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Plenty of people get politically active during election years, but the issues don’t go away once the hanging chads have been punched and the Diebold source code is no longer being hacked. Aside from voting (or donating thousands to a campaign) the most powerful way to […] Read more »

SAI: Hulu Household: Why I Got Rid of Cable The Inquirer: 5 New Fabs for $14.7B EETimes: Nokia, Techs Drop as TI Points to 3G Weakness ArsTechnica: Norton Places Big Bet on Mac Virtualization Vulnerabilities Light Reading: Charter Gets Nibbles EWeek: Nortel Rolls out 40 Gigabit […] Read more »

After losing an infringement case brought against it by fellow content delivery network Akamai, Limelight Networks is going all out to reassure its customers that the $45.5 million judgment against it was merely a flesh wound. In a letter posted to the company’s web site (and […] Read more »

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Entrepreneurs see their venture backers as the ones with control in the relationship, according to a recent online survey conducted by Research Data Technology for a member of the National Venture Capital Association who wishes to stay anonymous. And just as many of them may have […] Read more »

That was the question asked of the four panelists on Monday’s Scalability Boot Camp Panel at South by Southwest. The panelists, who represented various consumer sites, all said that at some point in their online ventures the answer to that question was no. As a result […] Read more »

Overheard at The Google Open Social Happy Hour on Monday night: “Looking at the people here, it’s like I came all the way to Austin only to see the same people I see in San Francisco.” Read more »

Wandering around the South by Southwest Conference in Austin this weekend and yesterday, I was struck by how few people were sporting MacBook Airs. iPhones, on the other hand, were everywhere. I watched four impromptu demos of new sites on the iPhones of four different entrepreneurs. […] Read more »

After the debacle of yesterday’s on-stage interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at South By Southwest, I decided to take myself out of the process as much as possible by offering up a Q&A. And I’ll tell you right now: When I asked about money, my questions were quickly shot down. Read more »

When it comes to semiconductor news, it can be hard to judge how much of it is hype and how much will actually come to pass. But Altair Semiconductor, which is now sampling chips, has some cool attributes worth noting, especially for those interested in 4G […] Read more »

The web of alliances among semiconductor manufacturers is getting tangled, and as we continue to move down the process node, add one more to the equation. IBM and Hitachi are expected to announce a partnership today to collaborate on getting down to the 32 nanometer and […] Read more »

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BroadbandReports: Israel Latest to Force ISPs to Block Piracy Reuters: Logitech Says Any Microsoft Bid “Without Sense” Virtualization for Everyone: Interview with Rackspace CTO InfoWorld: Former Head of Motorola Handset Business Leaves ArsTechnica: Bad Phorm? UK ISPs sell Clickstream Data to Advertisers SAI: Storage/Sharing Site […] Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t focused on the company’s $15 billion valuation. He just “doesn’t think about it,” the Facebook CEO said in an interview with Sarah Lacy today at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival. Instead, he’s focused on building a platform on which people can communicate […] Read more »

As I promised a few weeks ago, I’ve disconnected my land line. Actually I had my husband do it, because after several random snafus that involved my office line going dead and then randomly dialing 9-1-1 at odd times during the day and night, I can […] Read more »

The BBC sure knows how to entice users — geeky, spec-obsessed users, that is. First they launch a beautiful player, then quickly unleash details about how much bandwidth it uses, spawning green-eyed monsters all over the world. And today their device goes mobile, with Anthony Rose, […] Read more »

TechCrunch: Google, Microsoft Preparing Bids for Digg ArsTechnica: U.S. Rural Broadband, You Can Get it But You Can’t Afford It Light Reading: Appliance Vendors Don’t Fear Cisco Reuters: Ciena Quarterly Profit; Outlook Beat Expectations Fortune: Re-engineering HP Labs Gizmo News: Apple to Allow VoIP over Wi-Fi Read more »

Technology moves faster than I can sometimes believe, but generally we take the view that speed is an opportunity rather than a problem. However, as connectivity becomes more ubiquitous and stretches beyond people to things, rapid obsolescence can make life difficult. Read more »

The web-to-mobile calling efforts are starting to get interesting. Last week Jaxtr talked about how it planned to make money by selling ads, and today Jangl launches its own ad efforts tied to a partnership with Pudding Media. The plan is to target pre-roll ads on […] Read more »

This Friday marks the beginning of South by Southwest in Austin, starting with the Interactive Festival. Every year, geeks galore descend on my hometown, only to be replaced by filmmakers and then musicians. The geeks are my favorites, but you knew I’d say that. As a […] Read more »

NYTimes: Social Networking Moves to the Cell Phone ArsTechnica: AOL’s OpenAIM SDK Requires Apps to Include Ads DataCenterKnowledge: Crunch Time: Wall Street May Buy Not Build Reuters: EU Set to Clear DoubleClick/Google Merger: Sources AdWeek: Make Room for Paid Search Multichannel News: Cox to Launch TiVo […] Read more »

Wires aren’t evil, but home networking technology is seeking to eradicate them anyway. For those of you who are eager to disconnect your TV, but unwilling to compromise with compressed video, companies Amimon and Belkin may have a solution for you by September. What’s on offer […] Read more »

Today’s Wall Street Journal devotes 2,400 words to Mark Zuckerberg‘s hiring of former Google exec Sheryl Sandberg as Facebook’s COO, and his attempts to mature into the CEO role at a large company. After reading the article I decided to sum it up in haiku form […] Read more »

