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A little hidden gem in Leopard has been discovered. It would seem Address Book holds the key to a slew of additional image filters that can be applied to user images in Address Book. From my rough guess, there are about 25+ new filters here that […] Read more »

Apple is on a roll today, releasing a new version of Final Cut Express, as well as the last update to Tiger. Now, Apple has released its first update to their newest version of OS X, Leopard. This update includes a slew of fixes mainly related […] Read more »

Today, with the release of OS X 10.4.11, Apple’s beloved Tiger took its last breath. This update to Tiger is to be the last update to an OS that helped usher Apple in to one of its most profitable and market-share changing eras in their lifespan. […] Read more »

Today Apple announced the release of Final Cut Express 4. New features include: iMovie ’08 Importing Over 50 new FxPlug effects and filters Mixing of hi-def and standard video on the same timeline Support for AVCHD cameras What’s even more interesting with this release is that […] Read more »

The makers of FileMaker have released a preview of a new application called Bento. It’s labeled as “personal database software” for managing all aspects of your life from contacts and events to inventory and expenses. It’s currently a pre-release trial version, meaning your trial will eventually […] Read more »

UK iPhone (nerves and) excitement! Powerbook G4 Fatal Error Leopard Guest Account File Moving Bug in Leopard (and Tiger?) mySQL on Leopard Read more »

We’re looking to bring on about 5-8 new writers here at The Apple Blog. So if you’re in to writing and, more importantly, in to Apple…I’d like to hear from you. A couple of things to note: You must be able to write somewhat regularly (around […] Read more »

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Here’s a quick tidbit on a new feature of Safari 3 in Leopard. The RSS button in the address bar now support multiple feeds for sites that have them. Occasionally a site will have separate feeds for different sections of their site and other times they’ll […] Read more »

A couple of months ago, while burning calories on an elliptical machine, I noticed that my trusty Apple earbuds were increasingly sounding horrible. It eventually got to the point where any sound that was even remotely loud was just crackling to the point where it was […] Read more »

So either no one has emailed me with a URL in the subject line since I’ve been a Mac user (a little over 3 years), or Leopards Mail 3.0 has a new “feature” (if you want to call it that). No, I don’t send emails to […] Read more »

Battery Charger?? Change backup frequency of Time Machine? So How Many Spaces do you have? Creating Custom QT Skins for website Please Help – Possible issue with browser Read more »

Yesterday it was announced that The Apple Blog is one of the top 10 finalists for Best Technology Blog. We have the honor of being included in the list with classic blogs like Engadget, Gizmodo, and Lifehacker. If you’ve enjoyed the content The Apple Blog has […] Read more »

One of the new features in Leopard’s Mail is that it includes a few dozen stationery templates for you to easily choose from to jazz up your emails. For the most part these templates are just plain ole’ fashioned HTML with a tiny bit of XML. […] Read more »

This past Friday, after my little FedEx experience, I promptly backed up my hard drive and then did an Erase & Install of Leopard. Once Leopard was installed I began moving over necessary files, including my Mail files. To get your new version of Mail to […] Read more »

In the new that is packaged with Leopard, there are a few dozen email templates to spice up what you send out. Now you can have over 100 of them to choose from. Equinux has released their first stationery pack with over 100 new templates […] Read more »

One of the biggest complaints made by new Leopard users is the semi-transparent menu bar. Depending on what wallpaper you have set on your monitor, it can get pretty funky up there. It was bound to happen sooner or later, but barely 3 days after Leopard’s […] Read more »

Well this is interesting. I pre-ordered my copy of Leopard the first day it was available to do so. Apple guaranteed shipment on October 26 (today). The package was shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight which has a guaranteed delivery time of 10:30AM (unless you live in […] Read more »

A TAB reader in Canada sent us this image of his order status for Leopard. His copy of Leopard was shipping this morning via Purolator Courier’s Express Overnight delivery, which should put Leopard in his hands possibly by tomorrow…a day early than expected. Has anyone else […] Read more »

There are generally 3 types of eBay users. Those who list and buy everything they can get their hands on who constantly have atleast a dozen auctions going, those who have never used eBay, and those who go in spurts of being the first type. I […] Read more »

Mac printing to Windows XP shared USB printer iPhoto ’08 – Events vs. Folders? Getting away from the mouse? AEBS + Air Disk + Time Machine = Wicked Backup Strategy? Quick photo review, edit and storage transfer Read more »

Today SmileOnMyMac released version 2.0 of the previously covered keystroke saving TextExpander. The new release offers a nice handful of new features/improvements, including: Snippet groups (much needed) Snippet group .Mac syncing Snippet printing Application targetting – Set certain snippets to only be active for certain apps […] Read more »

Today Apple officially announced that their next version of OSX, Leopard, will go on sale at 6 P.M. on October 26. Leopard is also available for pre-order with a guaranteed delivery date of October 26. Taking the usual jab at Microsoft, Steve Jobs made the following […] Read more »

Could a Canon “PC-only” printer/scanner work? iPod nano or shuffle? iPhone Recovery Software Sync and Automator G4 compatible Movie software? Read more »

Thanks to this week’s sponsors for keeping the hamsters fed and the wheels turning: CDW CoreCases Crucial Etymotic OWC PowerMax Qdea ResQ Systems SmallDog Read more »

Amazon recently launched a really great effort in the digital music arena called Amazon MP3. I’ve been a hardcore iTunes Store customer since it’s debut and haven’t really been tempted by other digital music stores. That is, until Amazon MP3 made its debut. Read more »

Where high profiles and high profits exist, so do the scum of the earth. First, Dongmei Li sues Apple for $1 million for chopping $200 off the iPhone. Apparently the $200 she “lost” when Apple dropped the price is now worth 5,000 times what it was […] Read more »

iMac Crashing Redownloading an incomplete podcast Does iSquint work for iPod Touch? Apple iTunes Ringtone General Cocoa Read more »

According to ThinkSecret, Leopard is still on track for its delayed release estimate of October. This gives Apple a matter of a few weeks to declare a Gold Master, produce a significant number of copies and get them to retail stores. It’s a time crunch for […] Read more »

Spire, makers of fine laptop bags, have just released an update to their line of laptop bags. The new bags are definitely a bit more stylish and not quite as cold and business looking as the previous line. Prices start at $80 for the smaller bag […] Read more »

MacBook Battery Life (After 1-year) Wait for Leopard? Does/Can a Mac synch with a Blackberry? IPA phonetic alphabet font(s) for Mac? Why are Canadians paying more for Apple products in Canada? Read more »

Apple has officially announced the 2007 Insomnia Film Festival. On Saturday, October 13 at promptly 9:00 a.m. (Eastern Time), Apple will open the floodgates for all high school and college students to create a 3-minute film (using some parameters provided by Apple). The kicker? You have […] Read more »

Thanks to this week’s sponsors for keeping the hamsters fed and the wheels turning: CDW CoreCases Crucial Etymotic OWC PowerMax Qdea ResQ Systems SmallDog Read more »

iTunes has been around for quite some time (if my calculations are correct it’s about 6 years). It’s been my favorite music/video organizer I’ve ever used (both Mac and PC) and the launch of the iTunes Store in 2003 quickly made it the go-to place for […] Read more »

Today Amazon launched its public beta of Amazon MP3. Amazon MP3 is’s foray into the digital music scene…and a it’s an extremely solid effort to say the least. Pricing per song is between 89 and 99 cents and albums between $4.99 and $9.99. The Top […] Read more »

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