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In a blog post, Google has announced that it will soon discontinue support for older browsers in Google Apps. Beginning Aug. 1, Google Apps will only officially support the current and prior major release of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, on a rolling basis. Read more »

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Companies worldwide are incorporating mobile technology and applications into their operations to increase productivity and revenue and reduce paperwork. This explosion in the use of mobile devices in the enterprise will help to fuel demand for mobile apps, as this infographic shows. Read more »


Hosted business collaboration suite PBworks has received a major update, aimed at improving the scalability and security of the app while also delivering a more intuitive interface. The new version takes advantage of newer web technologies like HTML5 to deliver a faster, more streamlined collaborative experience. Read more »

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Fyels is an ultra-minimal drag-and-drop file sharing app that makes sharing large files with colleagues or clients a breeze. Head to the website, and then drag and drop your file onto the dropzone. Once the file is uploaded, you’ll be provided with a ready-shortened link. Read more »

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Chatbox is an OSX app that adds simple collaboration features to popular cloud file sharing and storage service Dropbox. It allows you to post status updates and comment on the files stored within your Dropbox account, and even chat in real-time with other Chatbox users. Read more »

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SpiderScribe is an online tool that helps with brainstorming through the creation of mind maps. There are already quite a few similar web-based tools out there, but SpiderScribe is very easy to use and has a few neat features that make it useful for collaborative brainstorming. Read more »


I’ve been given a sneak peak at an Elance study that investigates the attitudes of “millennials” to work, their careers and job searching. Perhaps the most interesting finding in the study is how positive the millenials are about freelancing as a career choice. Read more »


Solo is a project management app with a difference: It’s beautiful. Designed and built by U.K-based company Thrive with solo creative freelancers in mind (hence the name), Solo’s clean, attractive design means that it’s much nicer to look at than most clunky project management apps. Read more »

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Want to share a file with colleagues or clients, but aren’t sure whether they have the necessary software to open it? Dropdo is a simple online file sharing service that has built-in viewing tools for many different file formats, including video, images, audio and documents. Read more »

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Keeping an email address book up-to-date is a fairly labor-intensive task. Kwaga’s WriteThat.Name, which works with Gmail and Google Apps, can automatically scan incoming emails for the contact information that’s typically contained in email signatures, and then update the contact database with that information. Read more »


I’m a big fan of the superfast note-taking combo of Notational Velocity on my Macbook plus Simplenote on my iPhone.. So I was very happy to discover ResophNotes, a Notational Velocity-like note-taking app for Windows, complete with keyboard shortcuts, incremental search and Simplenote sync. Read more »


Tungle, a popular meeting scheduling app that we’ve covered previously, has announced that it has been acquired by Research in Motion, the maker of BlackBerry handsets and the PlayBook tablet, the latest in a string of productivity and UI-related purchases RIM has made recently. Read more »

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I’ve been looking for a viable alternative to the archaic business cards for some time. CardCloud wants to replace business cards with a digital service: contact details are stored in a web app and can then be sent to other people using a mobile app. Read more »

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