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Updated: Holy price cuts, Ma Bell! AT&T is rolling out a trial of subsidized netbooks in its Atlanta retail stores, where it will have some netbooks (or “mini laptops,” in AT&T speak) for $49.95 (on the high end you’re gonna pay $250). Buyers will need to […] Read more »

Now that GPS chips are becoming must-have hardware on cell phones, location-based services for mobile devices have finally arrived. They’re even infiltrating the desktop. So it’s time to start sifting through the location-aware company pitches, from newly launched apps to platforms (there’s always a few platforms). […] Read more »

Google late Monday unveiled Google Ventures, a venture fund that seeks to combine the search giant’s technical expertise with strategies pioneered by top-tier venture firms. By looking to invest in what it called “a broad range of industries, including consumer Internet, software, hardware, clean-tech, bio-tech and […] Read more »

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[qi:101] Research out today shows that the number of angel investors and angel-backed deals stayed more or less the same from 2007 to 2008, but that the amount those investors are putting into deals has dropped by 26.2 percent. The data, collected by Jeffrey Sohl, director […] Read more »

Intel today unveiled its latest and greatest Nehalem chip for servers (now known as the Xeon 5500 series), setting off a round of announcements and articles comparing technical specifications across server vendors. And at 2.93 GHz (with certain tweaks it can get up to 3.33 Ghz), […] Read more »

MasterCard and Blaze Mobile today unveiled stickers that can be attached to mobile phones and used to charge purchases at existing PayPass payment readers. PayPass is MasterCard’s mobile payments processing effort currently in use at gas stations, supermarkets and other stores. The RFID sticker, offered by […] Read more »

A Japanese newspaper reported that Dell plans to resell mobile data airtime from NTTDoCoMo along with its notebooks, according to TechRadar. The idea of a PC maker as an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) may be more appealing to device makers than the current practice of […] Read more »

The Open Cloud Manifesto has caused a lot of heartache and generated a lot of controversy. Its lack of importance is reflected by the fact that Amazon and Google, two companies that know a thing or two about Cloud Computing, have not endorsed it. Should we label it D.O.A.? Read more »

We’re no rating agency here at GigaOM, but Om and I got together this week to figure out our coverage priorities for the coming months — let’s call it a spring cleaning — and decided there are five companies that we’re just not going to spend […] Read more »

Updated: Google called to let me know that despite its inclusion on a list released Thursday that named the search giant as a member of the Open Cloud Manifesto Group, when the formal list comes out on Monday, Google won’t be on it.  Spokesman Jon Murchinson […] Read more »

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Charter Communications today filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to rid its balance sheet of $8 billion in debt, but that apparently will have no affect on the company’s plans to roll out upcoming speed boosts. I feel unusually credulous writing this, but Charter spokeswoman Anita Lamont […] Read more »

Verizon may soon join AT&T in selling subsidized netbooks, Bloomberg reported this morning. Under such a plan, Verizon would sign partnerships with netbook makers to subsidize the devices for consumers who sign data contracts. (The majority of cell phones in the U.S. are sold this way.) […] Read more »

We’ve noted that Verizon plans to use its fiber network for backhaul for its future Long Term Evolution network, and today it says that it will also rent out capacity on that fiber network to other wireless carriers as well. As our readers are quick to […] Read more »

Opera Software today said it has a deal with location data provider Skyhook Wireless to bring geolocation to its browser. Users can choose to share their location with any web site and get information about related products and services in their vicinity. Web site developers use […] Read more »

OK, so the entire Internet is already in the box on your desk, and possibly most of it fits inside your phone, but Sun’s partnership with The Internet Archive means that 3 petaflops petabytes of archived web pages is also stored in a shipping container. Yes, I […] Read more »

Executives from ISPs including Comcast and AT&T today clarified their roles when it comes to interfering in fights between copyright holders and copyright infringers. There’s a lot of wrong information out there, but the facts boil down to two things: Comcast hasn’t changed its practice toward […] Read more »

Broadband obviously isn’t a growth engine anymore, but it’s underpinning the growth of new communications services such as IPTV. A report commissioned by The Broadband Forum shows that television delivered via broadband is up 63 percent globally. Meanwhile, broadband growth has slowed to the single digits […] Read more »

Dell today launched several enterprise products aimed at cutting back on one of the more stubborn costs in an IT department — the IT professionals. Its new lines of servers include features such as ImageDirect, which eliminates the IT professional’s role in installing an image on […] Read more »

The venture capital panel at today’s at the Green:Net conference here in San Francisco was a mess of contradictions. The panelists debated the role of government in cleantech before finally coming to the conclusion that while government will have to play a role in their cleantech […] Read more »

If a company wants to improve energy efficiency, it needs to think about how it can affect its products and its suppliers rather than merely what it can do internally, says Rob Bernard, Chief Environmental Strategist at Microsoft speaking today at the Green:Net Conference in San […] Read more »

