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Hack The iPhone has posted an in-depth walkthrough on how to get custom ringtones working on your iPhone. It requires quite a bit of hackery and, if you’re not careful, could very well kill off your iPhone altogether. I honestly don’t think I’d want to risk […] Read more »

Today Apple’s iCal application turns the rip old age of five. In case you hadn’t noticed, the iCal application ican stays a constant “July 17″ which, not surprisingly, also happens to be the day it was released to the masses (ie. its birth). iCal is currently […] Read more »

Here are some active topics in the community that might be of interest to you. External hard drive suggestions… Next Big Apple Device MacBook Battery Life (After 1-Year) (Poll) How do you organize your documents? Apple Mail Importing Workaround Read more »

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Design/interactive shop Blue Flavor, has released a suite of small iPhone apps called Leaflets. Straight from the horses mouth: Leaflets are fun, useful applications designed to run fast on your iPhone—even over AT&T’s EDGE network. Apple’s iPhone allows developers to harness the power of web-based development […] Read more »

We’re looking for another round of new writers for TAB. If you’ve got a love for all things Apple and an ever great love for writing about Apple, we’d like to chat with you. A few things before you take the time to contact us: You […] Read more »

The guys at Bandwagon are hooking TAB readers up with a sweet deal! The first 25 people who send an email to will get the Bandwagon iTunes backup service free for an entire year (a savings of $24). Bandwagon automatically keeps your entire iTunes collection […] Read more »

Well we launched the brand-spankin’ new TAB this evening. The transition was relatively flawless…which is always a plus. I’ll have a full writeup in the morning about new features and what not, so look for that. In the meantime, if you notice any bugs/browser quirks/etc, please […] Read more »

Just some quick TAB news here. Tonight we’ll be pushing the new version of TAB live. We have a new design, new logo, and a few new features all ready to go. The site will be down for a few hours while we push everything live […] Read more »

&D.K. just sent me an email with a video he posted showing a design proposal for an eBook reader. The idea is that the hardware (which would look/feel like a book) makes use of the iPod and iTunes store for getting content. Read more »

So I’m a fairly hardcore Backpack (aff) user. I use it heavily for both business and personal things and I’d bit a disorganized mess without it. Unfortunately, as with most web applications, when you’re disconnected from the internet (whether traveling or just having trouble finding a […] Read more »

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The Apple Blog is at WWDC 2007 right now and will be doing our best to bring you live coverage here in this blog post. Stay tuned…. (Eddie Hargreaves is onsite, and Nick Santilli is transcribing comments) 2 minute warning: Standard pre-keynote music is playing: Gnarls […] Read more »

I’m a couple of weeks away from launching the brand new TAB and would love to have some fresh eyes check it out and offer some suggestions/bug reports. If you’re interested, just post here and I’ll PM you the details. I’m really only looking for people […] Read more »

Well our little giveaway has now come to an end. It has been a ton of fun and it has been great getting too meet some of the “new folks” to the community! Below you will find the list of winners…without a listing of prizes. “What?!?!,” […] Read more »

Our huge TAB Giveaway will be ending in less than 24 hours! It’s been a massive success with hundreds of new community members and thousands of new posts! I wanted to post about how we’ll be choosing the winners this time around. This time will be […] Read more »

Yesterday Best Buy put a snazzy little gift set on its shelves that could make the perfect Mother’s Day gift…if you really really like your Mom (and I do…Hi mom). The gift set included a 4GB iPod nano and a heap of chocolate all wrapped up […] Read more »

Just a quick update on our killer giveaway we’re doing here. Things are going strong and there have been thousands of posts in the community and hundreds of new people getting involved. There is just over 1 week left in the contest but it’s not to […] Read more »

A couple of months ago I made the transition from a PowerMac G5 to a 17″ MacBook Pro. Up until then I had never used a laptop in a stationary work environment and was a bit green to what sort of things would really make that […] Read more »

Spire has always been a favorite of ours. They make solid bags that are lightweight yet still extremely functional. I’ve been using the Endo XL for a few weeks now and it really has just about everything I could need. What makes it so great is […] Read more »

Our last giveaway was a huge success and a lot of fun…and it’s time to go at it again! This time the prizes are bigger and better and sure to make quite a few folks happy. The Prizes 1 – Apple TV from Apple 1 – […] Read more »

