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For those of you jonesing for AT&T Wi-Fi and a highly caffeinated cup of Starbucks java, your wait is finally over — unless you live outside of San Antonio. A little more than a month after AT&T announced it was replacing T-Mobile as the branded Wi-Fi […] Read more »

I’ve been talking about the enormous amount of cash it takes to create any kind of chip company and expressing doubts about the number of startups we will see getting financial backing to create truly innovative ideas in semiconductors. Analyst Linley Gwennap apparently feels the same […] Read more »

NextWave Wireless has hired Deutsche Bank and UBS Investment Bank to help it sell spectrum in three different frequency bands, ranging from 154 AWS licenses in the 1.7/2.1 GHz band to 39 licenses and spectrum leases in the 2.5 GHz band that others are using for […] Read more »

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I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but everything in the news seems a little depressing, today from Motorola, which saw its handset sales drop by 39 percent in the first quarter and is not expecting to split its […] Read more »

RightScale, a company acting as an easy front-end console for Amazon Web Services, has raised $4.5 million from Benchmark Capital. The Santa Barbara, Calif.-based startup was formed in September 2007 to help companies provision and monitor the web services products offered by Amazon. With this funding […] Read more »

Scientists at the University of Utah have developed a path to terahertz chips by figuring out how to transfer terahertz signals using wires. If commercialized, such a breakthough means faster chips and the potential for much faster wireless file transfer. Think wireless HD transfer in a […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] The excitement around cloud computing has predominantly focused on software. Hardware is like the foundation of a house — necessary, but not exactly something to get too excited about. In an effort to shed the commodity sever paradigm, IBM has launched water-cooled racks of servers […] Read more »

Before the sun sets on another Earth Day (or at least before the clock strikes midnight) IBM has squeezed in its announcement of some very cool servers designed for cloud computing. No, they’re actually cool: The iDataPlex servers run at room temperature, which means they require […] Read more »

In honor of Earth Day, we’re borrowing from our friends over at Earth2Tech in order to celebrate the infrastructure, gadgets and web sites that can help GigaOMers go green. Whether it’s chips that make your servers run cooler or web sites that will help you cut […] Read more »

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OK, so, I telecommute, although I’ve always thought of it as working from home. I get that I’m lucky, but around Earth Day or every time some corporate entity either offers or rescinds its work-at-home programs, I get frustrated by the environmental pass telecommuting gives corporations […] Read more »

Intel’s Mash Maker application, which launches today, isn’t exactly a new idea; Yahoo Pipes and Microsoft’s Popfly are similar. But Mash Maker marks the first time Intel has launched a software effort with no hardware attached. Presumably you can run Mash Maker on a computer with […] Read more »

AT&T reported solid earnings this morning, with income of $3.5 billion on sales of $30.7 billion for the first quarter. Like last quarter, wireless revenue drove growth, but U-Verse data looked pretty good too. As Om wrote yesterday, AT&T affirmed that it’s on track to add […] Read more »

Last Friday, four executives of satellite holding company TerreStar Networks suddenly resigned, leaving just three people behind to fill the void. I don’t expect this lack of management to last for too long, but until TerreStar calls me back with details, I’m betting that the change […] Read more »

Motorola Ventures today put an undisclosed amount of money into Sunnyvale, Calif.-based startup VirtualLogix, which aims to do for communications equipment and mobile devices what VMware has done for the server. I’m pretty leery of companies throwing around the v-word, but with its take on virtualization, […] Read more »

This morning I had the chance to play my favorite game, “Is it just me, or is Site X down?” Turns out it was just me, or rather, my ISP, since a couple of fellow Time Warner Internet customers I called were experiencing difficulties as well. […] Read more »

When it comes to technology debacles, every major company has a few (remember the Newton?), but right now one of the top spots has to go to Windows Vista, Microsoft’s clunky operating system that has IT shops and consumers desperately clutching at XP for as long […] Read more »

After raising $42 million in venture funding to go after the IPTV market with its Smart Wi-Fi technology that enables multimedia streaming, Ruckus Wireless is turning to the enterprise market, perhaps hoping for a sure thing. However, the competition for enterprise WLAN connectivity is fierce, with […] Read more »

For the first quarter of the year, clean investing continued to decline, from a high of $885 million invested in the third quarter of 2007. In the first quarter of 2008, venture capitalists put $625 million into 44 clean technology firms, according the MoneyTree Report from […] Read more »

Growth in venture capital investing in the U.S. will continue, according to the latest figures. But venture firms are battening down the hatches to prepare for a rough 2008. Read more »

I was at a very crowded High Tech Happy Hour event last night in Austin, and I speculated that attendance was so robust because people are once again out looking for jobs. I was quickly told no, people were out looking for deals and few folks […] Read more »

