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Mobile browser maker Opera today is announcing MAMA, a research project designed to show people the insides of web pages. MAMA began as a research project aimed at tracking more URLs than previous web page categorization efforts, and will eventually open to the public as a search engine. Read more »

[qi:___wifi]  Cablevision said today it now offers Wi-Fi access to commercial and high-traffic locations across its Long Island, Connecticut and Westchester/Dutchess service areas as an additional service for its high-speed Internet customers. Commuters may enjoy the fact that the Wi-Fi is also available on the commuter […] Read more »

Many people use their MacBooks to organize photos, watch movies or online video, and maybe transfer files to their iPod, which is why Apple’s new line of MacBooks, unveiled today, include Nvidia’s graphics processors. Read more »

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Today on the Verizon Policy blog Link Hoewing writes about the results of an academic research paper that looks at the effectiveness of “shaming” corporations into behaving properly. The research examines how companies respond to social pressure related to environmental causes, and shows that companies tend […] Read more »

Microsoft today unveiled its next-generation Communications Server product that will allow users to replace their existing phone systems with Microsoft’s software. It’s about time Redmond pushed its VoIP offering further. The product, which goes on sale in February 2009, replaces a PBX system with Microsoft’s VoIP […] Read more »

Last Friday afternoon, the FCC issued a report putting to rest worries about interference from a free wireless broadband service using the AWS-3 spectrum, paving the way for an auction sometime next year. However, opponents of the auction, including T-Mobile, aren’t going to give up without […] Read more »

A new report from ABI Research on ultra-mobile devices will warm Intel’s heart. The report estimates that the sale of all ultra-mobile devices including mobile Internet devices,  ultra-portable PCs, netbooks and basically anything larger than a phone and smaller than laptop will move from $3.5 billion […] Read more »

Updated: Cisco on Friday said in a filing that it planned to close its Broadband Telephony Services unit in the Richardson, Texas, office and will lay off 129 employees between Oct. 8 and Dec. 12. The networking giant filed this information with the Texas Workforce Commission […] Read more »

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I live in Texas, where during the tech bubble folks were walking around saying that it was nothing compared to the real estate crisis of the late 80s. So now seemed like a good time to chat with Austin Ventures, which has been investing in the […] Read more »

An almost decade-long effort to bring an unknown wireless broadband technology to the U.S. is set to bear fruit next month in Florida after XG Technology Inc. scored a $375 million infrastructure deal backed by a secretive Swedish Swiss billionaire. Read more »

Ready for a little Friday humor? Well there’s this British carrier called BT that’s spending £10 billion ($17 billion) to build out an all-IP network that would handle the massive influx of converged data, voice and video traffic coming over the next few years on one […] Read more »

Venture firms are sounding the alarm over what this current downturn might mean for their portfolio companies — and it’s not pretty.  While it’s true that great companies are built during downturns, it’s also true that plenty of entrepreneurs are going to be shut out of […] Read more »

Today, Qwest Communications launches an Internet portal that allows users to access and see what’s happening on their home phones. Dubbed qHome, the service allows users to see who’s calling their home phone, listen to voicemail, forward messages, manage their contacts and place a phone call, […] Read more »

A report from Forrester out today asserts that up to 25 percent of the 2012 workforce will be folks who don’t need mobile access to company information but will want it anyway. Read more »

Today marks the formal launch of Sprint’s Xohm network, and celebrants are gathered in Baltimore to show off their new WiMAX-enabled gadgets. But after chatting with an executive from Lenovo, I wonder just how open Sprint’s network will be, and how that lack of true openness […] Read more »

While I worry about buying gadgets there are plenty of people out there worried about buying far more important things like food and gas, which means that TV offerings such as those from AT&T, Comcast and Verizon might see the effects of the struggling economy. Daniel […] Read more »

The recent bill dedicated to improving the nation’s broadband profile has passed the Senate — albeit with a few changes to render it less problematic for telecom companies. The modified version of the Broadband Data Improvement Act that is now before President Bush is aimed at […] Read more »

