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HP said today it has closed its $13.9 billion acquisition of Plano, Texas-based IT services provider EDS, which was first announced in May. The success of the deal will depend on HP’s ability to integrate such a large buy into its already mammoth corporate structure. HP […] Read more »

After the FCC last week told Comcast it had 30 days to file its new network management plan that involves cutting back speeds for users who are using too much bandwidth, the mainstream media is learning more about the slowdown plan Comcast CTO Tony Werner explained […] Read more »

Nvidia’s Nvision conference and celebration of all-things-graphics-processor starts today. As part of the brouhaha, the chipmaker is showcasing about 60 startups building businesses on the back of its GPU, and it’s interesting to see how many of these firms have nothing to do with gaming. As […] Read more »

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Last year, advertisers spent $21.2 billion advertising online, according to data from eMarketer, which expects that figure to grow to $40.5 billion in 2011. But as consumers spend more of their time in front of computers and mobile devices, advertisers are trying to make those ads more effective by watching what you watch, where you surf and what you search for. Continue Reading Read more »

We’re pretty darn future-focused on 4G technologies over here, with LTE and WiMax dominating a lot of our coverage. But sometimes it’s good to check in with what we’ve already got, so we pulled some numbers on wireless broadband in the U.S. and the world. The […] Read more »

DreamWorks’ announcement earlier this week that all its films will be produced for 3-D production beginning in 2009 is the next step in a partnership with Intel that began on the processing side and aims to end up making 3-D a reality in the living room. […] Read more »

Updated: I was mildly surprised by the news reported in the Wall Street Journal this morning that Google was in talks with Verizon Wireless to get its search bar embedded on the home screen of Verizon’s phones. Google would love such a deal — the company […] Read more »

Researchers at The University of Washington and Yale University will present a paper today on a developing Internet protocol that could lessen bandwidth demands from video and other large files. The peer-4-peer protocol is being touted by Pando Networks and a handful of ISPs as a […] Read more »

Today, the Federal Communications Commission issued its formal order censuring Comcast for throttling P2P traffic as part of its network management practices, requiring the ISP to report, within 30 days, details on how it plans to manage its network. GigaOM has followed the story for the […] Read more »

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Ericsson will contribute $1.1 billion to the proposed joint venture as well as its platform technology used in cell phones and modems. STMicro will fund the venture with $1.2 billion in assets. It will compete with Qualcomm’s Gobi. Read more »

Many people are familiar with the coffee shop’s Wi-Fi, while others even know how to set up a simple home network. Pretty much everyone, however, knows that Wi-Fi is what makes it all possible. That ubiquity is what many venture firms are counting on as they […] Read more »

As the iPhone has shown, carriers are going to have to upgrade their mobile networks to handle the increasing amount of data traffic that will come from users surfing social networks, YouTube and heaven knows what else while on the go. Just please don’t do it […] Read more »

Following a petition filed with the Federal Communications Commission by Intel and Verizon requesting that Ethernet ports be required on the backs of set-top boxes, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association have come out in favor of an open standard such as Ethernet (or even better, […] Read more »

Following a petition filed with the Federal Communications Commission by Intel and Verizon requesting that Ethernet ports be required on the backs of set-top boxes, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association have come out in favor of an open standard such as Ethernet (or even better, […] Read more »

Despite reporting a second-quarter loss last night, due in part to costs associated with the faulty packaging on some of its chips placed in thousands of laptops, Nvidia still has a plan for semiconductor domination through the GPU. But if it wants to execute, it needs […] Read more »

Unless you’re actively seeding torrent files or dream of one day having HD content streamed from the web to your TV, the debate over managing networks can seem hopelessly abstract. To help the rest of us understand why fast networks with a lot of capacity are […] Read more »

For any of us who recognize that personal privacy on the web is an illusion, the response to a Congressional inquiry asking how various ISPs and online portals target advertising and collect data will come as no surprise. Aside from the use of deep-packet inspection technology […] Read more »

Om has complained about his frustration with the 3G iPhone, which has poor reception and forces him to spend more time on the 2.5G EDGE network than he thought, but the issue may be with Infineon’s 3G chip, according to Richard Windsor, an analyst with Nomura […] Read more »

Let’s pretend for a moment that you operate a wireless phone company for a relatively small country that’s packed with mobile phones. Sure, you’ll focus on increasing data revenue, but if you’re smart, you’ll buy into growing operators in other countries, too. That’s how SingTel, the […] Read more »

