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WildBlue Communications, the Greenwood Village, Colo.-based satellite broadband provider, today demonstrated how it can deliver download speeds that are up to 12 times faster than its current speeds if it gets a new high-capacity satellite. Satellites are pricey (it can cost around $500 million to build, […] Read more »

BT Group introduced packages earlier this week that add mobile broadband to home services such as voice, web and video that it provides to customers. By coming out with a combined mobile and fixed broadband package, it’s mirroring a trial plan offered by AT&T and recognizing […] Read more »

[qi:115] The venture model is ailing, and folks in the industry are promoting two different diagnoses for the sickness. One group says the industry needs more exits and should promote the return of smaller initial public offerings, while the other says the industry has grown too […] Read more »

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Updated: Amazon said today it would offer grants to allow educators, academic researchers and students to access its Amazon Web Services such as its compute cloud and cloud storage. It plans to spend about $1 million, and offers grants starting at $100 of credit per student. […] Read more »

[qi:086] If you want to hear what the death of copper phone lines sounds like, don’t just listen to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson or Verizon Communications CEO Ivan Seidenberg talk about their landline losses over the last few quarters, come over to my house and lift the receiver on my landline phone. You’ll hear the crackle of static that grossly interferes with your ability to enjoy a call. Read more »

Talk about the fox guarding the hen house. Britain’s Home Office is accused of collusion with former spyware vendor Phorm after emails surfaced showing the department seeking Phorm’s approval for the UK’s targeted advertising rules, the BBC reported this morning. That revelation came just one day […] Read more »

When it comes to the number of applications smartphone users download, iPhone owners by far have the biggest appetite. A greater percentage of iPhone owners download more apps than other smartphone users, according to a study by Compete.  Some folks are debating whether or not this […] Read more »

Apple and Verizon are in talks for the carrier to distribute an “iPhone-lite” device and a “media pad,” with one of the devices to be launched sometime this summer, BusinessWeek is reporting. As a Verizon subscriber, I wish I could believe this story, but we have […] Read more »

[qi:076] Glassdoor, a Sausalito, Calif.-based company that tracks employee satisfaction, is opening up a new section of its site devoted to job interview questions and details about the job interview experience. According to the rankings, Amazon has a more difficult process than Google. Glassdoor sent over […] Read more »

The most valuable use for the ever-increasing amount of information we put online through our Facebook pages, our Flickr accounts and even through our web searches may not be for targeted advertising (though that may be the most profitable use), but for public science and research. […] Read more »

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Verizon Communications reported a strong first quarter for 2009, growing profits and sales over the previous period a year ago. The carrier reported net income of $3.21 billion and increased sales to $26.59 billion. The 12 percent boost in sales from the same period last year […] Read more »

Qualcomm and Broadcom, two of the primary communications chip firms, agreed today to end their long-standing intellectual property feud, with Qualcomm agreeing to pay out $891 million to Broadcom over four years. Qualcomm, which owns the intellectual property related to the CDMA 3G wireless standard, has […] Read more »

Earlier today I hit The Coffee Groundz, a Houston coffee shop that’s a hit with the city’s tech community, to meet with a few startups and check out what Houston has to offer in the way of geek atmosphere. While it’s no San Francisco, where I […] Read more »

Updated: Time Warner Cable may have publicly backed off of metered broadband, but a subscriber in Austin claims his Time Warner broadband service was cut off earlier this week, without warning, because he downloaded 44 gigabytes of data over a one-week period (hat tip A […] Read more »

Today I’ll be hanging out in Houston at The Coffee Groundz from roughly 2 pm through 4 pm hoping to meet readers and see what cool technology startups the nation’s oil and gas capital might be home to. I hope folks in the area will stop […] Read more »

The mobile Internet will be responsible for getting more of the world online, according to Internet co-founder Vint Cerf, who now works for Google, speaking at a conference in Madrid today. In an earlier post, Om made a similar point, saying that instead of a one-laptop-per-child […] Read more »

These days, when I visit startups and even giant corporate campuses, green design and building features get star billing. I am increasingly hearing about reflective roofs, gray water systems and even non-VOC paints on my tours. All of which has made me realize that green is […] Read more »

Better coverage and smaller devices mean more of us can take our computing on the go. Phones increasingly come equipped with Wi-Fi, while ISPs like Cablevision  and AT&T are deploying Wi-Fi networks for their subscribers. Meanwhile, data cards are becoming more common outside of the business […] Read more »