Kineto Wireless said today it has raised $15.5 million in additional capital, including funding from Motorola as part of a broader commercial relationship with the company’s home & networks mobility business. Read more »

It’s been a long time coming, but AMD said this morning that it has entered into a transaction with the Advanced Technology Investment Company of Abu Dhabi to create an independent semiconductor manufacturing foundry called The Foundry Company. As part of the spin-out of AMD’s fabrication […] Read more »

Today eBay said it would spend $945 million to buy online payment company Bill Me Later, but the folks over at aren’t likely to welcome eBay as Bill Me Later’s new corporate overlords. Amazon holds an equity stake in the payment processing company and is […] Read more »

A few weeks ago we wrote about ways to get cheap wireless broadband, including an ingenious tip from Pocketables on how to use AT&T’s prepaid GoPhone service to get unlimited access for $20 a month. Well, Phone News tells us that option will be cut off […] Read more »

It’s common for companies in the midst of a hostile takeover to claim that their shares are undervalued (see Yahoo-Microsoft). SanDisk, which is being pursued by Samsung for $5.8 billion, is no different, and today its claims were examined in the Wall Street Journal. The paper […] Read more »

Enomaly is trying to sell big business on its open-source cloud management and provisioning software by renaming it and packaging it with enterprise-level support. The software, formerly known as Enomalism, will now use the Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform as its new moniker. Read more »

Today’s launch of a $400 touch-screen e-Reader from Sony had me eager to whip out my credit card, but the mess on Wall Street stopped me cold. Even with the $700 billion bailout, there are going to be some serious consequences for companies — among them […] Read more »

For all the outrage over the Chinese government spying on Skype users, when it comes to privacy, consumers value the talk rather than walk the walk. We often don’t want the inconvenience that security requires (sometimes even re-entering passwords is too much), which can be a […] Read more »

The Wall Street Journal says today that Sprint may have found a few private equity buyers or a Latin American carrier to take its Nextel network off its hands. The paper names Cerebus Capital Management and NII Holdings, a carrier with operations in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, […] Read more »

Other than the availability of bigger boxes it’s hard to point to big changes in the way we store our stuff. But much like the physical storage industry, which has seen slight innovations in recent years, business-class data storage is quietly making its own incremental improvements — with support from venture capitalists. Read more »

Freescale Semiconductor said this afternoon that it will consider strategic options for its wireless chip business, including its possible sale. Anyone looking at the varied business units of the former in-house chip division of Motorola would have seen this coming. Read more »

The worsening financial environment could slow the deployment of the Clearwire nationwide network. The Sprint-Clearwire joint venture should close before the end of the year, but building a nationwide network might take longer if debt stays expensive. Read more »

When it comes to WiMAX, towers might not be the only deployment option, according to Richard Keith, who leads Motorola’s wireless broadband and strategy. Keith expects that carrier-owned microcells and picocells placed on buildings will be part of WiMAX networks in addition to towers. Read more »

The Semiconductor Industry Association said today that chips sales were up 5.5 percent in August compared with the year before, but cautioned that since more than half of chips go into consumer devices, the U.S. Congress needs to act to stabilize the economic situation. Read more »

AT&T’s move to reorganize itself into four business units — consumer, business, infrastructure and diversified products — is likely a precursor to layoffs, according to sources within the company who asked not to be named. Read more »

IBM’s Cell processor, originally designed (in Austin!) for the Sony Playstation 3, will return to its entertainment roots in a Toshiba television due out next year. The move makes it official: Big Blue’s big bet on a new chip architecture is paying off. Read more »

Computing giant Hewlett-Packard said today it would spend $360 million in cash to buy LeftHand Networks, a storage company that straddles two hot trends right now — allocating storage for virtualized servers and the using Ethernet for storage networks. LeftHand’s software essentially allows a user to […] Read more »

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