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Cloud computing isn’t as nebulous as its name implies. Thanks to virtualization, one can separate the storage from the servers and the servers from the software—but it’s also about bandwidth. The primary value will be more about moving data from the hardware to the end user. […] Read more »

I’ve written before about the chip industry’s efforts to cut back on power consumption through a creative redesign of some of their chips. For the last ten years NXP, which was once part of consumer products company Philips has offered a line of semiconductors designed to […] Read more »

Vlingo’s new software for BlackBerrys (the link goes live at 5 a.m. PT), which gives me the ability to navigate my phone entirely by voice, has me feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. I press a button on my Pearl, wait for a chime, simply […] Read more »

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Charter Communications this morning backed off plans to deploy an advertising system that had stirred privacy fears about the way user data was intercepted and anger over an inability to truly opt out of the program. The cable provider said back in May that it was […] Read more »

Spansion, a flash memory maker, said today that it’s figured out a way to cut data center power consumption by replacing a particular type of computer memory. It’s a money-saving approach as well: the switch from dynamic random access memory to Flash memory in one data […] Read more »

Outsourcing compute power is wonderful — until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, when an Amazon Web Service goes down it’s hard to know why, and it’s even harder to know how well a particular cloud is performing in the first place. To make the cloud more transparent, […] Read more »

In a mobile world, the conversation opener is less likely to be, “How are you?” and more likely to be, “Where are you?” Since the goal of social networking technology seems to be to get us to speak less and look at screens more (all hail […] Read more »

With all the concern over data centers sucking up enormous amounts of power and worries about the many gallons of water required to make semiconductors, one would never think that chips could offer a solution to some of the world’s resource and environmental problems. But the […] Read more »

In an interview published this morning in the Financial Times, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said he wouldn’t be looking to pick up any other Internet companies just because the Yahoo deal failed. One can only imagine how far shares of Facebook would have plummeted on that […] Read more »

OK, so AMD refuses to comment on rumors that it plans to introduce a low-power chip aimed at the mobile Internet device market, where it would compete with Intel’s Atom chipset and offerings from several other rivals. And it refuses to claim a block diagram floated […] Read more »

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Limelight may soon be out of the frying pan and into the fire. Katherine Egbert, an analyst with the investment bank Jefferies, issued a report today saying she thought a federal judge would decide quickly and in favor of Limelight with regards to a patent infringement […] Read more »

The 10 hours of video uploaded every minute to YouTube could be a problem for Google’s infrastructure. Video files are fat and people don’t want to wait long once they press play, which means keeping them requires a trade-off between fast access and cheap storage. A […] Read more »

Parallel processing isn’t just for supercomputers or GPUs anymore. Computer makers are throwing multiple cores at everything from servers to your printer. But the focus on horsepower misses a crucial problem associated with adding more processors. To really take advantage of them, you have to rewrite […] Read more »

Two non-profit organizations, Free Press and Public Knowledge, have ridden down the data trail of ad insertion technology provided by NebuAd and declared that it violates “several fundamental expectations of Internet privacy, security and standards-based interoperability.” In a report published today, the two compare NebuAd to […] Read more »

It’s awesome when technology invades real life to make it better, like the way email makes letter-writing and photo-sharing easier. Louis Vuitton has manged to do that with a walking tour MP3 download that travelers to Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai can purchase for $17. Before […] Read more »

The Top 500 organization has put out its twice-annual list of the fastest supercomputers, and there are few surprises. Roadrunner, IBM’s mammoth supercomputer that broke the petaflop record, holds the top spot. Big Blue is also the source of the lion’s share of the computers on […] Read more »

Twice a year, the computing world waits to hear whose processors and which vendors will claim the equivalent of a gold medal for building one of the world’s fastest supercomputers as measured by the Top 500 nonprofit. This year it was IBM’s $100 million Roadrunner machine, […] Read more »

For those of you underappreciated server jockeys keeping data center costs down and utilization up using duct tape and homemade software, the New York Times salutes you. Actually it recognizes how important people like you are, especially now that demand for compute power and energy efficiency […] Read more »

Supercomputers these days are compute monsters. IBM’s latest, the Roadrunner, packs the power of 100,000 laptops stacked 1.5 miles high, embraces a unique mix of IBM’s Cell processor and ubiquitous x86 chips from AMD, and has the ability to calculate 1,000 trillion operations every second. Of course, trends in supercomputing generally trickle downstream to the rest of the computer-using population eventually. Continue Reading. Read more »

