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Would you buy an iPhone? How much of a difference will extra RAM make? What’s the best cellphone that plays nice with OS X? What RSS Reader Do You Use? 10.5 Leopard Predictions Why Buy Anywhere But Apple? Also, don’t forget about our massive giveaway with […] Read more »

Phill Ryu’s MacHeist has just hit the $50k mark for charity which means all of the nearly 5,000 people who have purchased the software bundle so far will now be getting a NewsFire license. If MacHeist users purchase enough to raise $100k for charity (25% of […] Read more »

Bryan Veloso shot me an IM this evening asking if I was aware of this particular issue his fiancé was having with her 5G 30GB iPod. I hadn’t heard of it and it seemed no Apple technicians had either. Which also seems to mean she can’t […] Read more »

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John Gruber just made quite an interesting post/find on his site about how Microsoft has straight copied Apple’s Workgroup Manager Icon. Here’s a screenshot of Microsoft’s page with the icon: The page this is on is here (click the Buy Now button). Then check out the […] Read more »

RUMOUR: iPod Widescreen Does it make sense to buy ANYTHING from Apple this close to Macworld? External Hard Drives for iTunes and Backup Office Alternatives View from your Dashboard – What Widgets Do You Recommend? Who’s tired of the old “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” […] Read more »

I rarely can find cool and innovative things that Microsoft pulls off, but geez…huge props on this. One of their new ad campaigns for Vista is Clearification. There’s so much cool content on the site. It’s really just a marvelous execution of an ad campaign. I […] Read more »

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Be sure to checkout the new The Apple Blog Store! Killer prices, super fast shipping, and more Apple stuff than you can shake a stick at! Merry Christmas! Read more »

iPhone – Predictions, Buying Plans, and other Thoughts Browser Wars continues Best task list software? How long have you been a Mac user? 10.5 Leopard Predictions Read more »

In the killer contest we’ve got going, we’ve now added one of the new iPod shuffle’s to the contest! That means we’ll be giving away almost 70 prizes to close to 50 people! There are tons of people getting involved so head on over to this […] Read more »

Both Paul Stamatiou and Ronald Heft have thrown out solid thoughts on the possibility of Parallels being bought by Apple. Boot Camp is lame, Virtual PC never made it off the starting line, and Parallels really has become a core app that Intel mac users have […] Read more »

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So as we announced yesterday, we’re having a bit of a contest. We’re giving away all sorts of things like free apps and accessories to people. One of the companies that graciously donated stuff was Griffin Technology. We knew we were getting some cool stuff to […] Read more »

We’re having a sweetness giveaway here at TAB! We’re giving away over a dozen prizes to people for participating in the new forums! The Prizes AppZapper Disco Overflow On The Job NewsFire Acquisition Griffin Technology Products Be sure to check out the full details and then […] Read more »

Over the past couple of years of running The Apple Blog, I’ve tried out literally thousands of applications. A lot have been great apps that I still use today, but infinitely more have just been plain bad. I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced […] Read more »

Just a quick reminder. Don’t forget about Apple’s special one-day shopping event with tons of killer deals and free shipping for all good boys and girls. I know I won’t even think about stepping foot near any retail store on Friday, but I might make use […] Read more »

I do quite a bit of design and development with my company. To keep things streamlined I’ve setup my machine as a local development server to avoid the obvious hassle of having to FTP files every time I make a change that I want to see. […] Read more »

Apple have posted a snazzy new commercial for the new iPod shuffle. It features Who’s Gonna Sing? by the Prototypes. This particular commercial seems to be a small departure from the usual fast-paced, high-energy feel of previous iPod commercials with nothing more than a dull green […] Read more »

It’s that time again. We’re looking for more writers for TAB. If you’re interested, we want to talk to you. A few things before you take the time to contact us: You MUST have either a blog or have previous experience with writing for a publication […] Read more »

Each day I’m more and more baffled by how stupid big label executives are. I’m really starting to believe they want to go out of business. In a recent news article on there was a blurb about how Microsoft has agreed to share revenue from […] Read more »