The Free Press, a nonprofit dedicated to media reform, today sent a letter to members of Congress urging them to investigate the costs of providing broadband and the effect that metered broadband may have on the U.S. economy, in particular U.S. competitiveness. The letter points to […] Read more »

A report out today from Nielsen shows why Internet Service Providers and telecommunications equipment vendors are increasingly demonizing video. It consumes a lot of bandwidth, and could compete with an ISP’s existing video businesses, but the worst part is that it’s rapidly becoming more popular to […] Read more »

Capital Factory, Austin’s attempt to recreate the success of technology incubators such as YCombinator and TechStars, today announced the five startups it has chosen to invest in and mentor as part of its inaugural session. The startups will receive $20,000 as a direct investment, $20,000 of […] Read more »

AT&T reported first quarter financials today with net income of $3.1 billion on revenue of $30.6 billion. The economy kept AT&T’s revenue flat from the first quarter of last year, but net income dropped by 11 percent. The wireless business (including the desirable iPhone exclusive) and gains […] Read more »

Verizon unveiled a package of incentives today that give users the triple-play bundle of voice, video and data for $100 a month. The incentives are aimed at getting customers to switch from cable bundles to Verizon’s FiOS TV, and I can’t help but compare what Verizon […] Read more »

Broadcom made an unsolicited bid of $764 million for Fibre Channel chipmaker Emulex this morning, a deal that offers a 40 percent premium over Emulex’s share price at Monday’s market close. Broadcom, which is an industry leader in Ethernet chips that help connect servers inside the […] Read more »

Starting today, enterprise customers can get all the bandwidth for high-definition video they need from AT&T, which has launched a private content delivery service for video inside company firewalls. The explosion of video inside corporate networks is straining resources, according to the carrier. But unlike the […] Read more »

When it comes to technology, California leads the way, but when it comes to pro-consumer efforts related to broadband access, New York appears to have taken up the cause. On Friday, the state’s chief information officer filed comments with the FCC related to the federal agency’s […] Read more »

The Open Mobile Video Coalition said today that it will begin broadcasting over-the-air mobile television to devices in Washington, D.C., later this summer. Also today, Qualcomm, which operates a competing over-the-air television technology, said it’s licensed its FLO software to ProTelevision Technologies (formerly Philips TV Test […] Read more »

The Open Mobile Video Coalition said today that it will begin broadcasting over-the-air mobile television to devices in Washington, D.C., later this summer. Also today, Qualcomm, which operates a competing over-the-air television technology, said it’s licensed its FLO software to ProTelevision Technologies (formerly Philips TV Test […] Read more »

Updated with AT&T response: Time Warner Cable may have backed off its plans to meter broadband for now, but AT&T still has tiered broadband trials going on in Reno, Nev., and in Beaumont, Texas. And judging from one consumer’s experience with the trial, AT&T has backed […] Read more »

Yesterday I visited with CoreNap, a local co-location facility here in Austin, Texas, to understand how trends like energy consumption, the down economy and cloud computing might be affecting its business. After learning that I was standing in the same data center that hosted servers for […] Read more »

As the Federal Communications Commission tries to formulate a National Broadband plan, wireless carriers are seeking to classify their networks as an acceptable alternative to wired broadband, especially in rural areas. At the same time, those wireless carriers are also trying to convince the FCC that […] Read more »

Verizon Wireless today issued a call for developers to attend a May 13 conference to learn how to develop devices for the fourth-generation LTE network due to roll out starting in 2010. And in keeping with the requirements set by the FCC when the carrier won […] Read more »

There’s a lot of marketing been done to promote the cloud, but few of the big computing companies have come out with clear strategies related to providing computing or other technology as a service that’s paid for on a per-instance basis. Sun Microsystems plans to launch […] Read more »

Updated throughout with confirmation, comment from Time Warner: Time Warner Cable, which last month announced plans to expand its metered broadband trials to four more cities, today backed away from its controversial efforts to price broadband based on consumption, including in the city of Rochester, N.Y., […] Read more »

A month after Cisco unveiled its Unified Computing System, it has finally released pricing, processing power and memory details. The bottom line is this: the performance of the servers and overall system seem to be in line with competing products from HP and IBM built on […] Read more »

The computing world is undergoing a significant shift as consumers and businesses access and store more of their information in web-based applications, get their software delivered as a service or even download music and movies to their PCs on demand. This trend is enabled by better […] Read more »

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