The two-month grace period is ending for Time Warner Cable customers in Beaumont, Texas, who are part of the ISPs tiered broadband trials. A spokesman for Time Warner Cable declined to comment but confirmed that residents would soon see bills reflecting the $1 per gigabyte overage […] Read more »

A report out from Chetan Sharma Consulting proves that data is the big story when it comes to wireless operators in the United States. Driven by flat-rate plans, increasing 3G coverage and the iPhone, data spending reached $8.2 billion for the second quarter of 2008, or […] Read more »

I can’t believe that in this age of Twitter, 24-hour news cycles and always-on access, anyone needs to point out that slow web sites alienate customers, but just in case, there’s an interview at Royal Pingdom with Steve Souders, who works at Google on web site […] Read more »

As the tech world gets itself in a tizzy over Google saying its 5 percent stake in AOL might be impaired — basically it may now be worth less than they thought it was — we thought we’d revisit some of the most notable tech writedowns […] Read more »

Angel investors, rather than run from the lousy market, are merely adapting to it — doing more follow-on investments, syndicating deals amongst multiple angels and, in some cases, investing greater amounts of money into a single startup so it can pay the bills during the dry spell for early-stage capital that they see lying ahead. Read more »

The Free Press issued a report this afternoon casting doubt on the theory of network congestion that has been cited by ISPs as the reason behind P2P blocking or broadband caps, and offering more rational solutions for dealing with sporadic congestion. It also claims that tiered […] Read more »

Forget HD. In its perpetual quest to provide bigger and better entertainment (and to sell new gear), the consumer electronics industry is pushing 3D televisions. But first it needs to figure how to deliver the 3D tech and what types of standards need to be set […] Read more »

The four major mobile carriers have presented their 2008 second quarter financial results, and it’s really a tough time to be Sprint. We compiled a quick scorecard after T-Mobile USA reported its numbers this morning, so for an at-a-glance view of which added the most new […] Read more »

Sometimes if you combine consumer outrage and an election year strange things happen. That seems to be the case when it comes to NebuAd, which is using controversial technology to inject ads into webpages by tapping into people’s click streams. The company today announced that it […] Read more »

Dell has launched a pilot program to provide high-performance computing systems to European universities and other organizations. The market for high-performance computing servers grew 15.5 percent in 2007 to reach a record $11.6 billion, according to IDC. It’s not a completely random venture for Dell, which […] Read more »

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that within 18 months HP plans to have multiple touchscreen products, including a laptop, “that use the same type of finger-tapping interface popularized by Apple Inc.’s iPhone.” If HP does use the same type of touch screen as that of […] Read more »

A lot of talk has been devoted to mobile operating systems lately, with Windows Mobile, Symbian, LiMo and Android getting the lion’s share of the attention. But if you consider that the mobile phone will soon be a place to make calls and access the web […] Read more »

Time Warner Cable reported positive second-quarter earnings (PDF) this morning that fell 26 percent but excluding onetime charges, beat Wall Street’s expectations, and said it would split AOL’s dial-up Internet and advertising businesses into two divisions in 2009. Its earnings beat expectations largely because of gains […] Read more »

Updated: You just can’t keep the American urge to be productive down. Literally. That’s why in-flight Wi-Fi services get tech journalists and business travelers all excited, even as Congress tries to ban those pesky mobile phone calls on planes. I kind of like being forced to […] Read more »

Telecom giant AT&T announced its version of a cloud computing service today, called Synaptic Hosting, but to make things horribly unclear (and perhaps keep enterprise customers happy) it decided it should call the effort everything from utility computing to a hosting solution. I’m not sure if […] Read more »

This may not come as a surprise to anyone who owns an iPhone or tests set-top boxes, but wireless and consumer technologies are driving the growth of many of the largest chip vendors. According to the latest rankings released for the first half of the year […] Read more »

Last week, Intel offered up a sneak peak of its Larrabee graphics processor, due out in 2009 or 2010 and guaranteed to raise the competitive pressure on graphics chip makers Nvidia and AMD. Unlike its existing integrated graphics chips, Larrabee will be a standalone processor, but […] Read more »

Combine technological advancement, a worldwide stage and fears of terrorism, and what do you get? An Orwellian 2008 Summer Olympic Games. From tickets containing RFID chips aimed at preventing fraud and ticket scalping to surveillance cameras set up on the streets monitoring people with state-of the […] Read more »

Dr. Sanjay Jha has left his position as COO of Qualcomm and president of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT) to become the Co-CEO of Motorola Inc. and the CEO of Motorola Mobile Devices, the new handset division. The handset division, which has struggled over the last few […] Read more »

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