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The NYT has published an interesting piece about the negotiations leading up to Microsoft’s takeover of Nokia’s handset business. Of particular note: Nokia’s insistence on hanging onto its Here business (the key to its future, in my opinion). And on the symbolism front: at one early meeting, Ballmer tripped over a coffee table and bloodied his brow.

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The New York Times continues the surveillance theme with a scoop about a project called Hemisphere, which involves the collection and long-term retention of phone metadata by AT&T in order to aid local and federal anti-drug law enforcement efforts. The length of the retention time (as much as 26 years) far outstrips anything the NSA is doing. It strikes me as notable that the biggest mass surveillance operations are being carried out in the name of unwinnable, unending wars, namely those on terror and drugs.

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Pamela “PJ” Jones, the proprietor of Groklaw, is shutting down operations in the wake of the Lavabit secure email service closure. Groklaw, which was originally set up to cover the long-running SCO v. Novell trial but went on to facilitate discussions around all sorts of open-source and patent issues, relied partly on anonymous user tips. Jones said email could no longer be trusted, and said she was personally trying to get off the internet as much as possible.

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