Nvidia and AMD today each launched two graphics chips for the PC market — but the two companies are pursuing divergent strategies. Both share a recent focus on high-end graphics, which underlines how important visual computing has become; but the different approaches taken by each firm […] Read more »

Like an aging matron sporting Juicy tracksuits, eBay’s announcement today that it’s partially opening up its developer’s platform by allowing programmers to build their applications directly inside the site is unlikely to change the fact that the auction site is no longer the hot new thing. […] Read more »

I would think that worries of tiered broadband pricing might be putting the kibosh on free public Wi-Fi, but there’s another culprit causing the City of Santa Fe to delay plans to install Wi-Fi in the local public libraries. In a clear case of the tyranny […] Read more »

Amidst the smaller semiconductors and new personal area networking technology breakthroughs showcased by Intel at its Research Day earlier this week were some silicon tools that could help track greenhouse gases and reduce power consumption inside devices. The chipmaker also showed off some of its low-wattage […] Read more »

Sure it’s early days in the mobile browser wars, but early days have a tendency to fly by quickly, and by the time Firefox introduces a beta version of its upcoming mobile browser later this year, it may be too late. Last night Aza Raskin, head […] Read more »

Mistake were made when hyping Ultra-wideband over the past few years. However, UWB may get a second chance as streaming media becomes more important and computers become more portable. I spent yesterday at the Portable Computer and Communications Association meeting in Austin learning about UWB as […] Read more »

I played with the demo version of Samsung’s consumer-oriented iPhone killer in April and found it fun, but maybe a bit too much gadget crammed into too small of a space for me. It’ll be out on June 20 with a $200 price tag on the […] Read more »

Chalk up another one for Linux. The open-source software was just deemed by Network World as greener than Windows Server 2008 when running as the operating system for servers. The computing magazine found that servers using Red Hat Enterprise Linux ran 12 percent more efficiently than […] Read more »

Years from now, will we look back at the iPhone and touch-enabled Windows 7 and blame them for the thin film of muck covering our screens and the thick layer of skin on our fingertips? Yesterday it was the latest iPhone, and today Hewlett-Packard announced a […] Read more »

Today’s launch of the 3G iPhone has some welcome changes to the phone itself, but also highlighted the details behind the iPhone development platform. It’s nice to know that when the iPhone comes out on July 11 a horde of programmers have been working around the […] Read more »

Today Freescale said it would spin out its MRAM business to a consortium of venture investors under the name EverSpin Technologies. Such a move makes sense for Freescale, which doesn’t have the resources to focus on developing a competitor to Flash memory, but is also somewhat […] Read more »

IBM showed off a new computing system yesterday that packed layers of semiconductors in a vertical stack and cooled it with water running in hair-thin pipes along the chips themselves. This is more impressive than the water-cooled copper plates that subsequently cool chips, and a leap […] Read more »

The Federal Trade Commission, after two years of looking into allegations that Intel has behaved anticompetitively in the microprocessor market, has decided to act, announcing a formal probe. At issue is whether Intel offered PC makers rebates to use its chips instead of AMD’s. Intel issued […] Read more »

Virgin Media and BPI (the UK equivalent of RIAA) plan to start sending out warning letters to the ISP’s errant subscribers illegally sharing music over Virgin’s broadband. BPI will identify illegal file sharers and send that information to Virgin Media. The ISP will then send the […] Read more »

Nvidia Co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang thinks mobile is the future, and he’s positioning the graphics chip maker to get a piece of that pie. But media-enamored consumers are keeping the company plenty busy in the meantime. In this interview, Huang talks about mobile, graphics — and whoop-ass. continue reading. Read more »

When it comes to semiconductors, everyone in the chip world is thinking green. But let’s face it: It’s a lot sexier to talk about “green” server chips used in data centers consuming 1.5 percent of the nation’s energy than about reducing plug loads with chips that […] Read more »

From the company that spent $4.1 billion buying a tape company comes some cutting-edge storage news: Sun Microsystems said today that it will put solid-state Flash drives into a line of servers and other storage products, making access to stored data faster and more energy efficient. […] Read more »

After getting lambasted on blogs and dragged before the FCC for its former network management practices, which included surreptitiously throttling P2P video traffic, Comcast this week will make good on its announced plans to change the way it keeps its tubes from clogging. Instead of throttling […] Read more »

AMD’s Sisyphean task of grabbing market share from Intel begins anew with the launch of its latest line of laptop chips laptop platform formerly code-named Puma. Today, AMD launched a refresh of its Turion mobile processor combined with an integrated ATI graphics processor, designed for mobile […] Read more »

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