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This past week the Associated Press announced that their Mobile News Network received some 16 million page views for the month of August. How does this relate to Apple? 95% of those 16 million page views originated from iPhone and iPod touch users via Mobile Safari […] Read more »

We’re looking to expand our already amazing staff of writers! These are paid, freelance positions that will almost certainly guarantee you world fame and fortune. Okay, so the world fame and fortune part isn’t guaranteed, but you never know! If you are interested, please contact us […] Read more »

Today Apple released a statement recalling all iPhone 3G ultracompact USB power adapters. It seems a small percentage of the adapters have a predisposition for the metal prongs to snap off in the electrical socket, potentially having some unfortunate side effects. The ultracompact USB adapters were […] Read more »

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iPhone Dev Process – Some really great insight from developer Mike Ash on the whole development and app store submission process for NetAwake. Zero-Day Exploit Code For Quicktime Posted – Supposedly Apple has ignored a submitted vulnerability and in turn the person who found the vulnerability […] Read more »

The very first panel at today’s Mobilize Conference was on the economics of mobile development. The iPhone was thrown around a bit (and more specifically, the distribution format of the App Store), but the overall topic was a bit more broad. Representatives from Microsoft, Adobe, RIM, […] Read more »

CrunchGear is reporting that after only 2 commercials, Microsoft is giving Jerry Seinfeld the boot. The general consensus on the two ads that have shown has overwhelmingly been that people just straight out don’t get them. Both ads mention next to nothing about Microsoft or Windows. […] Read more »

Just a quick heads up that tomorrow we will be providing coverage of the Mobilize Conference in San Francisco. There will be a couple of cool iPhone specific companies presenting as well as almost a dozen other mobile companies. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you […] Read more »

Get iTunes 7’s Album View back in iTunes 8 – Think the album view from iTunes 7 is gone? Think again. iPhoneModem – If you’re the jailbreaking type and want to share your iPhone’s internet connection with your computer, check this out. This unsupported app will […] Read more »

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Today, Smule released a really cool (or hot, if you want to be go that route) app for the iPhone called Sonic Lighter. Sonic Lighter is an iPhone-only app (sorry iPod touch users), that makes use of the accelerometer and sound to affect the flame it […] Read more »

Back in July, released the 1.0 version of their free iPhone app which basically lets you have access to the millions of songs streamable from their website by accessing various stations. The 1.0 app has a rating of 3 out of 5 stars with most […] Read more »

Seagate FreeAgent Go Drives Debuted – Seagate announced it’s next generation of absurdly thin notebook-sized drives. The drives start at around $160 for a 250GB. Picture messaging for the iPhone – Send free, unlimited picture messages and geo-tagged location to any mobile phone in the world. […] Read more »

Gears, Google’s “browser improver” (for lack of a better term), has come out of beta and is now officially available for Safari. Gears is a browser plugin that extends its functionality by allowing it do things like store data locally in a searchable database as well […] Read more »

Today, Apple released its 5th update to OS X 10.5 (Leopard). The update is currently available via Software Update and should be available on the Apple website within a few hours. The last update (10.5.4) was released on June 30. Apple has, on average, released an […] Read more »

In November of 2004, a few months after I got my first Mac (a PowerMac G5), I registered not really having any big plans of what I’d do with the site. I was a senior design student in college and just wanted a new site […] Read more »

Today Apple released its 2.1 software update for the iPhone. The get the update, just connect your iPhone and fire up iTunes. Some of the more significant updates/fixes in this update: Decrease in call set-up failures and dropped calls Significantly better battery life for most users […] Read more »

So when the first ad featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates aired, I was mildly confused and more than anything really wanted to give it a chance. But this evening Microsoft aired the second ad in the series and now I’m really just flat out baffled […] Read more »

Today, Apple’s biggest conference Macworld, opened for registration. The dates for Macworld 2009 will be January 5-9. Apple has traditionally used Macworld as a time to make some fairly big product announcements and updates. In 2008, Apple announced the MacBook Air, Time Capsule, iPod touch software […] Read more »

If you missed seeing Steve-o live in person today (which you did), then you can now watch the entire “Let’s Rock” special event keynote online at Apple’s site. The full event is a little over an hour long and gives you a few more details than […] Read more »

Today all four iPod models got at least some love ranging from storage upgrades to new designs. iPod classic This version of the iPod has seen the fewest model design changes and today is no exception. The iPod classic has been offered in an 80GB version […] Read more »

At this morning’s special event, Jobs announced quite a few updates in relation to iTunes and the iTunes store including the newest version of iTunes, Genius, HD shows, and the return of NBC. iTunes 8 Today Apple has released the next major version of iTunes, available […] Read more »

Network Issues with MAC & PC DHCP/Firewall issues Ubuntu on HDD Macbook Internet Connection Laptop Overheating? Read more »

Since the launch of the original iPhone back in June 2007, the only place you could (legally) get an iPhone in the US was either at one of Apple’s 197 retail stores or one of AT&T’s 1,800+ retail stores. As of Sunday, that number of locations […] Read more »

Since news came out that Microsoft would be deploying a “Microsoft Gurus” program as part of their $300 million effort to improve their image, they have been consistently compared to ripping off Apple’s “Genius Bar” program. Microsoft Gurus is program Microsoft is starting up where they […] Read more »

Since the App Store’s launch back in June, I’ve had mixed feelings about the overall level of quality of the applications for sale. Knowing that Apple has control over what does and does not make it in to the store initially had me with the mindset […] Read more »

Tonight Microsoft aired its first ad featuring Jerry Seinfield. The ad (including Seinfield) is part of a new $300 million ad campaign Microsoft has put together to try and breathe new life in to the Windows operating system. The 90 second ad spot is comprised mainly […] Read more »

Yesterday it was announced that Adobe will be announcing (gotta love announcements announcing announcements) Creative Suite 4 on September 23rd. Adobe will be holding a special little event online showing all of the upcoming features of CS4 (which is rumored to be released as early as […] Read more »

All of the gaming love seems to have been directed at iPhone and iPod touch users for the past few months so it’s only fair that “regular” iPod owners get a piece of the pie. Tricky Software has released Spore Origins. It’s currently only available for […] Read more »

I hope all of you are having a glorious un-labor day and doing nothing but reading through all the past 2,100+ articles here on The Apple Blog. What? You’re not doing that? That’s unfortunate. At any rate, if you aren’t doing that, you should definitely check […] Read more »

Unzipping Files Settings to make IP address publicly accessible? My case from and power adapter for The Air Touchscreen ideas for Medicfusion EMR? Will SDK run on Mac mini with PowerPC G4? Read more »

Airport Express & Non-Wireless Routers DVD Conversion Best Practice? Old iPod, New screen? Search File Size (*.* on pcs) RSS feeds and “” – do you use it? Read more »

This evening Apple made iPhone OS 2.0.1 available via iTunes. Frequently Apple doesn’t include a lot of information on what software updates actually fix, but this could be on of the most cryptic of all. This update simply says the update includes “Bug Fixes”…247MB of “bug […] Read more »

Shapes and CSS? Cuil – can it tackle Google? Trouble getting the iPhone 3G How to clean un-used downloaded items Yet another Macbook vs. Macbook Pro thread… Read more »

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