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According to MacDailyNews, Apple isn’t real sure what it wants to do about the next line of computers they kick out. The obvious progression would be to name them “G6″ but, General Motor’s has a new car out kindly named the Pontiac G6 and they are […] Read more »

Seattle musicians, Jeff Tolbert, has released a 106 page on making the most of GarageBand for home recording. It’s called Take Control of Recording with GarageBand. He covers topics on making the most of your current gear as well as some advice on purchasing new gear […] Read more »

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At a MacWorld keynote in 2000, Steve Jobs pitched the Mac as the Digital Hub, and shortly afterwards released the iPod. Now that technology has had a few years to advance, this concept is finally coming to life… The iPod was Apple’s first component of the […] Read more »

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Okay…well maybe not you…but if you like to write about Apple…then YES! YOU! If you are even remotely interested in helping out then skip on over to the contact page and shoot us a line. Rock. Read more » has just released a couple of fun new toys for all you GarageBand users! The first is Bandmates Synth Player – Padtastik. Over 45 new synth loops for “the ultimate in sonic warmth.” The next is Bandmates Guitar Player – Acoustic Guitar. This one containing […] Read more »

Apple beat out Dell computer’s website in the number of unique visitors by almost twice as many. According to Nielson/NetRatings, Apple had 4.9 million unique visitors to its site for the week ending November 14th, while Dell only had 2.7 million. Good times. Read more »

After reading an article in both Wired and on CNN’s website as well as talking to several people who had successfully completed their requirements and received their free iPod…I decided I to would give a try. I personally know I completed not 1 offer, but […] Read more »

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The DVForge brand, MacMice, has recently debuted it’s newest product. GarageKey is a USB-MIDI device made specifically for GarageBand users. The GarageKey USB-MIDI keyboard is the only keyboard on the market designed exclusively for use by Apple GarageBand software users who want a small, elegantly styled […] Read more »

Here’s a nifty little shareware program that’s perfect for storing all your usernames and passwords. It’s called PasswordWallet. It’s better than Apple’s keychain for a couple of reason. 1) It has a very easy export function incase you need to print your information out or save […] Read more »

According to Needham & Co. analyst Charles Wolf, it is expected that Apple will sell 13.3 million iPods in 2005, 23.5 million in 2006 and that more than 100 million Windows users will own iPods by 2008. 100 million Windows users eh? As much as Windows […] Read more »

Looks like Apple is officially taking over the world. They’ve just opened their largest store to date in London. Literally thousands of people showed up for the grand opening with many of them braving the bitter cold weather. The checkout counter in the new London Apple […] Read more »

So basically first posts are awkward. You and I both know that. So let’s go ahead and face facts here and sit in awkward silence until the next post is made. Read more »

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