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An Israeli chip startup pushing a form of whole-home, uncompressed wireless HD has teamed up with Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Hitachi and Motorola to create a WHDI special interest group. The company, Amimon, already has products out on the market that offer wireless HD using the same […] Read more »

Comcast sure is bearing the brunt of the anger being levied against broadband providers these days. Earlier this year it was hauled before the FCC over allegations that it was blocking peer-to-peer traffic. During the subsequent hearing the FCC made clear that it, too, was unimpressed […] Read more »

AMD isn’t going after the mobile Internet device market that Intel and other chip vendors are eying. AMD’s senior VP and chief marketing officer, Nigel Dessau, told eWeek, “What we are saying is that we are a smaller company and we have to focus on what […] Read more »

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Without a radio, your cell phone is a small computer that can’t show web pages, check email or even make phone calls. In a sense it’s BrickBreaker playing brick. While it may come as a surprise to learn that it’s radios that do the heavy lifting […] Read more »

As the debate rages over who can access the white spaces between licensed digital television spectrum, the Federal Communications Commission itself has emerged as a hot ticket. Everyone from the NFL to Lollapalooza is clamoring to have its events be used as a staging ground by […] Read more »

Jerry Yang, Yahoo’s CEO, may be learning something about the hard-driving style of management it takes to go it alone after an attempted takeover, especially if he follows Om’s logic and thinks Yahoo is about more than search. This morning, Yahoo said it will allow corporate […] Read more »

If you believe the venture capitalists on Friday’s conference call about the latest MoneyTree Survey results, which covers venture investing in the second quarter, now is the best time to contact them with your ideas. Just because the exit environment is brutal doesn’t mean VCs won’t […] Read more »

It’s still a great time to be a clean technology company seeking funding, according to data released today from the quarterly MoneyTree Survey. The cleantech sector reached an all-time quarterly high in investment dollars in the three-month period ended June 30, with $883.6 million going into […] Read more »

Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t write a more necessary (and sarcastic) article about U.S. ISPs’ efforts to craft a nationwide broadband policy than the one over at DSL Reports. AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and others have signed onto a plan being pushed by nonprofit group […] Read more »

Startups selling virtual goods and offering virtual experiences are raking in the venture capital these days. Perhaps it’s the fact that virtual gifting hit the mainstream in 2007 or because people are worried about the impact of business travel on the environment, but the virtual world […] Read more »

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Confession: Back when AMD was pitching its Opteron chipset, I convinced my husband to buy shares in the company on the belief that its plans to build a backwards compatible 64-bit processor was so obviously better than Intel’s efforts with Itanium that the market would eventually […] Read more »

Two weeks before the Federal Communication Commission meets to decide whether or not to issue an enforcement order against Comcast for throttling peer-to-peer traffic, not-for-profit group Free Press has accused the ISP of throttling P2P traffic not only when the network is congested, but whenever that […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Elemental Technologies, a startup focused on faster transcoding, has raised $7.1 million from General Catalyst Partners and Voyager Capital. The company’s software uses the graphics processor rather than the CPU inside a computer to handle the work of ripping a DVD or video file to […] Read more »

Summer is generally a slower time for news and this summer is no exception. But the kind folks at Microsoft, Yahoo and Carl Icahn’s investment firm are charitably offering up a form of entertainment with their ongoing Let’s Make a Deal saga. The latest installment is […] Read more »

As semiconductor firms get around the limitations of making individual processors faster by putting more cores onto a single chip, the mindset of today’s software developers and engineers mindset needs to adapt. Here are five startups that have the potential to stretch multicore processors to their very limit. Read more »

Yesterday afternoon, Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini seemed a little hazy on the future home for Intel’s Atom processor during the chip maker’s quarterly earnings call — a fact I don’t find all that surprising since the netbooks or mobile Internet devices the chips are designed for […] Read more »

The idea of putting a data center in a shipping container and deploying it to various locales on an emergency or as-needed basis isn’t terribly new. Folks including the federal government, IBM, Sun Microsystems and Google (who has patented the concept) have done it for years. […] Read more »

Today an employee of the San Francisco Department of Technology awaits his arraignment while information technology workers try valiantly to gain access to the new network of computers that keep the city humming. Terry Childs, a disgruntled city employee gave himself sole access to the city’s […] Read more »

On the Internet, you can never be too fast or carry too much data, which is why Sprint is crowing about its plan to convert its core network to deliver data at 40 Gbps using the 40 Gigabit Ethernet technologies. The carrier will use Cisco and […] Read more »

