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After giving up on watching President Barack Obama’s inauguration online, I started thinking about how spoiled I am to be able to choose between watching the speech online or on a HD television set. More than 10 percent of Americans couldn’t watch a live stream, even […] Read more »

Updated throughout: Om just emailed that the web may be breaking under the strain of President Barack Obama’s inauguration, noting that several sites, such as and C-SPAN, appear to be down. Others including Ustream, and MSNBC are still up, so it may be a […] Read more »

Qualcomm, mindful of how much it stands to lose if the transition to DTV is delayed, yesterday sent a letter to several legislators begging them to force nine TV stations in Boston, Miami, San Francisco and Houston to stop transmitting their broadcasts on the analog channels […] Read more »

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Qualcomm said today it has purchased AMD’s handheld graphics unit (acquired during AMD’s $5.4 billion acquisition of graphics chipmaker ATI Technologies) for $65 million. The deal shows that AMD is betting big on full-performance machines, from servers to laptops — rejecting its rival Intel’s  move into […] Read more »

Looks like Comcast’s new network management plan is drawing the ire of competing Voice over IP providers and the scrutiny of federal regulators. The plan, which is detailed here, basically slows bandwidth hogs broadband speeds during times of congestion at a particular node. Apparently, it also […] Read more »

As Congress contemplates broadband access as part of President-elect Barack Obama’s economic recovery plan, Jay Rockefeller, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, has filed a bill that would push back the transition from analog to digital signals for television broadcasters from Feb. 18 until June 12, 2009. […] Read more »

Samsung Electronics, the world’s second-largest mobile phone company, the only profitable DRAM maker and the manufacturer of flat-screen televisions announced a reorganization that combines its consumer electronics businesses into one unit focused on gadgets from phones and televisions to home appliances, and a second unit that […] Read more »

Nuance Communications said today it’s bought several patents related to IBM’s speech recognition technology, joining Microsoft as one of the two the largest licensors of such technology. IBM, Nuance and Microsoft all provide speech-to-text and voice recognition products, an industry that’s growing in importance as devices makers […] Read more »

On Tuesday, I visited Dell’s Data Center Solutions group, a separate unit inside the computing giant that design, builds and sells servers for companies that need a huge, highly scalable server infrastructure. I also was given the rare opportunity to visit the testing lab. Alas, I […] Read more »

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When President-elect Barack Obama asked Congress to delay the transition that will force broadcasters to switch from analog TV signals to digital ones last week, we noted that the move could cause trouble for companies planning to use the newly available spectrum for new technologies. I’ve […] Read more »

Updated with confirmation, comment from Nortel: In a sign of just how deep the troubles of the troubled telecommunications industry currently run, The Globe and Mail is reporting — and Nortel Networks has now confirmed — that the equipment maker plans to file for bankruptcy, perhaps […] Read more »

[qi:090] Two consumer organizations have filed an amended complaint to the Federal Trade Commission seeking around mobile advertising. The Center for Digital Democracy and The U.S. Public Interest Research Group filed their joint complaint with the FTC today. The 52-page complaint amends a 2006 filing from […] Read more »

Today, graphics chipmaker Nvidia said it expects its fourth-quarter sales to come in 40-50 percent lower than the $897.7 million it posted in the third quarter. That puts its revenue estimate between $448.9 million and $538.6 million — a huge drop from last year’s record-setting fourth-quarter […] Read more »

There’s a giant retailing show happening this week, and both Intel and IBM released some retail-related technology news. IBM is detailing  a survey on a new class of price-and-experience sensitive shoppers it dubs Shifters, while Intel is focused on a new point of sale product that […] Read more »

Microsoft continues to push touch as a user interface, this time as a participant in the $24 million funding round for Israeli startup N-Trig, whose technology enables multitouch, or the use of more than one finger for input. Multitouch hit it big on the iPhone, where […] Read more »

On Friday I wrote about the rise of specialty computing clouds and AMD’s efforts to build a supercomputer that will essentially be a graphics rendering cloud. Today, insideHPC points me to a post from Josh Simons over at Sun Microsystems about his  trip to the Oak Ridge […] Read more »

Yesterday AMD announced that it was building a specialty supercomputer to deliver gaming through a computing cloud. Aside from the coolness of being able to play your video games on an iPhone, pause them, and pick them up at home, the news bolsters the cloud business […] Read more »

Today, Amazon ( s AMZN) Web Services announced a management console that illustrates how carefully Amazon is playing its role as a platform provider. The new console competes in part with products from  RightScale, Elastra (which has backing from Amazon) and Enomaly, but doesn’t crush them […] Read more »

[qi:032] President-elect Barack Obama is asking Congress to delay the transition that will force the nation’s TV broadcasts to switch from analog to digital signals. Depending on how long the delay is, it could affect the deployment of several services destined for the spectrum currently occupied […] Read more »

