it with my Powerbook to transfer Videos, podcasts, music, pictures, what have you; there just aren’t as many options out there for it as there are for Windows. Now you can always just manually put […] Read more »

I gave a speech today on the pros and cons of Apple against Windows Computers, and I discussed how one of the misconceptions that I’ve seen about Macs is that you can’t game on them. This of course is entirely untrue; but for some reason, many […] Read more »

I know how many of you love to pimp your machine, your GUI, your programs, your OS; skins, mods, hacks, you name it. But as many of you probably know, getting the best programs, mods, and skins for your machine could be troublesome, and it’s a […] Read more »

According to Taiwan’s Asustek got an order for 1.2 million 13.3 inch Apple iBooks supposedly coming in June. These new iBooks would be powered by Intel’s new microprocessors; either the Core Duo or Core Solo. Does this mean that the Ibook will be renamed to […] Read more »

Scott Stevenson, purchased a Powerbook from Apple, he literally beat the living daylights out of it, and it works. He says that the airport express card works, and that it still boots. Obviously by the picture you can tell the LCD or optical drive will not […] Read more »

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