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Socialtext 4_6 Lotus Sametime integration on profiles

Socialtext, an enterprise social networking tool that we’ve written about previously, is being updated. The company hopes the new release will help to make corporate intranets more social, and move away from being static sources of information to become places where people interact and share knowledge. Read more »

content server_Cisco_lo

Cisco today announced a range of new initiatives aimed at boosting production video, most interesting of which is the new integration of its TelePresence Content Server with the its Show and Share service, which should make it easier for users to record and share telepresence sessions. Read more »

Screen shot 2011-02-23 at 17.33.02

TheDeadline is a collaborative task management app. While there are a bunch of great to-do list apps available, like WWD favorite Remember the Milk, what makes TheDeadline worth checking out is its Twitter-style input mechanism, which makes entering to-dos and sharing them intuitive and fast. Read more »


In my recent post about ClipCube, I said it was missing a couple of features: the ability to handle images and keyboard shortcuts. One of our readers, Brett, helpfully noted in the comments that he uses Ditto, a similar open-source tool with the missing functionality. Read more »

loading external resource


There are now plenty of places where you can find a workspace outside of the home office, ranging from coffee shops with Wi-Fi to dedicated coworking centers and office space sublets. However, it’s not always easy to know where to look for them. Read more »


Clipboard management tools are really handy, especially if you often end up copying and pasting many different snippets of information. I’m particularly fond of Mac app Jumpcut. However, I hadn’t managed to find a Windows clipboard manager that I liked until I stumbled across ClipCube. Read more »

Screen shot 2011-02-14 at 18.06.51

TaskUnifier is a desktop task management app that’s designed to work with the Getting Things Done (GTD) system. While it has a functional and unattractive UI, it’s free, has all of the features most people will need and is fairly easy to use. Read more »


Adobe’s Flash-based enterprise web conferencing app, Connect, now has multi-user XMPP chat support, available as a “pod” and enhancing the product’s potential as a collaborative tool, as it can now integrate with a much wider ecosystem of apps, including many widely-used chat clients. Read more »

Screen shot 2011-02-03 at 17.26.26

Frame Box is a simple drag-and-drop tool for creating and sharing wireframes, which can be useful during the website design process to illustrate the structure of a page without getting bogged down in the details. I made a short screencast to show you how it works: Read more »

Screen shot 2011-02-02 at 16.05.42

Finding it hard to keep up with contacts spread across email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Connected is a new service that connects to your various online accounts and consolidates your contacts into into a constantly updated online address book, with a single, easy-to-navigate interface. Read more »

Screen shot 2011-02-01 at 17.10.27

Since Yahoo announced that it was planning to sell off Delicious, I’ve been looking for another bookmarking service. Today, I stumbled across a new useful social bookmarking tool: yummymarks. It’s a stripped-down service that simply enables you to save and access your bookmarks from your browser. Read more »


Mozy, a popular cloud backup service, has announced that it’s changing its pricing and dropping its MozyHome Unlimited backup plan. The company says that the change is necessary because its users are storing much more information now, but this represents a significant shift in the offering. Read more »

section assign large 2

IBM is getting into the cloud-based office productivity suite market, with the announcement of LotusLive Symphony, a product that offers users the ability to simultaneously collaborate on documents. But is it too late, given that its competitors have such a head start? Read more »

Screen shot 2011-01-24 at 17.18.01

IBM’s new Virtual Desktop for Smart Business is a product that offers users secure access to their personal desktops from anywhere. It has self-configuring, self-managing and self-protecting features that enable easy installation and management and it can be administered via a web interface. Read more »


Tibbr takes a slightly different approach than the current crop of enterprise social networking tools: not only does it allow employees of a company to connect with one another, it also allows them to subscribe to information and events generated by their enterprise IT systems. Read more »

Screen shot 2011-01-18 at 15.46.00 is a bookmarking app with a twist: It automatically gathers all the links you share online and makes them available via a searchable web interface. It can connect to Twitter, Facebook, Delicious and Pinboard via built-in connectors, and other services through RSS feeds. Read more »


Dealing with our overloaded inboxes takes time; anything that makes the email experience more productive has the potential for considerable savings for businesses. NEO Pro 5.0 is an add-on that promises to make the Outlook experience more organized and productive. Read more »

White spaces might be good for coffee shops?

Driven by improvements in technology, particularly an explosion in the availability in mobile technology, and increased access to broadband, the world of work is changing rapidly. In my latest post for GigaOM Pro, I outline the trends in remote work to watch out for in 2011. Read more »

Screen shot 2010-12-21 at 15.22.11

The soon-to-be-defunct Google Wave has a huge number of available gadgets, which enable users to add useful collaborative tools to their waves. The good news is many of the more useful Wave gadgets will now live on in Shared Spaces, a Google Labs project. Read more »


Yesterday, Om reported that Etacts is to be shut down. While that’s bad news for users of the social CRM service, fortunately there are plenty of alternatives available. Here is a selection of the more useful social CRM tools that have been reviewed on WWD: Read more »

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