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Cisco said this morning it would buy instant messaging service Jabber for an undisclosed amount. The deal is another move by the networking company into the collaboration space — this time highlighting the importance of presence awareness and interoperability in collaboration. It follows nicely with Cisco’s […] Read more »

Earlier this month, eight years’ worth of semiconductor development culminated in a DEMO God being awarded to Steve Booth, co-founder and VP of marketing at Microstaq. And his 15 minutes of fame are about to get a repeat performance. On Friday, Microstaq, which supplies an energy-efficient […] Read more »

Without carriers and their data networks, mobile applications wouldn’t be possible. So let’s show them some love, says Chetan Sharma, of Chetan Sharma Consulting, the moderator of the panel. The consensus is that mobile data is becoming more important to carriers and it’s growing every year. […] Read more »

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Chetan Sharma of Chetan Sharma Consulting: Let’s talk about the user experience. What does it mean to you in a product that gives you that zen moment for user experience? John SanGiovanni, Zumobi: We look at the user experience as built on the cognitive theories of […] Read more »

Ken Fisher, Ars Technica: Amazon Kindle and Dash point to a future of mobile web products that aren’t phones. Traffic coming from mobile devices is on the rise so we’ll look at some of the issues around that. What was the single most important design challenge […] Read more »

I joined Cisco as a CTO about six months ago from Motorola, so I had the opportunity to work for the company that invented the cell phone, and now I am working for the company that’s running the Internet. Mobility as a term has existed for […] Read more »

A study out today from research firm iSuppli shows that operating margins in the chip industry have declined from the upper teens to the single digits, making the industry more cutthroat than ever. The numbers paint a grim picture for AMD, Freescale and NXP, all of […] Read more »

As corporate giants get more interested in managing clouds, startups already in the sector are defending their turf and trying to make cloud computing more enterprise friendly. RightScale, a one-year-old startup that offers a management platform for Amazon’s Web Services said today that it now can […] Read more »

Yesterday the New York Times reported that an engineer’s LinkedIn profile appears to confirm that Apple will make its own application processors for the iPhone — something long suspected after Apple purchased low-power chip firm PA Semi and got a license to tweak the ARM mobile […] Read more »

With VMware and Citrix both pushing into the data center with their virtualization products, I had the chance to chat with Simon Crosby briefly about Citrix’s new portfolio of cloud products. I walked away impressed with Citrix’s plan of attack when it comes to helping providers […] Read more »

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After more than two years of pushing its scientific computing efforts, Nvidia’s graphics processors will be offered as an option in the newest line of Cray desktop supercomputers. The chipmaker plans to announce next week that its Tesla chips can be used in the $25,000 Cray […] Read more »

An item in the NY Times’ Bits blog today details the capricious state of the rules that may or may not affect iPhone application developers. The post focuses, in particular, on the fate of a software that allows you to download podcasts and stream them over […] Read more »

Will personal cell towers replace the giant monstrosities currently sitting on rooftops and beside highways? Manish Singh, a VP with Continuous Computing, says that may be the case with the 4G buildout. He spoke with me about the company’s new line of software and hardware for […] Read more »

As the VMworld conference kicks off in Las Vegas, expect to see virtualization try to hook its star to cloud computing much like a tired stripper might lure a lucky gambler into marriage. Since virtualized servers act as the basic building blocks of cloud computing — […] Read more »

Best Buy said today it would spend $121 million to buy former file-sharing poster child, Napster. The move gives Best Buy the ability to offer DRM-free movies and music downloads that would compete with’s download services as well as proprietary files offered by Apple in […] Read more »

The National Cable and Telecommunications Association has joined wireless microphone companies and the National Association of Broadcasters in poo-pooing Google’s hope of using the white spaces between digital television stations for wireless broadband. The association filed its objection with the FCC on Wednesday, claiming that white-space […] Read more »

The Justice Department this week lost an appeal that would have allowed the government to use cell phone data to track your location without having probable cause. A judge in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania ruled that such tracking could violate […] Read more »

When it comes to all the gadget-y things that now fill up our world — from computers to mobile phones — we should thank Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce, the inventors of the integrated circuit. Fifty years ago today, while all of his colleagues were on […] Read more »

Elektrobit is showing off its reference design for a multimode 3G and satellite handset phone at the CTIA Wireless I.T. and Entertainment show this week in San Francisco, and it’s a far cry from the clunky satellite phones of yore. It first unveiled the phone in […] Read more »

