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In addition to running The Apple Blog, I also run an interactive design/development firm called Sabotage Media where we build interactive jazz for clients and ourselves. Something that we released recently was a little web app called TrackThePack that basically lets you track the various packages […] Read more »

CNN Money is reporting that Adobe has announced that it has begun work on a Flash player for the iPhone. Last month Jobs said Flash wouldn’t be added to the iPhone anytime soon due to performance issues. Shortly there after, Jobs also announced the released of […] Read more »

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Today Apple released its first major Safari update since the release of Leopard. Taking a look through the improvements it would seem this update is largely for developers. Sure there are the common security and stability improvements that mainly cater to the average user, but the […] Read more »

Hello TAB readers. I’m sure you’ve noticed our writing has been, shall we say, less frequent than normal. We’re in need of additional writers to come on board and help us with news coverage, product reviews, walkthroughs, and more. We’re looking to bring on quite a […] Read more »

iPhone Specific Websites Unblocked Speed Download/Macheist iPod Nano Blowing Computer Motherboards. HELP! iPhone Should I Wait??!! Project Management Read more »

Anything rock ‘n roll related makes my ears perk up, so when I heard Guitar Hero was coming to Mac, I was quite stoked. Overall the gameplay is just about what you’d expect. You can rock out in freestyle mode and just play for the fun […] Read more »

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Apple Store Status View Pingdom’s Apple Store Status. The guys at Pingdom have a released a fun new widget that you can put on your website that automatically gets updated whenever the Apple Store goes down (presumably to add new products). Now you can easily feed […] Read more »

Apple is on a software-release roll. Yesterday they released Leopard 10.5.2 and today they have released Aperture 2. Aperture is Apple’s pro-level photograph editing and management software that has been picking up a lot of steam in the past couple of years. There are over 100 […] Read more »

Apple has just released 10.5.2 via Software Update. There are a slew of changes/fixes, some of which are: Improved Airport connection reliability and stability Improved Dashboard widget performance Updated Stacks with a List view option, a Folder view option, and an updated background for Grid view […] Read more »

One of the most sought after applications since Leopard was released has finally been updated. Shirt Pocket’s SuperDuper! backup application received a big update today, with the biggest feature being that it is now Leopard compatible. For many, SuperDuper! has become somewhat obsolete with Leopard’s Time […] Read more »

iPod touch VoIP Users? MacBook vs. MacBook Pro? How to connect PS2 to a Mac? Is there a way to open iPhoto pictures in Photoshop? iWeb Question Read more »

Spore, the game of origin, evolution, and life, is now officially slated to released simultaneously with its PC counterpart. Spore has had a number of release date delays and its future with the Mac platform was initially uncertain. It being one of the most anticipated games […] Read more »

The rumors were true. Today Apple released the MacBook Air, “The World’s Thinnest Notebook”. The competition specs in the “thin notebook” world are around 3 pounds, 1 inch thick, miniature keyboards, and slow processors. The new MacBook Air is 0.16″ to 0.76″ at its thickest part […] Read more »

Today Apple released it’s second version of it’s AppleTV product. To go along with the new iTunes movie rental service, Apple’s new version of the AppleTV has had a nice update. A quick feature rundown: No computer required Rent movies directly from the AppleTV (HD movies […] Read more »

The much rumored iTunes Movie Rental service is indeed becoming a reality…today! Today Steve Jobs announced that every major studio is on board: Touchstone, Miramax, MGM, Lionsgate, Newline, Fox, WB, Disney, Paramount, Universal, and Sony. Initially there will be over 1000 movies and in general movie […] Read more »

Today during the Macworld 2008 keynote, Jobs announced quite a few new pieces of software for the iPhone. Maps with wi-fi locations Webclips – Lets you bookmark pages (and their zoom/pan state) and save them to your main screen Customizable home screen SMS to multiple people […] Read more »

Macworld 2008′s keynote is currently underway and the first new product out of the gates is Time Capsule. Time Capsule seems to be Apple’s answer to wirelessly backing up your data with Time Machine. Time Capsule is an Airport Extreme base station with a “server grade” […] Read more »

The “sticky note of good things to come” is now up at the Apple store. Generally Apple puts this image up in the hours preceding major product additions. Doing so gives them time to make product page additions and adjustments. It also generally marks the beginning […] Read more »

Today marks one of the most anticipated days of every year. At 9AM CST, Steve Jobs will give his annual Macworld keynote where he’ll talk about Apple’s accomplishments for the past year as well as plans for the upcoming year. But more importantly, he’ll be announcing […] Read more »

Today, Apple updated their home page with the graphic above showing what appears to be Apple’s main slogan for Macworld 2008. Many readers are predicting that “air” is the name of a new line of MacBooks from Apple that will be released tomorrow. Other’s are guessing […] Read more »

MacWorld 2008 Predictions Rotatable Displays MacHeist Bundle – are YOU taking the plunge? Memory chip in 17″ Powerbook G4 Parallels Read more »

Since upgrading to Leopard (and thus upgrading to the newest version of Safari), I’ve had the unfortunate problem of Safari throwing all my cookies right out the window. Every 4-6 weeks I’d fire up Safari only to realize that all logins to various sites were lost, […] Read more »

Tip to Colin from The Uber Geeks for the news that NewsGator has now made 4 of it’s products free. NetNewsWire, FeedDemon, NewsGator Inbox, and NewsGator Go! are all available for download now for free. If you purchased any of those apps after December 9, 2007 […] Read more »

Back in November, FileMaker released a preview of their soon-to-be-released personal database app, Bento. Yesterday they officially released the gold version of Bento. The design in functionality of Bento is such that you’d think it was just another iWork application. It meshes extremely well with Apple’s […] Read more »

Sigh. One of my favorite add-ons for Safari, Inquisitor, has unfortunately been removed from my computer. As reported by TUAW, Inquisitor alters search results to insert the developers affiliate links higher up in the rankings. According to the developer, the affiliate links will gradually move further […] Read more »

Valuing Macs Video Conversion Google Maps for the iPod Touch How to delete a file in memory stick? Future abilities of the AirPort Express and Apple TV Read more »

I’ve been a hardcore TextMate user for over a year now and really can’t function without it. It’s an app we’ve covered a number of times. One thing I really love about TextMate is how extendible/customizable it’s themes are. I’m a visual coder and having a […] Read more »

Apple’s Quick Look has quickly become a feature I use on a daily basis. It’s integration with Finder (and other apps) is done so well that it’s become second nature to use it. One thing that’s becoming clear is that Apple’s developers had the end user […] Read more »

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