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Despite Nokia crippling VoIP on its latest N-series handsets, mobile VoIP companies are coming through with updated apps to keep Nokia users yapping away for free. Today fring released its software update for the N96 and N78 that gives users mobile IM and VoIP. Other providers […] Read more »

Today Nortel named two of the customers deploying its new 40G optical long-haul network equipment, begging the question, Why the heck do we need those bandwidth caps? The short answer is, we don’t. Read more »

After a few quarters of nonchalant statements that the sub-prime mortgage crisis and rising oil prices weren’t going to affect the tech stocks, the bloom is off the rose. The lowered sales forecasts and lackluster quarters are trickling in, and the trend for wireless companies is […] Read more »

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When the times get tough the tough choose cheaper, open-source phone systems. Such seems to be the theme of Fonality CFO Dan Rosenthal’s chat with me about the company’s latest $12 million venture funding led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson Growth Fund with participation from existing investor […] Read more »

Updated: We’ve talked about how popular wireless broadband is for a growing spectrum of the population. I personally would give up my iPod before my 3G USB modem. But how much bandwidth can you really get? DSL Reports recently noted that Canadian wireless provider Telus is […] Read more »

Hulu is a problem. So argues a paper by University of Minnesota Professor Dr. Andrew Odlyzko, who says that video isn’t actually clogging the Net right now, but that streaming video content is such an inefficient way of getting video from one place to another that […] Read more »

After layoffs last month and an Associated Press article today pointed out that NebuAd has little or no future based on its business model of using deep packet inspection technology to insert advertising into a consumer’s web site based on their surfing habits, the company lost […] Read more »

Today the Wall Street Journal drills into another aspect of the maturing broadband market: price wars. But instead of being good for consumers, in the end these may actually end up hurting them — by enticing them into capped services from cable providers or tying them […] Read more »

Symbian has released data for the first half of the year and the second quarter of 2008 that shows it has met the iPhone challenge and is still on top. That’s what happens when you have 159 devices shipping with your operating system and are a […] Read more »

Since we’re getting in a huff over Comcast’s 250 GB cap, we thought it would be helpful to lay out why capping broadband is a bad idea today and a worse one for tomorrow, how it can benefit ISPs, and why it’s not really necessary on most networks. Check out our handy overview and links to our past coverage on the topic. Read more »

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I know this is a technology blog rather than a political or personal blog, but two things are weighing on my mind. First off is Obama’s speech last night. Regardless of your political leanings, his call for people to come together and take action for the […] Read more »

Greenfield Online, the parent company of Munich-based comparison shopping site Ciao, said this morning that Microsoft would spend $486 million to acquire it, derailing an earlier offer from a private equity firm to buy the company. The Ciao sites operate in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, […] Read more »

Many venture firms shy away from investing in chip startups because of the inordinately high cost and risk involved relative to other sectors. But some firms are still determinedly pursuing silicon by backing wireless chips containing radios that can work on multiple types of networks. Read more »

We’re obsessed with synchronizing content between computers, and SugarSync from Sharpcast not only syncs regular documents and photos between computers, but also between mobile phones. So it’s fitting that we let you know that Sharpcast has announced an iPhone app available free to anyone who subscribes […] Read more »

Despite its delays launching its Xohm 4G mobile WiMAX network, Sprint has not been idle. The carrier said this morning it would work with a variety of businesses to bring location-based services to the Xohm network when it launches in September. It sounds neat, and the […] Read more »

Today the organization behind the popular Xen open-source hypervisor announced the latest release of its virtualization software. It’s smaller, has better power management and graphics capabilities, and can run on machines ranging from servers to laptops and mobile phones. Also, Nortel announced today a product it […] Read more »

The more our cell phones come to resemble miniature computers, the harder it is to eke out decent battery life, leaving some of us with little more than fancy bricks at the end of a long day. In order to get a better sense of what […] Read more »

HP said today it has closed its $13.9 billion acquisition of Plano, Texas-based IT services provider EDS, which was first announced in May. The success of the deal will depend on HP’s ability to integrate such a large buy into its already mammoth corporate structure. HP […] Read more »

