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Qwest this week said it would lower the price of its 20 Mbps broadband service to $59.99 per month — a drop of 40 percent from its prior $99.99-per-month price tag. But before we get all excited, let’s be real. Qwest’s original prices were not in […] Read more »

With Oprah pushing an e-reader to her audience, Google placing whole books online, and the popularity of programs such as Stanza, which turns the iPhone into a mobile library, the mass market has latched onto e-books in a meaningful way. Witness’s Kindle e-Reader, which has […] Read more »

I ran across Terracotta Inc. a few months ago while looking at database companies, and was impressed by the potential of its eponymously named open source software, which can make web applications scale faster and more cheaply than they do when information is stored in a database. […] Read more »

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Another report came out today that sees the competition between Intel, with its Atom processor, and ARM chipmakers for the lion’s share of the mobile device market as the fight of the decade. So far, Intel is winning, with its Atom processor in several netbooks. But […] Read more »

Wall Street has been losing its enthusiasm for the four-play plans that offer voice, video, data and wireless services to consumers.  The initial results of such efforts have so far been marginal; one can understand the investor skepticism. But don’t tell that to cable and phone […] Read more »

In the year 2020, technology such as web-connected mobile phones will continue to blur the boundaries between people’s work and personal lives — as well as their real and online lives — according to a survey of “Internet leaders, activists and analysts” conducted by the Pew […] Read more »

Today the Wall Street Journal finally got around to pointing out that Clearwire’s plans to build out its Clear WiMAX network would likely be affected by the tight credit markets — something we first brought up in October. At that time, Clearwire said if needed, it […] Read more »

In a nod toward privacy, Yahoo today said it would only keep personal data on searchers and portal users for 90 days (double that in cases of fraud or suspicious activity). This ups the ante for search firms Google, which halved its data retention time to nine […] Read more »

This morning, research firm Gartner said the semiconductor industry would decline by 16.3 percent in 2009 to a $219.2 billion industry. This is quite a revision from last month, when it forecast chip sales would decline only by 2.2 percent in 2009. This is a dismal […] Read more »

BlueKai, an advertising startup that hopes to convince users to actively manage their online privacy settings and sell better intent-based advertising information based on such actively managed accounts, has raised $10.5 million in second-round funding from Battery Ventures and return investor Redpoint Ventures. The Bellevue, Wash.-based […] Read more »

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Web surfers in the Pacific Northwest will soon join the denizens of Baltimore, Md., in their ability to get WiMAX service. Although those in Baltimore are still surfing under the old Xohm brand offered by Sprint, Clearwire plans to launch the first citywide Clear branded service […] Read more »

A fast new home networking standard was ratified on Friday by the ITU. With the unsexy name and some quibbles about what the consumer friendly marketing name will be (HomeGrid backed by Intel and Texas Instruments seems likely), writing a headline is hard. But think […] Read more »

Thanks to the rising number of mobile phones around the world — and likely a loss of fixed lines — the number of international calls made to cell phones has reached about 45 percent of all international phone calls, according to research firm TeleGeography. The firm […] Read more »

Updated: M2Z’s wait will continue, because the FCC canceled its Dec. 18 meeting, leaving the issue of free, filtered wireless broadband a likely topic for the next chairman to tackle. As broadband is a key element in President-elect Barack Obama’s recovery plan, there’s hope. Sen. Jay […] Read more »

OK maybe I’m just cranky today, but Spouse 2.0 Day, when entrepreneurs are advised to buy their significant others a gift for putting up with their hectic work schedules, is just dumb. I’m married to an entrepreneur, and I work with someone who is incapable of taking […] Read more »

Icera, a UK-based semiconductor company, said today that it’s raised $70 million in additional funding in the form of debt and equity; it also said it would cut an undisclosed number of its staff. Current investors Atlas Venture, Balderton Capital, Accel Partners, Amadeus Capital Partners and […] Read more »

Because it’s Friday, and because I absolutely adore these kinds of silly polls, I thought I’d share with you Intel’s findings that 46 percent of women would rather go without sex for two weeks than go without the Internet. Maybe some of  these women are married […] Read more »

Today beleaguered telecommunication equipment maker Alcatel-Lucent said it would cut 2 billion euros ($2.7 billion) in costs between now and 2010. It plans to do this by laying off 1,000 managers, 5,000 contractors and cutting costs in areas such as R&D and real estate. While this […] Read more »

Next Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on the creation of a nationwide filtered wireless broadband network (unless politics cause the issue to be struck from the agenda). The most likely beneficiary if the FCC approves the plan is a Kleiner-backed startup called M2Z Networks, […] Read more »

[qi:026] The venture capital market has started conserving cash, and now angels are doing the same, according to the annual Angel Capital Association confidence report out today. About 48 percent of angel investment groups surveyed invested less than they had predicted they would at the start […] Read more »