This afternoon Apple announced that the release of Leopard would be delayed until October. The originally schedule date of release was in June and less than a month ago Apple denied rumors that the release date had been pushed back to October. The reason for this […] Read more »

Jason emailed me this morning with the great idea to start a TAB Folding@Home team. I’ve participated in the Folding@Home project in years past but it had fallen off of my radar recently. If you aren’t familiar with F@H, it’s a distributed computing project that makes […] Read more »

There has been recent discussion around here about how folks keep track of the plethora of serial numbers and licenses for all their dandy applications. Everything from homegrown PHP/MySQL solutions to old fashioned email to actual applications was mentioned. Needless to say there are some creative […] Read more »

The Filter, an ‘instant playlist generator plugin for iTunes’, just launched today. This little plugin, backed by Peter Gabriel, is a great way to build playlists of music on the fly. You can create playlists in a number of ways, but what seems the most intuitive […] Read more »

We’re working on the next version of TAB and would love to have your feedback! We’ve set up a tiny form here that asks 2 questions and would really take all of about 9 seconds to do it. No personal info is collected, so don’t worry […] Read more »

Jamie Huskisson has written a nice article on how to lock and password protect you mac using a combination of screensavers, hot corners, and FileVault. The benefit of his method is that your computer won’t go to sleep…meaning if you’re in the middle of running some […] Read more »

Comparatively speaking, OS X users don’t cutomize the interface of OS X as much as their Windows counterparts. I personally love the OS X interface and have no desire to significantly change it, but there are certainly quite a large number of people who do. Below […] Read more »

So a bit of shameless self promo here. I just snagged myself a brand new MacBook Pro and thus no longer have a need for my beast of a G5. Sooo, I’ve got it up on eBay for sale. Basic details are: Dual 2GHz PowerPC G5 […] Read more »

HTML developer – Fullsix NYC, New York, NY PHP Developer – Wichita, KS (Telecommute) PHP Developer – New York, NE Jr Art Director – Fullsix NYC, New York, NY Ruby on Rails Developer – Tornado Design, Phoenix, AZ (Telecommute) Read more »

Getting a MBP…any ‘must have’ accessories? Good email appilications? Tricking iTunes into thinking a Soundtrack is one album Easy Vista Install Whats in your RSS reader? Read more »

This morning Apple announced the release of 4 new iPod shuffles (each of differing color). 3 of the colors are identical to colors available in the iPod nano line. They have also added a new orange color for the shuffles. Apple has also changed it’s shuffle […] Read more »

We’ve been wanting to offer something like this for quite a while and are happy to finally be able to do so. I present to you The Apple Blog Job Board. A huge portion of you (our readers) are in the technology field in some way […] Read more »

The browser is arguably the most used application on anyone’s computer and with the onslaught of hundreds (if not thousands) of new web applications, the time spent in said browsers will only increase. Back in college in my various graphic design classes, one thing that I […] Read more »

Whether you’re writing a simple article for a blog, piecing together the next blockbuster hit, or penning a 500 page romance novel, there are quite a few options for helping you get all of that information organized and drafted. There really are enough to chose from […] Read more »

iPhone – UNIX Functionality? MacBook Pro – The Saga External HDD Enclosures & NAS Is there anything you would bring into OSX from other OS’s? Accessing the iSight Read more »

Apple has quietly rolled out a bit of a facelift to the OS X Downloads area. It’s a much lighter tone with a lot of additional whitespace over the previous design. Could this be any hint of where a possible redesign might go? Tip: Piotr […] Read more »

As with all major live Apple events, The Apple Blog will be having (we hope) live coverage of Macworld. The Steve Jobs Keynote will be on Tuesday, January 9 from 9:00AM to 11:00AM PST. We’ve got some of “our people” that will be there and hopefully […] Read more »

Well, the time has come to announce the winners of the Community Contest! If your forum username is in this list, please use our contact form and let us know your top THREE prize choices in order of preference (here’s the list) if you’d like the […] Read more »

Well our huge contest that ran the entire month of December has now come to an end. There was a FANTASTIC response and thank you everybody who got involved in the community! As a reminder, we’ll be announcing the 49 winners at exactly January 4, 2007 […] Read more »

I hope everyone’s holidays have been full of family and fun! My wife and I are currently making the rounds here in the Dirty South (Mississippi). We initially were supposed to fly out of Denver but a small blizzard (ie. 6 feet of snow) cancelled that […] Read more »

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