SAI: Google StreetView Competitor Everyscape Gets $7M In Tech Support Obama Beats Clinton BusinessWeek: Clearwire and Sprint: Squeezed Together? Fortune: Yahoo! Playing for Time in Microsoft Bid WSJ: Microsoft Expands Online Services FT: Vonage Negotiating with Bondholders to Stave off Bankruptcy Read more »

AT&T will spend $1 billion this year to push out its enterprise access and utility computing services internationally. The money will go toward a new undersea cable to Japan and Asia, investments in cables running to the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and the Middle East. It plans […] Read more »

After writing up a storm about the next-generation cellular Long-Term Evolution standard a few weeks ago, I noticed that several commenters were confused, critical or just plain wrong about LTE and WiMax, the other 4G network. So I called a few people and tried to figure […] Read more »

The memory business is a volatile one, driven by consumer demand for products like MP3 players and rapid obsolescence. That’s why the gradual move of solid-state storage drives based on NAND flash memory into the PC is so interesting. Now that those drives are bigger, at […] Read more »

I was home yesterday with a sick toddler, so when I noticed the $18 million Series C funding for ultra-wideband chipmaker Tzero Technologies, I was powerless to blog it. Anytime the computer comes out, my daughter wants to hit YouTube for her favorite Teletubbies and Dan […] Read more »

Today AMD said it has 45 nanometer chips for desktops and servers running in development systems. That’s fantastic, but the chips won’t be in actual devices until the second half of the year, putting AMD’s most advanced chips at least six months behind Intels’s 45 nanometer […] Read more »

MarketWatch: Intel Shares Fall after Chipmaker Lowers Margins Cutting the Cord with all You Can Eat Wireless Plans Tech Confidential: Video Interview with Google’s VP of Content Partnerships Tampa Tribune: Florida Fines AT&T for Pushing Ringtones Broadband Reports: U.S. Eighth in FTTH Deployment Technology Review: […] Read more »

Nokia has signed up to use Microsoft’s Silverlight platform for its S60 and S40 mobile devices as well as its Nokia Internet tablets, marking the first mobile win for the Redmond giant’s rich media development framework. This follows announcements last year of Silverlight support for Linux […] Read more »

T-Mobile International, which is currently using Wi-Fi for its convergence offering in the U.S., has disclosed an investment in Ubiquisys, a maker of femtocells. T-Mobile also said it was trialling the startup’s femtocells in Europe. Femtocells, which plug into an existing broadband connection to provide a […] Read more »

NYTimes: Hollywood, Silicon Valley and AT&T: It’s a Deal WSJ Blogs: Should Verizon Buy Sprint? Investor’s Business Daily: Big Tech Companies Eyeing Acquisitions as Valuations Drop XConomy: Akamai Wanted $100M Patent Award NickCarr: Rumor: Microsoft Set for Vast Data Center Push? BroadbandReports: WiMax Auction in Italy […] Read more »

Acquia, a North Andover, Mass.-based startup, is announcing a supported product using Drupal, the open-source content managment system that underlies many of the community aspects on the web, from sites such as Fast Company to The Onion. It’s a rite of passage for an open-source project […] Read more »

In a deal that highlights the fledgling consolidation in the social software space, Mzinga has taken Prospero Technologies as its lawful acquisition, along with $27.5 million in venture funding. Unfortunately the couple keeps the Mzinga name, which will be slapped on Mzinga’s efforts in external and […] Read more »

Intel has announced the branding behind its new line of processors designed for “mobile Internet devices” and lower-end laptops and desktops costing around $250. The Atom brand name replaces Silverthorne, which was the code name for the low-power chips aimed at ultra mobile PCs, and Diamondville, […] Read more »

Like a ballet, a patent lawsuit has dozens of carefully orchestrated steps, and today’s judgment against Limelight Networks marks the beginning of the exciting part of the show, which could drag on for years, or get cut short by a settlement. Earlier today a jury in […] Read more »

Skyhook Wireless said today it will provide its Wi-Fi-based location awareness technology for users of Locr software who want to automatically add geographic information to their photos. Although fun, like many location-based services that have been long promised and poorly delivered, it’s certainly not the type […] Read more »

SAI: WPP Sees Some Ad Slowdown in the U.S., More to Come ArsTechnica: Intel Unveils New Embedded 45nm Xeons, Updates Chipsets Austin American Statesman: Dell Net Income Falls in Fourth Quarter LightReading: AlcaLu Climbs to 16.4 Terabits Over Fiber AP: Microsoft Cuts Price for Vista Read more »

Following last week’s move by Dailymotion to bring high-definition video to the Web, MySpaceTV is launching an HD video player for the social network with a trailer for Iron Man. The trailer for the Marvel movie starring Robert Downey Jr. as the comic book hero, can […] Read more »

Austin, Texas-based startup NextIO has scored $18.8 million in a third round of funding, bringing the I/O virtualization systems maker to almost $40 million in total venture capital raised since 2003. It’s attacking one of those nitty-gritty technical problems in data centers and tossing around today’s […] Read more »

Platform-as-a-service provider Rollbase launched today, marketing its offerings as web-based software geared toward small- and medium-sized businesses. While the PaaS terminology conjures up images of Rollbase competing with something like or Bungee Labs, Rollbase is gunning for the same users as Coghead. Rollbase allows business […] Read more »

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