The Financial Times thinks so. The British paper quotes eBay’s CEO John Donahoe as saying the online auction firm will test Skype for “synergies” this year and if those synergies aren’t strong, reassess the division. eBay purchased Skype in 2005 with a potential payout of $4.1 […] Read more »

Obopay, a three-year-old mobile payments startup, has scored $20 million in additional funding, CEO Carol Realini told me this afternoon. She and other Obopay executives contributed to the round by wiring their investments to the company coffers by way of their Obopay accounts on their mobile […] Read more »

When it comes to mobile phones, it’s all about touch screens — this year. But what will they look like in four or five years? I recognize that in 25 years they’ll be implanted into our bodies, à la Ray Kurzweil’s thesis, but how will we […] Read more »

The cloud is growing up. Its rite of passage comes this morning with the announcement that Amazon Web Services will now provide support for users of its Simple Storage Solution, Elastic Compute Cloud and Simple Queue Services products. Amazon, with its launch last week of persistent […] Read more »

[qi:_webworkerdaily] More smartphones means more mobile browsers, and Web Worker Daily has a rundown on several, including the latest effort from Mozilla, the guys behind the wildly popular Firefox browser. So check it out, and see if Opera Mini or Apple’s Safari browser is for you. […] Read more »

Yeah, I know, loan guarantees aren’t the most scintillating topic around, but stay with me. They’re a big deal when it comes to financing big clean energy projects and not really that difficult to understand. Essentially a loan guarantee is a promise by the government to […] Read more »

Phiar Corp., a 60 GHz chip company that had created some truly impressive semiconductor technology, appears to have shuttered its operations. Sources tell me the Boulder, Colo.-based company is no longer in business, though as of April 15, Phiar had not filed for bankruptcy in Colorado […] Read more »

AMD launched its corporate blog today with a decidedly lackluster post about its efforts to get computers to half the world’s population by 2015. It’s a great goal, and also one of the best things to bring up with AMD CEO Hector Ruiz if you want […] Read more »

It’s times like this I wish I still lived in Brooklyn. It looks like New Yorkers from Staten Island to the Bronx could eventually get Verizon’s FiOS TV service in their homes if regulators and city lawmakers approve. Verizon already offers its fiber to the home […] Read more »

Last night, the city council in Corpus Christi, Texas, voted 7-0 to ditch a contract that sold its Wi-Fi network to EarthLink. Corpus Christi had signed the contract with EarthLink in March 2007, when the ISP agreed to pay $5.3 million, plus an additional $340,000, during […] Read more »

As we approach Earth Day, the news and studies related to power consumption and energy waste in the data center are on the rise. We read a study released this week by the BPM Forum and sponsored by BlueArc, a company that makes energy-efficient storage products, […] Read more »

By the look of things, you’d think U.S. consumers were demanding ways to watch TV on their mobile phones. But studies show, again and again, they’re not. But a few equipment vendors in the WiMax space are throwing the facts under a truck and rolling out […] Read more »

We get all giddy over here at GigaOM when it comes to storage and backup products, so it’s worth noting that today a service called Syncplicity launches in public beta. What’s nice about the service is it offers both storage and backup as well as automatic […] Read more »

The Democratic Governor of Kentucky has vetoed two years of funding for the continuation of a statewide broadband expansion program that’s a model for pushing nationwide rural broadband. Governor Steven Beshear vetoed $2.4 million in state funding for Connect Kentucky, a group founded in 2002 to […] Read more »

A European legal body has declared that ISPs who employ ad-serving technology from Phorm must do so on an opt-in basis, or risk violating UK and EU data protection laws. The move follows several months of controversy over the startup’s plans to broadly track the surfing […] Read more »

I was ready to write off today because earlier I felt under the weather. Now, after lolling about in a daze and reading to my toddler, I’m feeling a bit better. The best part about lolling about was instead of focusing on news related to television […] Read more »

The pay-per-post online information site Helium has raised the ire of some of its authors after proposing a new payment system. The company wants existing writers to rate more articles by requiring that they provide feedback before getting paid, and also seeks to keep writers active […] Read more »

The second generation of Mediaroom set-top boxes should cost less thanks to silicon from Microsoft partner Sigma Designs. Sigma has a system on a chip that helps lower the costs of silicon in a device by providing features such as storage, DRM and processing power, onto […] Read more »

A group of equipment vendors and handset makers have teamed up to craft a licensing framework for the fourth-generation LTE mobile standard. Essentially the group wants to prevent the pain and suffering caused by Qualcomm’s control of 3G patents related to CDMA. Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, […] Read more »

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