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There isn’t a lick of Apple info in this post…nothing but good times here. I came across Gizoggle today and immediately thought of how dope TAB would be if it was all crunked out. So, I decided to take a post that wasn’t so fondly responded […] Read more »

I’ve seen a lot of things…but this is just crazy. It looks as though Apple is now dispensing iPod mini’s like hotcakes…literally. Someone in the Atlanta Airport spotted what could be labeled an Apple Store-mini. It’s a vending machine that dispenses iPod mini’s and shuffles. Just […] Read more »

It’s beyond me why the majority of car stereo systems (even newer ones) don’t have an auxiliary input. And if they do have one, they’re somehow “strategically” placed on the back of the unit inside your dash. It just seems to me that with the massive […] Read more »

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I love my iPod. I mean I really love my iPod. It’s my little music machine and you better believe I’m not giving it up anytime soon. Unfortunately though, my little iPod is a bit fragile. Within an hour of purchasing mine, it had little tiny […] Read more »

The Apple Blog is looking for a few new writers for the site. If you’re interested, contact us. When you contact us be sure to include some examples of your past writing. Do note that these are currently not paid positions though you do get free […] Read more »

Today Griffin Technology announced they will be releasing a new attachment for the iPod Photo that will allow Nikon’s D70 digital SLR camera to be attached to the top of the iPod Photo. The iNikonD70iPodPhoto will allow the iPod Photo to act as a battery pack […] Read more »

The Apple Blog has obtained, from reliable sources, information on an upcoming release from Apple of the much rumored home media center. It will be called iHome. The following images that we received from said source are believed to be a mix of official product photos […] Read more »

Sources tell us that Apple will be releasing, in the coming months, a sort of PDA. It will be entitled iNote. iNote will run a modified version of OS X called XNote. Many of the current Mac apps will be available (iCal, Mail, Preview, Safari, iPhoto, […] Read more »

Let’s be honest here. eBay is highly addictive. I can go months without ever putting anything up for auction but the day I put something up on eBay I immediately want to sell everything I own! Now, maybe I’m a bit of an odd case…but from […] Read more »

Let’s be honest here. Alarm clocks could be the worst invention ever created. I mean, honestly, who actually thought a screaming loud pulsating siren sound was a good way to start your day. If I ever met t hat guy I’d kick him in the shins […] Read more »

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During an announcement at CeBIT, Apple has committed to joining the the Blu-ray Association and will occupy a seat on their board. Obviously Apple’s joining will have a pretty big impact on the success of Blu-ray with Apple now using their technology. Dell and HP are […] Read more »

Apple’s earbuds hurt. Plain and simple. They just hurt. I have yet to talk to someone who thinks the stock iPod earbuds are comfortable or even stay in their ears good. Upon realizing within the first 5 minutes of wearing the Apple earbuds that they were […] Read more »

It’s that time of the year when we’re looking to increase the size of our staff by 2 (doesn’t every company have that?). We’re in need of 2 writers who have the skills to pay the bills. Also, if you’ve got sweet graphic design skills, we’ve […] Read more »

In what appears to be an answer to Apple’s Mac mini, Japan’s Soldam has released the Lepty PC. It comes in a casing that has the option of a Pentium M or Celeron M process and a DVD-+R/RW/RAM burner. One plus (for the Jr. High girl […] Read more »

I’m an organizational freak. I organize everything. All of the files on my machine are organized into sub-folders of sub-folders of sub-folders using my own personal organizational system I’ve developed over the years. I know where everything is. The hardest files to organize and find, though, […] Read more »

For months I’ve been trying to fine tune the equalizer in iTunes. No matter which frequencies I meticulously adjusted or how high or low I set the Preamp at, it always just sounded like dirt. I’m no professional sound engineer by any means but I’ve spent […] Read more »

Check this out. This guy turned his Mac mini into a “mini” server. The Mac mini he used get’s ripped to shreds. Good times. Read more »

Okay, so Napsters CEO doesn’t “directly” call iPod users stupid, but in an interview Chris Gorog talks about Napster’s newest marketing ploy which will “be communicating to people that it’s stupid to buy an iPod.” Stupid? Napster will be selling music on a subscription based model […] Read more »

Daniel Kushner has dissected the iPod Shuffle…literally. He explains in detail the inner workings of the Shuffle with fun pictures to go along with it. An interesting read indeed. Read more »

