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I’ve been making a mind map to help me brainstorm an upcoming trip. The software I’ve been using is MindNode, a free mind mapping tool for the Mac. I thought I’d put together a short screencast showing how easy it is to use: Read more »

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In most companies, a lot of project communication occurs via email. That can cause problems, because issues that are supposedly “flagged” via email often end up getting lost in people’s inboxes; there’s no central place to track them. That’s why Webyog created its new project, IssueBurner. Read more »

03 - Adobe Connect 8 video conferencing

Adobe has announced the availability of the latest version of its Flash-based enterprise web conferencing tool, Connect. Boasting a completely redesigned user interface, Adobe Connect 8 should prove to be easier to use for both presenters and conference attendees, while also offering powerful new features. Read more »

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Wrike, an online project management and collaboration tool that we’ve covered previously, today gets a new update that aims to marry its project management functionality, like Gantt charts and reports, with the real-time updates and ease-of-use of social networking tools. Read more »

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Cloud-based collaboration suite HyperOffice has delivered a slew of improvements to its project management tool. It now features task dependencies and interactive Gantt charts, which should allow for the management of much more complex projects, as well as some other productivity-boosting tweaks to existing functionality. Read more »


Up until now, if you wanted to sync tasks between popular to-do list management app Remember the Milk and Outlook, you’ve had to rely on third-party apps and plugins. But now there’s MilkSync for Outlook, a new app from the makers of Remember the Milk themselves. Read more »

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It looks like Google’s planning some revisions to its simple to-do list management app, Tasks, because the company is asking for feature suggestions. You can submit new feature ideas and vote on the ideas already submitted in an online poll that will run until November 19. Read more »


Pasteboard’s one of those simple little Windows utility apps that’s so useful you wonder why you’ve never installed it before. Effectively, it’s a clipboard extender that provides a tabbed notepad that you can use to store snippets of plain text on. Read more »

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WWD readers may fondly remember EtherPad, an online collaborative text editing tool, which was acquired by Google and subsequently shut down. EtherPad’s code was made open source, and it has spawned some spin-off projects. The latest of these is a collaborative code editing app called EtherCodes. Read more »

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Holla is a simple group chat application. Developer Alex MacCraw describes it as an open-source version of Campfire. Holla doesn’t have all of the advanced features that Campfire has, but it does support file sharing, it’s free and runs on your own server. Read more »

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Following in the footsteps of the popular MacHeist bundle, a time-limited offer on a collection of Mac apps, three Swiss web app start-ups have clubbed together to create the “eKnife bundle;” one-year subscriptions to all three services for the price of two. Read more »


Video conferencing company LifeSize today announced the LifeSize Bridge 2200, an HD video conferencing product. The Austin, Texas-based company (now a division of Logitech) says that because the 16-port product is modular, it should enable businesses using it to scale their video conferencing needs as required. Read more »


Adobe today announced Acrobat X, the latest iteration of its family of PDF creation and reading tools. PDF authoring tool Acrobat gets several new features designed to improve business collaboration and productivity, while Reader introduces support for a wider range of content types and collaboration tools. Read more »


If you’re fed up with the cruft that’s built up on your machine, eating up valuable disk space and slowing it down, check out BleachBit, an open-source drive cleaning utility. It’s specifically designed to remove the junk that’s generated by over 70 different applications Read more »

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Techsmith’s popular screencast recording and editing tool, Camtasia, has just been updated and now includes much better captioning support. Both Camtasia Studio 7.1 (the Windows version of the app) and Camtasia for Mac 1.2 offer new and improved captioning tools. Read more »


A new version of Xobni, an add-on for Outlook, is being released today, including integration with Huddle, a cloud-based collaboration suite. Huddle data will appear in Xobni’s sidebar, providing users with visibility of project workflows, team communications and access to uploaded files. Read more »

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In-flight Wi-Fi is becoming more common but it’s unfortunately not ubiquitous just yet; it can be difficult to tell which flights have it available. Enter your flight details into HasWifi and it’ll let you know whether you’ll be able to stay connected during your journey. Read more »


Yesterday, Cisco launched its consumer telepresence offering, Umi, which will provide high definition video calling in the home. At $599, plus an additional $24.95 per month for unlimited calls, it seems a little pricey for its target consumer market, but could it work for SMBs? Read more »


Who says you can’t make a good thing even better? GrabBox is a nifty little utility that extends upon OS X’s built-in screenshot capabilities by automatically uploading screenshots to your Dropbox account. It also copies a URL to your clipboard, which makes sharing screenshots a snap! Read more »

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