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Microproject is a simple, intuitive multi-user online project management app for small teams. It uses a slick drag-and-drop interface and presents all the information pertaining to the project on one fairly minimal screen: there’s no switching between windows or pop-ups. Read more »

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As part of my efforts to improve my productivity, I’ve been looking for tools that can help me during research. One such tool is Trails, a Firefox add-on that can collect text snippets and images from the web, and structure them into a clean booklet layout Read more »


URLHistory’s one of those simple but amazingly useful little Windows apps that does one thing really well: it monitors your clipboard looking for copied URLs, and stores them for use later. If you frequently end up pasting URLs into a text file, URLHistory’s for you. Read more »

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While it has been widely reported that teens no longer use email, it seems that attitudes to email are changing in workplace, too. According to a new GigaOM Pro report, workers don’t consider that email will continue to be such a critical tool in the future. Read more »

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There are many commercial desktop OCR applications available, but if you only need OCR functionality occasionally, there are many online solutions that can be much more cost effective. Here are three free online OCR services that all deliver reasonable results, given high quality input images: Read more »

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As part of a raft of small changes to Gmail, the app now has the option to disable its automatic saving of contacts. While many people find the ability find auto-saving useful, for some it ends up creating too much clutter in their contacts list. Read more »


Convofy is a new enterprise social networking tool aiming to take on the likes of Yammer, Socialtext and Salesforce Chatter. Where Convofy stands out from the crowd is that it has novel real-time collaborative features built-in, enabling users to add context to the things they share. Read more »


If you tend to use a few different search engines, check out Drag & DropZones, a nifty Firefox add-on that makes searching in a variety of search engines as easy as dropping text on an appropriate drop zone in your browser window. Read more »

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When I last looked at online planning tool Ganttic last year, I was pleased with its functionality, but less impressed with the app’s user interface, which made it tricky to get to grips with. Since then, however, Ganttic has been redesigned with a greatly streamlined interface Read more »


Firefox 4 included an update to its JavaScript engine which made serious performance gains. Now Mozilla is addressing another cause of sluggishness: slow start-up times caused by add-ons. It’s published a list of the worst performers, and is recommending that users disable add-ons they don’t use. Read more »


A new beta of social browser RockMelt has been released, including better chat and Twitter apps. Perhaps the most interesting development, however, is the new Instapaper-like “View Later” stream, which allows users to easily save web pages for later viewing. Read more »

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A well-run meeting generally takes a fair amount of work, particularly if it’s to be conducted at distance. yaM (yet another meeting) is a collaborative online tools that aims to streamline the process and make meetings more efficient by replacing emailed agendas and notes. Read more »


Apperian, maker of a platform that helps companies build enterprise mobile apps, today announced it has closed $9.5 million in VC funding. The company is hoping to take advantage of an enterprise mobility boom, with an increasing number of firms equipping staff with mobile devices Read more »

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Accellion, a provider of secure file transfer solutions, has announced Accellion Secure Collaboration, a new product that aims to bring easy Dropbox-style file sharing and collaboration to the enterprise, while also providing IT departments with controls to ensure data security and demonstrate regulatory compliance. Read more »


Some time ago, we put together an official WWD add-ons collection for Firefox, gathering together our favorite add-ons at the time. With the speedy Firefox 4 being released this week, some of you may be giving it a try, so I thought I’d update the list. Read more »


If you’re busy playing with your fresh download of the new Firefox 4, you might not have put much thought into how you’ll back up your history, passwords and bookmarks. Fortunately, there are a couple of options that make backing up your profile data really easy. Read more »


BoxCryptor, an on-the-fly encryption tool for Windows that works well with cloud sync services like Dropbox has moved into a beta release and received a few updates in the process. The big news is that the product now uses 256-bit AES for encryption, rather than RC4. Read more »


Xobni, a popular productivity add-on for Outlook, is finally coming to Gmail and Google Apps. It works via a browser plugin that adds a sidebar to Gmail to help you search and manage your contacts while automatically creating profiles for anyone you’ve ever emailed. Read more »

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Twitter doesn’t allow you to send DMs to people who don’t follow you. Umagram is a new application that aims to work around those limitations; it enables you initiate to private conversations with anyone on Twitter with no character limits and it also supports file attachments. Read more »


The typically rapid release cycles of web apps can be problematic to manage in larger organizations, where complex systems may rely on particular pieces of functionality. To make its products more appealing to larger enterprise customers, Google is introducing a Scheduled Release option to Google Apps, Read more »

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Remote document review can be challenging: Emailing a document to your colleagues or clients,getting their comments back, trying to collate them into one master document. It’s all very messy. ActiveWords is an online tool that aims to do away with those complexities. Read more »

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Tadagraph is a new microblog-based collaboration tool. Like Yammer and, the idea behind Tadagraph is that by posting Twitter-like status updates, you can keep everyone up-to-date. Tadagraph goes a little further, though: It introduces special hashtags that can identify updates as to-dos, notes and more. Read more »


Ever thought how neat it would be if you could quickly upload whatever was on your clipboard to a server somewhere, either to share with others or to save for later use? That’s exactly what ClipUpload does; it’s an app that uploads clippings to the web. Read more »


In the wake of Google accidentally deleting some Gmail accounts over the weekend, I thought I’d share my Gmail backup method. While Google has apparently nearly restored all of those missing accounts, now’s a good time to review your own backup strategy. Read more »

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