The iPhones have been unboxed and torn down, so now it’s the Wall Street watchers’ turn to tally up who won and who lost among the companies that provide chips for the envy-inducing device. The big winner is Infineon with four chips, including GPS and 3G […] Read more »

Sand 9, a Boston University spinoff, has received $8 million in a Series A round from Flybridge Capital Partners and General Catalyst Partners. An early-stage investment in a fabless chip company is notable, simply because there are fewer of them than ever. While the firm isn’t […] Read more »

With an undisclosed investment in Social Gaming Network by his personal fund, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is proving Om right. Back in May, when Bezos invested in Kongregate, another casual gaming site, Om thought it might be the first of many. May is also […] Read more »

I’m always insulted by the assumption that woman who care about the features (other than color) on their mobile phones or how much memory their hard drives have are geeks. Maybe they simply recognize — much the same way as those with a Y chromosome — […] Read more »

Comcast has been accused of blocking traffic several times in its history and may have even admitted to more than the straight up P2P blocking we all knew about. But late yesterday, Comcast finally got it’s comeuppance. Sort of. Kevin Martin, chairman of the Federal Communications […] Read more »

We’re drowning in emails related to iPhone apps here at GigaOM, but since the store opens today and we already did a list of iPhone apps, we’re turning the tables and asking, what would GigaOM readers do? You guys obviously want the 3G iPhone, so now […] Read more »

MySpace launched a social networking experience designed for the iPhone (available free at the App Store) today that will take advantage of the touch interface. As part of the launch, they sent out a fact sheet detailing some mobile stats that I found pretty compelling, notably […] Read more »

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said this week that they’ve found a way to etch pattern onto a chip lines less than 25 nanometers apart. This has huge implications for lowering costs across the chip industry, including for photovoltaic cells used in solar panels. […] Read more »

Today saw the first of at least two Congressional hearings concerning managing privacy on the web in relation to online advertising. The hearing today involved executives from Google, Facebook, Microsoft and startup NebuAd as well as the Federal Trade Commission and two public policy groups. For […] Read more »

Topspin Media, a startup launched by former Yahoo Music General Manager Ian Rogers and widely regarded as digital-music maverick, has raised a new round of founding from Denver Boulder, Colorado-based VCs at The Foundry Group. The news was announced on the Foundry Group blog by partner […] Read more »

Mippin (formerly Refresh Mobile), whose browser-based site presents content specially designed for mobile consumption, says it has named a new CEO and reached a milestone of 500,000 users. But I question its ability to survive. The London-based startup’s service also learns what users like and recommends […] Read more »

While we laggards in the U.S. are still celebrating the FCC decision to (finally!) up the classification of broadband speeds to a lazy 768 kilobytes per second (but, hey, that’s up from 200 kilobytes per second) and lamenting our coming bandwidth caps, the Brits are prepping […] Read more »

The National Association of Venture Capitals released a demographic study today that was pretty anticlimactic. They discovered that venture capitalists in charge of investing money were white (88 percent) and male (86 percent.) But the trade organization was encouraged by the fact that 81 percent of […] Read more »

The move to 4G will not be cheap. Carriers must consider network upgrade costs and a refresh of their handsets, not to mention the issue of backhaul. Will they attempt wireless backhaul? Wait for fiber? One way or another, by 2013 carriers worldwide will invest some […] Read more »

Remember back in the Dark Ages before text messaging, when a teenager (let’s call him Jerry Yang) might get a best friend (maybe call him Carl Icahn) to call another friend (say, Steve Ballmer) using three-way calling? With Yang sitting silently on the line, the goal […] Read more »

The New York Times today finally got around to noticing that when web sites go down, people are increasingly likely to get mad and generally react the way I might if I drove to my favorite bar and found it closed for a private party. I […] Read more »

Google has released a Google Talk client for the iPhone that allows instant messaging as long as the application is open. I’d like to think of this as a nifty way around rising texting costs, but that’s unlikely, given how much time my phone spends in […] Read more »

The rising cost of powering a data center — not “saving the environment” — has been behind a good deal of the greening of information technology. A report out today from ABI Research says cell phone carriers are facing a similar cost problem and are trying […] Read more »

For a while there, covering the chip industry was like covering a race run by a rabbit and a cheetah. AMD was the rabbit, while Intel — with its much larger market cap and greater profits — was the cheetah. Evey now and then the rabbit […] Read more »

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