Last week, when the FCC published an order aimed at halting the collection of and reporting on the quality of telephone service on a nationwide basis, we were pretty disappointed, as it came off like the agency was just throwing in the towel on real regulation […] Read more »

Figuring out how to get wireless subscribers to watch and pay for over-the-air television on their mobiles is a problem in the U.S., and apparently it isn’t doing well in Europe either. But instead of asking if people actually want to watch broadcast TV on their […] Read more »

Google this Friday will host for lobbyists, congressional aides and journalists in the Washington D.C. area a talk about cloud computing at which it will release a new Pew Internet and American Life survey of consumer attitudes toward the cloud. Google has obviously launched these D.C.-area […] Read more »

I happened across a post on Verizon’s Policy Blog this afternoon and had to chuckle. The entire post is an effort to refute statistics used by organizations that claim the U.S. is falling behind in speed or has really pricey broadband compared with other nations. We […] Read more »

Making air conditioners more energy efficient through the use of semiconductor-based valves would not only reduce the average air conditioning bill by some 20 to 30 percent, but would save the equivalent of 1.2 billion barrels of oil annually. That’s according to the Microstaq team, which […] Read more »

Given that IPOs are hard to come by these day, VCs are spending more time focusing on strategic buyers, according to Eric Tilenius, a newly minted partner at Maveron Venture, who spoke at the DEMO conference in San Diego on Tuesday. That, of course, changes the […] Read more »

As a business journalist, I have to confess that I love it when money starts changing hands. I can get excited about all sorts of new and upcoming technology, but until people can find ways to create real value and get paid, it’s kind of hard […] Read more »

While DEMO is primarily a showcase platform for standalone startups, well-established companies launch products there too. This year Alcatel-Lucent has brought an internal startup pushing an RFID tag reading system called tikitag that aims to bridge the online and digital worlds. The Alcatel-Lucent employees pushing this […] Read more »

I’m hanging out at DEMO the next few days, and wanted to start off with a quick rundown of the mobile apps launching at the show. With 72 companies to check out in San Diego, plus the competing coverage out of the TechCrunch50, I figured I […] Read more »

Earlier this week Gefen announced a $700 replacement for an HDMI cord based on ultra-wideband chips from startup TZero. Yes, a $700 replacement for a $43 cable. Did I tell you it was wireless? That it will deliver uncompressed HD content to the TV over 20 […] Read more »

When I checked out Google’s blog post Tuesday about its Free the Airwaves project, which aims to convince the FCC to approve the use of the white spaces between the spectrum vacated by analog television channels for broadband access, I saw it offered the ability to […] Read more »

A new report out from Forrester takes a chart-filled look at cloud computing, offering the analyst firm’s own definition of the cloud and attempting to dispel three myths they have noticed. Since we at GigaOM buy pretty heavily into two of these so-called myths — namely […] Read more »

Just a day after Dell launched it’s own line of mini Inspirons, and after CEO Michael Dell said carriers would likely subsidize such netbooks, creating smaller price tags, the Wall Street Journal speculates that Dell will sell its manufacturing plants, shrinking its operations. This would be […] Read more »

As computing clouds become part of the corporate information technology environment, making sure software hosted in the cloud is delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible will become increasingly important. And that has venture firms taking a fresh look at an already mature industry known as WAN optimization. Read more »

With its appeal of an FCC enforcement order, Comcast is showing how a bunch of highly trained lawyers can overturn the spirit of the law with a focus on definitions and legalese. It’s a battle played out in procedural dramas in prime time, but in those […] Read more »

As we reported on Tuesday, NebuAd has lost its CEO and, after facing Congressional scrutiny over privacy fears, the will to pursue ISP customers with its deep-packet inspection technology. But its UK rival, Phorm, apparently wants investors to believe it’s still in the game. While NebuAd […] Read more »

Despite Nokia crippling VoIP on its latest N-series handsets, mobile VoIP companies are coming through with updated apps to keep Nokia users yapping away for free. Today fring released its software update for the N96 and N78 that gives users mobile IM and VoIP. Other providers […] Read more »

Today Nortel named two of the customers deploying its new 40G optical long-haul network equipment, begging the question, Why the heck do we need those bandwidth caps? The short answer is, we don’t. Read more »

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