Looking for some decent priced memory to jack up the speed of your Mac mini? MemoryToGo has some fantastic prices. They offer both 512MB and 1GB sticks for for adding on to your system. Read more »

With recent news of Target selling the Mac mini on it’s website, there has also been recent new of how you can get 10% off of your purchase. DealsOnTheWeb is has a 10% discount coupon available for use on all purchases from Obviously you could […] Read more »

A couple of weeks ago Apple released the iPod Shuffle at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Steve Jobs made the annoucement during his keynote and at the end he casually mentioned that they were available in the Apple store down the street. Following the keynote, […] Read more »

According to AppleInsider, Apple will be releasing what could be it’s final version of Panther next month. This next build will include increased system and graphics stability, faster application launch speeds, and updates to various drivers. Read more »

Not sure what CompUSA is thinking…but if you’re interested in getting one of the new Mac mini’s from there, you better be willing to drop some cash. They are selling the systems for the low low price of $1220.50. Make note of one of the headings […] Read more »

Well too bad. No big bucks here. But, we still need writers! If you long for fame across the globe and want to exercise your writing skills, then contact us about becoming a contributor for The Apple Blog. Your writing skills need to be good and […] Read more »

Looks like the Apple users in Europe aren’t to happy with the price Apple has set for the Mac mini in their country. In-fact, a petition has been started to the tune of over 8000 signatures as of this post. The petition starts with: We’d like […] Read more »

A quick note on Apple’s In Ear Headphones, many people have bought them and quickly came to the conclusion that they were horrifically bad. However, the secret is that you just have to shove these things right IN your ears (not too far, I’m not trying […] Read more »

Looks like Creative Technology thinks Apple’s new flash MP3 player is out dated and a joke. Sim Wong Hoo, Creative’s CEO, says that Shuffle is was “a big let down” to him. Creative has less than half of the market share that Apple has in the […] Read more »

In a recent photo essay done by a photography who was able to spend some time with President Bush in his daily routines, he snagged a picture of President Bush sporting a 4th generation iPod. Read more »

Here are some specs of the new flash iPod that were leaked to sources. It will hold 240 songs and will have no screen. It will play unlisted tracks either in a set order or randomly. The slogan for the new iPod is “240 songs a […] Read more »

Well, I’ve seen some creepy things in my day…and this my friends is one of them. DecalGirl has found the need to make a Human Skin cover for the iPod mini. And at only $6.99 you can’t really beat covering your iPod in synthetic human skin. Read more »

Looks like Apple has registered two new trademarks. Today, the US Patent and Trademark Office showed that Apple Computer has registered “Pages” and “Shuffle.” It is rumored that Pages is the name of the upcoming word processor being developed by Apple to be part of the […] Read more »

According to CNET News, Apple has filed suit against Think Secret and other unnamed individuals for allegedly stealing trade secrets. “Apple has filed a civil complaint against the owner of and unnamed individuals who we believe stole Apple’s trade secrets,” Apple said in its statement. […] Read more »

Looks like a disgrunteled iTunes customer is suing Apple. According to Thomas Slattery, “Apple has unlawfully bundled, tied, and/or leveraged its monopoly in the market for the sale of legal online digital music recordings to thwart competition in the separate market for portable hard drive digital […] Read more »

Well, I’m not sure how it happend, but somehow myself and all the writers here at The Apple Blog have managed to not be able to attend Macworld next week. Big bummer for sure. So, what we need is a rogue reporter to get in the […] Read more »

We here at The Apple Blog would like to encourage you to donate as much as possible as quickly as possible to help aid for the tsunami relief. We suggest any of the following organizations: American Red Cross International Response Fund AmeriCares South Asia Earthquake Relief […] Read more »

It has come to our attention that our RSS feeds are currently giving errors. We are taking a look into right now and things should be back to normal hopefully within the next couple of hours. Edit: RSS Feed problem fixed. Thanks to those who reported […] Read more »

Wired posted quite the interesting article about 2 men who, for six months snuck into the Apple Headquarters to write a script. 12 hours per day, 7 days a week, for 6 months, Ron Avitzur snuck into his former employer’s offices to write a Graphing Calculator […] Read more »

Is the iTunes music store in trouble? Chris Gorog, CEO of Napster, sure thinks so. Napster runs on a subscription based format that allows you access to 700,000+ songs for your listening pleasure, all for only $9.95 per month. The catch is that if you want […] Read more »

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