Review So I’ve never really been much of a fan of the Shuffle. It’s always just seemed like yet another iPod Apple put out. So, while I do think there is a market for it, this second time around for the Shuffle doesn’t change my mind. […] Read more »

Yesterday I picked the new iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED and thought I’d drop some photo’s of it here. Note that I think the actual full name of this iPod is absurd and in my mind doesn’t follow Apple’s standards for simplicity. It’s the most confusing product […] Read more »

My poor PowerMac G5 is literally caked with dust on the insides. What have you found to be the best way to clean out dust and keep everything nice and shiny? This would include any tools, cleaning solutions, and whatever else would be necessary to make […] Read more »

If you’re reading this, you most likely realize that The Apple Blog has a bit of a different look to it. Nothing majority drastic on the UI side of things…mainly just a significant facelift. The biggest new feature, though, is the addition of the community! With […] Read more »

I had an article idea today of posting some cool setups for smart playlists in iTunes. After about 10 minutes of staring at the different possible rules options it hit me…I can’t think of any cool ideas. I’m aware of the Do-It-Yourself Smart Radio Station and […] Read more »

No, not that iHome. Ain’t No Other Man… The iHome iH5 clock radio is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a full-featured clock radio that lets you hook in your iPod as a source for sound. So instead of accidentally having the radio wake you up […] Read more »

A while back my wife and I won a Mac mini and it just came in this past Monday. Unfortunately for us, we had already purchased a Mac mini right before we won this one, so now we’ve got this brand spankin’ new Intel Mac mini […] Read more »

Well I’ve recently become a bit of an obsessor over OS X icons and must say my Pixadex collections are running wild. Some months ago I ran across a preview of The Woodery by designer-of-all-things-yum, Danny Jones, but never saw it released. So, I recently shot […] Read more »

Pierre Chatel (who brought us Sidenote) is at it again with an app that’s sure to spice up your desktop. His newest app is titled Desktopia. Desktopia is a freeware application that lets you set your desktop to change pictures at a specific time as opposed […] Read more »

From about a year and a half of using Tiger as well as changing some focus on the sort of things I work on (doing more development than I was back then), I’ve got all sorts of files spread all over the place and really want […] Read more »

Apple and Microsoft have always had quite a rivalry. And up until now it seemed to be in good taste. Steve would make small comments here and there during various keynotes poking fun at Microsoft and Bill…well Bill never really had anything to poke fun at. […] Read more »

We’ll we’ve made quite a few posts about our live chat area and as most of you probably know, it just plain died about 20 minutes before the keynote. We really really hate that happened, but I guess that’s technology for you, huh? At any rate, […] Read more »

Just to let everyone know, we will have live coverage of WWDC 2006. We’ll have a killer web chat area for everybody to hang out and talk about stuff as it’s released. Monday morning we’ll post a link to the chat area. So tune in to […] Read more »

OpenSoft Development has created a fun little app, called Todos, that displays every icon for every application on your mac. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even realize I had half of the applications that showed up when I ran Todos…much less even know what some of […] Read more »

It’s very rare that I make posts here that pertain the inner-workings of TAB, but I feel I should right now. Running a website can be a complicated beast with the mixture having quality content and actually trying to get people to the site to read […] Read more »

The Apple Blog is looking for a few solid writers. If you’re opinionated, a great technical writer, and like Apple products…we want to talk to you. This is not a full-time gig and you won’t get rich but you will make a little money, your stuff […] Read more »

This is really just a curiosity post I’m afraid. I bring you no new insight on anything whatsoever. Do you maximize the various windows you have open? Or do you prefer to keep windows at various smaller sizes? I’ve got dual 20″ (widescreen) monitors and maximizing […] Read more »

We’re wanting to gather a bit more info on our readers here at TAB and so Backbeat Media is hosting a survey that we’d love for you to take. It’s super easy to fill out and they’ll be giving away atleast one iPod Nano. Just drop […] Read more »

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