Comcast  said this morning it would roll out its 50 Mbps wideband speed tier in Baltimore; Chicago; Atlanta; and Fort Wayne, Ind., in December, with the full rollout in the markets expected to be completed by the first half of 2009. These deployments complete Comcast’s stated […] Read more »

Having determined that its growth in the enterprise has pretty much stalled, Cisco is looking at video to help it sell equipment to carriers. To do that it’s positioning video traffic as the new data — ready to take over the web. Because if you’re going […] Read more »

Cisco, having determined that its growth in the enterprise has pretty much stalled, has decided that video — from teleconferencing to cable — is the answer to its growth problem. To that end, it’s positioning video traffic as the new data — ready to take over the web. And Cisco is betting that cable operators and carriers panicked by the rise of video content are going to start building their own optimized video networks that the company calls a medianet. Read more »

[qi:___wimax] Next year, Verizon  subscribers in a few markets may be surfing the web at warp speed as the carrier said on Tuesday that it would begin deploying LTE next year — a year ahead of schedule. Several vendors had warned me that a U.S. carrier […] Read more »

TruPhone just last week released an iPod Touch application that allows for VoIP calls on the device using Wi-Fi and also has such an app for the iPhone. But this morning the company has pushed out an app that allows iPhone users to make VoIP calls […] Read more »

Today Amazon launched its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) in Europe, where it joins Amazon’s CloudFront and Simple Storage Service (S3) as an option for European developers. This means companies using Amazon Web Services can host the data and run their applications in Europe, rather than hosting […] Read more »

According to the Wall Street Journal,  telecommunications equipment maker Nortel is talking to lawyers about its strategy, including filing for bankruptcy.  This is grim news for the vendor and the industry at large. Nortel has a lot of debt ($4.5 billion as of the last quarter), […] Read more »

As cloud computing moves beyond startups and attracts enterprise users, major software vendors are being forced to reckon with a new challenge to their current pricing models. Much like the emergence of software as a service has caused many large software vendors to evaluate existing licensing […] Read more »

In a call today outlining Sun Microsystem’s cloud computing efforts, David Douglas, SVP of Sun’s cloud computing business  and Lew Tucker, Sun’s CTO, said the server and software vendor believes that there will be multiple clouds tailored to specific industries, and that more than one or […] Read more »

A 110-page congressional report issued today takes current Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin to task for allegedly suppressing and manipulating public records, not carrying out some of the jobs allocated to the FCC and generally being, well, a jerk (his “heavy-handed, opaque and non-collegial management […] Read more »

Updated: Today Sprint offered the lineup for its upcoming mobile developer’s conference on Dec. 10-12, which will include a keynote by Rich Miner, Google’s vice president of mobile technology. While we’ve known that Sprint was considering Android, this fall Sprint CEO Dan Hesse apparently told a […] Read more »

[qi:010] As the recession deepens and the telecommunications industry braces for some tough quarters, Level 3 said yesterday it will lay off 450 U.S. employees — or 8 percent of its work force. The reduction affects employees at all levels, will take place before the end […] Read more »

StrataScale, a subsidiary of colocation services provider company RagingWire, is expected to announce on Tuesday the general availability of a managed hosting product called IronScale. Surprisingly, unlike many of the companies that host data center hardware, IronScale is not a cloud, but a managed server offering. […] Read more »

The latest tale of woe out of the VC industry appears today in the Wall Street Journal, on how the limited partners who invest in venture capital firms are backing out of their commitments to fund individual VC funds. The end result of LPs failing to […] Read more »

Broadcom released a new chipset today that integrates Blueooth, an FM radio and Wi-Fi (in the 802.11n flavor) for mobile devices. Broadcom is trying to own the segment of the market that wants multiple radios on a chipset, while Texas Instruments tries to keep up. The […] Read more »

Cloud computing management software provider RightScale has scored $13 million in second round venture funding. Index Ventures led the round and was joined by returning investor Benchmark Capital, which led a $4.5 million round in April. Index Ventures partner Danny Rimer has also joined the RightScale’s […] Read more »

When you’ve got to grow a $40 billion-a-year company, sometimes there’s just no way to do it other than to capitalize on fear. In the case of Cisco’s medianet concept, defining a series of networks transporting video, launched today, the company seems to be capitalizing on […] Read more »

Speaking today in his weekly radio address, President-elect Barack Obama listed upgrades to the information superhighway as one of the essentials of his economic recovery plan. Decrying our nation’s rank as 15th when it comes to broadband adoption (he’s using OCED numbers), Obama seems willing to […] Read more »

Wi-Fi, because of its ubiquity, familiarity and low cost, is leaving the home office and taking over the home networking environment. In the second segment from my visit to the home of Kelly Davis-Felner, marketing director of the Wi-Fi Alliance, we talk about Wi-Fi in relation […] Read more »

As the economy has crumbled and the telcos have watched their customers cut cords and retrench, cable companies have benefited from being perceived as a safer investment option. Since this time last year, shares of Comcast, which trades on the Nasdaq, have fallen by 12 percent […] Read more »

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