Data center operators at various large companies talked at the GreenNet conference today in San Francisco about how they’re making their data centers more energy efficient. It boils down to metrics, utilization and awareness. But first they outlined the problem: Kenneth Brill, executive director of the […] Read more »

We need a two-way communication between our utilities and our homes that can be delivered via a smart grid, according to a panel of experts speaking today at the Green:Net conference today in San Francisco. Andrew Tang of PG&E, highlighted the issue facing the utilities by […] Read more »

Jonathan Koomey, project scientist and professor with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Stanford University called for data center operators to focus on the overall costs of their computing in terms of finances and energy today at the Green:Net conference in San Francisco. He offers cloud computing […] Read more »

Bob Metcalfe, general partner with Polaris Ventures and the inventor of Ethernet, got on stage today at the Green:Net conference in San Francisco to call for “a squanderable abundance of cheap and clean energy,” that will crib from the development of the Internet. Bob Metcalfe: Internet […] Read more »

Bob Metcalfe, general partner with Polaris Ventures and the inventor of Ethernet, got on stage today at the Green:Net conference in San Francisco to call for “a squanderable abundance of cheap and clean energy,” that will crib from the development of the Internet. Among his points: […] Read more »

Gavin Starks, CEO of AMEE, a web services platform that helps track and measure carbon consumption, scared the heck out of the audience this morning at the Green:Net conference here in San Francisco. He started off by pointing out that a 2.5-kilogram MacBook costs the equivalent […] Read more »

Update: Last week Cisco announced its move into the data center (something Om prophesied a year ago) with what it called a Unified Computing System that will compete with offerings primarily from HP and IBM. A few days later, rumors circulated that IBM might buy Sun […] Read more »

Most in the technology world think about scaling in relation to web sites and data centers, but the carriers operating the world’s wireless networks are worried about scale as well. As they transition to fourth generation (4G) wireless networks, they’re not just thinking about increasing data […] Read more »

The Federal Communications Commission yesterday released the agenda for its April 8 open meeting, and developing a national broadband plan topped the list. Another big item is a notice that the FCC will be soliciting data for its annual video competition report that discusses how people get […] Read more »

It’s been about three years since Amazon made its risky bet on delivering computing and storage via the cloud. It started by offering commitment-free, pay-as-you-go storage, enabling startups to start scaling their businesses without significant investment in capital equipment. It later added compute cycles to its […] Read more »

The Free Press issued a report today that blames deep packet inspection technology for “The End of the Internet,” arguing that Internet service providers’ use of equipment that can inspect individual packets of data should raise concerns for both users and lawmakers. The report: “Deep Packet […] Read more »

UPDATED: As expected, Cisco today said it would buy Pure Digital, the maker of the Flip handheld video camera, for $590 million in stock. The deal will move Cisco deeper in the consumer market and give it control of a device that produces video, which it […] Read more »

Rackable announced today an update to its CloudRack servers. The CloudRack C2 servers can run at 104 degrees inside the data center, and they offload power supply to the rack to reduce energy wasted in converting AC electricity from the wall to DC electricity used by […] Read more »

This morning’s Wall Street Journal reports that IBM is in talks to buy Sun Microsystems for $6.5 billion in cash. The deal makes sense given Sun’s distressed share price, and because both companies appear to be pursuing cloud computing — the next big computing opportunity — […] Read more »

Sun Microsystems, as has been widely expected in the technology world, has finally announced its own cloud computing platform. Sun will offer raw compute power as well as storage through its Sun Cloud Storage Service and Sun Cloud Compute Service. The services, while being announced today, […] Read more »

IBM has gotten more and more serious about the cloud. A little over a year ago, Drew Clark, director of strategy for IBM’s venture capital group, started paying attention to the fact that an entire network of startups were raising venture capital to build services tied […] Read more »

Cloud computing and cloud services are real, but this is only the beginning. This was the message the guys who helped build Amazon Web Services, Google’s App Engine and Microsoft’s Azure clouds conveyed in Austin, Texas, this morning at South by Southwest’s only cloud computing panel. […] Read more »

[qi:004] Technology standards don’t die a quick death in most cases. For years after the market has abandoned a failed standard, it still exists in orphaned products hoping for eventual resurrection. Yesterday, EETimes reported another step in the long road to obsolescence for Ultra-wideband saying the […] Read more »

Location-based services finally seem to be hitting their stride after years of promise. This year at the South by Southwest (SXSW) interactive festival in Austin, Texas, several LBS startups are launching. To understand some of the costs associated with getting a user’s location information, I chatted […] Read more »

Today Cisco announced its much awaited data center play with what it calls its Unified Computing System. Om does a great job explaining why the networking giant is moving into the data center as the demands of digital data tax the current three-part IT infrastructure of […] Read more »

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