The pain the recession is currently causing for the semiconductor industry has been well documented, but it may also escalate tensions between chip equipment vendors and their customers. An ongoing debate over the need to invest in the next cycle of manufacturing plants has pitted equipment […] Read more »

Congressman Edward Markey, a key proponent of net neutrality and online privacy, will leave his position on the committee that deals with telecommunications regulation to chair the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment. House watchers had expected Markey to remain on the […] Read more »

Updated: Verizon is following the herd with an improved broadband backup and sharing product for home PCs announced today. Just drag and drop your files into a folder on your PC, and Verizon will store them online for you — no matter who provides your broadband. […] Read more »

After spectrum is freed up by the transition to digital television in mid-February, mobile TV based on Qualcomm’s MediaFLO technology will be available in 100 new markets, a dramatic expansion from the 63 available today. Sure, some of the markets are second-tier, but major ones getting […] Read more »

Qualcomm said today it is running Google’s Android platform on its Snapdragon chipset designed for netbooks and mobile Internet devices. This isn’t earth-shattering since Snapgragon is an ARM-based chip, and another Qualcomm ARM-based chip powers the G1 Android phone. Qualcomm is also a big Android backer […] Read more »

With consumer electronics companies intent on making 3-D the belle of the ball at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, I thought the skeptics among you might benefit from some arguments and knowledge about the topic that goes beyond wide-eyed exclamations of delight at […] Read more »

At a press conference at CES today, Cisco’s CEO John Chambers talked about the router maker’s push beyond routers and into the home. As Om has said before, this is a well-worn path trod by Cisco in its need to continue its growth, but it’s pretty […] Read more »

[qi:050] Aside from slashing its sales estimates today, Intel said it would take a $950 million impairment charge related to its investment in Clearwire, citing a decline in Cleawire’s stock price (to $4.93 as of Dec. 31). Intel has invested millions into Clearwire, which is building […] Read more »

Verizon says it’s willing to provide access to its cellular network for wireless devices like the Kindle reader, according to Tony Lewis, vice president of open development at Verizon. He spoke to Reuters in the lead up to CES yesterday and said the public could expect […] Read more »

A new report from Pike & Fisher should strike fear in the hearts of telecommunications companies. First, it posits that broadband growth will decline by 12 percent in the U.S. (although subscriptions themselves will grow by 8 percent), and that of the 5.7 million new broadband […] Read more »

Today, Clearwire unveiled the WiMAX network in Portland, Ore., that we covered last month. Portland is the first city to get WiMAX service under the Clear brand since Clearwire closed its WiMAX spectrum merger with Sprint last month. Portland joins Baltimore, Md., as Clearwire’s only pure […] Read more »

Israel’s strikes into Gaza continue apace, and news stories are pointing out that the conflict is being fought online as well — Twitter, YouTube and hacking web sites are playing a role, as ways to get information out of the country and dispense propaganda. There’s no […] Read more »

CTERA Networks, an Israeli startup, has launched a storage service that combines network-attached storage with online backup. CTERA, which has raised an undisclosed amount from Benchmark Capital, sells an appliance that turns any external USB hard drive into a NAS device with automatic backup. This gives […] Read more »

Freescale said Monday it would offer an ARM-based chip that could lead to a $200 Linux-based netbook, offering about twice the amount of usage on a single battery charge as Intel’s Atom processor allows. Freescale’s efforts are nothing new (only AMD has so far stayed above […] Read more »

As part of a CES related briefing, I was turned on to a product Motorola is pushing that combines a CDMA femotocell with a software-based phone and a digital picture frame. The femotocell will connect with a user’s existing broadband connection and boost cellular coverage in […] Read more »

Comcast, which got in trouble with the FCC for its P2P-throttling approach to network management, has now completed its plan that deals with bandwidth hogs by slowing all broadband traffic for heavy Internet users during times of network congestion. The nation’s largest cable provider has posted […] Read more »

As the Consumer Electronics shows opens in Las Vegas this week, the papers are awash in stories about CES being smaller this year, by about 11,000 attendees (about an 8 percent decline) and 300 exhibitors (a 10 percent decline.) Given that the Dow Jones Index has […] Read more »

Heading into 2009, web-connected consumer electronics are finally on the horizon, and players from Cisco to AT&T are salivating at the opportunity. But in the welter of wires connecting our devices, Broadcom sees an opportunity to offer chips that can connect devices to each other, the […] Read more »

Updated: GameWager, an Austin, Texas-based startup creating a network where gamers can back their trash talk with bets based on tokens, has completed a Series A round for a bit less than the $3 million it was seeking. It has also convinced adviser Nolan Bushnell to […] Read more »

FCC chairman Kevin Martin said in a conference call today that he’s dropped the porn-free requirement from his plan to auction off AWS-3 spectrum in order to create a free wireless broadband network. This last-minute effort to get universal wireless broadband passed on his watch is […] Read more »

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