After the FCC last week told Comcast it had 30 days to file its new network management plan that involves cutting back speeds for users who are using too much bandwidth, the mainstream media is learning more about the slowdown plan Comcast CTO Tony Werner explained […] Read more »

Nvidia’s Nvision conference and celebration of all-things-graphics-processor starts today. As part of the brouhaha, the chipmaker is showcasing about 60 startups building businesses on the back of its GPU, and it’s interesting to see how many of these firms have nothing to do with gaming. As […] Read more »

Last year, advertisers spent $21.2 billion advertising online, according to data from eMarketer, which expects that figure to grow to $40.5 billion in 2011. But as consumers spend more of their time in front of computers and mobile devices, advertisers are trying to make those ads more effective by watching what you watch, where you surf and what you search for. Continue Reading Read more »

We’re pretty darn future-focused on 4G technologies over here, with LTE and WiMax dominating a lot of our coverage. But sometimes it’s good to check in with what we’ve already got, so we pulled some numbers on wireless broadband in the U.S. and the world. The […] Read more »

DreamWorks’ announcement earlier this week that all its films will be produced for 3-D production beginning in 2009 is the next step in a partnership with Intel that began on the processing side and aims to end up making 3-D a reality in the living room. […] Read more »

Updated: I was mildly surprised by the news reported in the Wall Street Journal this morning that Google was in talks with Verizon Wireless to get its search bar embedded on the home screen of Verizon’s phones. Google would love such a deal — the company […] Read more »

Researchers at The University of Washington and Yale University will present a paper today on a developing Internet protocol that could lessen bandwidth demands from video and other large files. The peer-4-peer protocol is being touted by Pando Networks and a handful of ISPs as a […] Read more »

Today, the Federal Communications Commission issued its formal order censuring Comcast for throttling P2P traffic as part of its network management practices, requiring the ISP to report, within 30 days, details on how it plans to manage its network. GigaOM has followed the story for the […] Read more »

Ericsson will contribute $1.1 billion to the proposed joint venture as well as its platform technology used in cell phones and modems. STMicro will fund the venture with $1.2 billion in assets. It will compete with Qualcomm’s Gobi. Read more »

Many people are familiar with the coffee shop’s Wi-Fi, while others even know how to set up a simple home network. Pretty much everyone, however, knows that Wi-Fi is what makes it all possible. That ubiquity is what many venture firms are counting on as they […] Read more »

As the iPhone has shown, carriers are going to have to upgrade their mobile networks to handle the increasing amount of data traffic that will come from users surfing social networks, YouTube and heaven knows what else while on the go. Just please don’t do it […] Read more »

Following a petition filed with the Federal Communications Commission by Intel and Verizon requesting that Ethernet ports be required on the backs of set-top boxes, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association have come out in favor of an open standard such as Ethernet (or even better, […] Read more »

Following a petition filed with the Federal Communications Commission by Intel and Verizon requesting that Ethernet ports be required on the backs of set-top boxes, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association have come out in favor of an open standard such as Ethernet (or even better, […] Read more »

Despite reporting a second-quarter loss last night, due in part to costs associated with the faulty packaging on some of its chips placed in thousands of laptops, Nvidia still has a plan for semiconductor domination through the GPU. But if it wants to execute, it needs […] Read more »

Unless you’re actively seeding torrent files or dream of one day having HD content streamed from the web to your TV, the debate over managing networks can seem hopelessly abstract. To help the rest of us understand why fast networks with a lot of capacity are […] Read more »

For any of us who recognize that personal privacy on the web is an illusion, the response to a Congressional inquiry asking how various ISPs and online portals target advertising and collect data will come as no surprise. Aside from the use of deep-packet inspection technology […] Read more »

Om has complained about his frustration with the 3G iPhone, which has poor reception and forces him to spend more time on the 2.5G EDGE network than he thought, but the issue may be with Infineon’s 3G chip, according to Richard Windsor, an analyst with Nomura […] Read more »

Let’s pretend for a moment that you operate a wireless phone company for a relatively small country that’s packed with mobile phones. Sure, you’ll focus on increasing data revenue, but if you’re smart, you’ll buy into growing operators in other countries, too. That’s how SingTel, the […] Read more »

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