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Prime View International, a Taiwanese company that makes an e-readers display part, said today it would purchase E-Ink, a company that provides the digital ink technology in the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader, for $215 million. The two companies have been partners in developing the Sony […] Read more »

As cable companies transition to super-fast broadband speeds provided by DOCSIS 3.0, they’re also considering how they can move from providing analog and digital channels via radio frequency the way they do today, and instead transition to an on-demand IPTV model that could offer them more […] Read more »

With the excitement and chatter around the soon-to-be-released Palm Pre reaching a fever pitch, the company’s stock ended Friday’s session at its highest level since Oct. 24, 2007. Shares of Palm closed Friday at $12.19, and at last check had traded hands for as much as […] Read more »

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Computer Sciences Corp., the IT service organization, today laid out its strategy for the cloud. Unsurprisingly, CSC’s cloud products will focus on being reliable and secure enough for enterprises and the federal government. CSC will continue providing its managed hosting business, but later this year will […] Read more »

Wireless networking gets all the love in today’s mobile world, but inside the home, wires will still play a key role in delivering entertainment and other content. Your set-top box may sport an Ethernet port, but it still connects to the wall via coaxial cable. Wires […] Read more »

The Internet is important and we must protect it. That’s the gist behind the blog post laying out the reasons for creating the office of a national cybersecurity chief to oversee the security of our nation’s communications networks and electronic infrastructure. But securing the Internet for […] Read more »

Even as times get tough for pioneering startups building semiconductors and computing equipment, the chip industry needs to maintain its biodiversity, says Matt Reilly, a co-founder of the recently shuttered SiCortex. I wrote yesterday about the green supercomputing company selling its assets, and Reilly left an […] Read more »

Dell is looking to make acquisitions, according to one of its executives, who made the comment a day after the computer maker reported dismal earnings for its latest fiscal quarter, IDG News said today. Steve Felice, president of Dell’s small and medium business unit, said during […] Read more »

SiCortex, a company that makes a green supercomputer using proprietary chips and some “Back to the Future” styling, is seeking to sell its assets by the end of June. (Check out what’s for sale here.) According to a story at HPCwire, SiCortex was seeking a third […] Read more »

Qualcomm isn’t going to cede the mobile computing market to Intel and its success with netbooks, the CDMA powerhouse made clear today while laying out its vision of mobile computing. The vision consists of what Qualcomm is calling a smartbook. But combining the words smartphone and […] Read more »

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[qi:gigaom_icon_mobile] Within five years, your cell phone will replace your Garmin, TomTom or whatever personal navigation device is currently sitting in your car, according to a Forrester report published today. Forrester supports this conclusion by arguing that more young people are using their cell phones for […] Read more »

Time Warner today continued unraveling perhaps its biggest corporate mistake by announcing that it would spin out AOL into a separate company by the end of this year. Earlier this year, it had amended its debt agreements and brought in a new CEO, setting off speculation […] Read more »

Google and said today at the Google I/O Developer Conference that their platforms as a service will talk with one another. Using the libraries provided by for Google App Engine, developers can now access the data stored in the cloud from inside Google’s […] Read more »

[qi:037] Apple yesterday came a step closer to building a $1 billion data center in North Carolina. The state’s legislature on Tuesday approved a $46 million incentive package tailored to attract a data center project from an unknown company that several news outlets have identified as Apple. […] Read more »

Intel believes the cannibalization of notebooks by netbooks to be at around 20 percent, Reuters reported today. Christian Morales, the European sales chief for Intel, estimated that netbooks currently comprise about 16 percent of worldwide notebook sales, though he put that figure slightly higher for western […] Read more »

[qi:083] Devices like Amazon’s Kindle e-reader are pioneering a business model that will help carriers grow their subscriptions at the expense of annual average revenue per user, according to a report out today from Nielsen. The audience tracking company also follows wireless subscriptions and, in its […] Read more »

Facebook today confirmed that it has received a $200 million investment from Digital Sky Technologies, valuing the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company at $10 billion, significantly less than it was in 2007 after an investment made by Microsoft valued it at $15 billion. In a conference call […] Read more »

Japan’s NTT said yesterday that it would spend more than 10 billion yen ($105 million) to buy the owner of a 21,000-kilometer undersea cable delivering web traffic between the U.S. and Japan. NTT said it would buy Pacific Crossing Ltd., which operates the undersea cable offering […] Read more »

Swedish wireless companies, in an effort to satisfy the nation’s consumer ombudsman, have come up with what they’re hoping is a better representation of wireless broadband speeds, what they’ve dubbed the “practical maximum speed.” In most countries, network operators advertise their wireless speeds based on the […] Read more »

[qi:101] One of the federal agencies responsible for administering $4.7 billion in broadband stimulus grants has quietly delayed its plans to approve and distribute money under its program. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration late last week issued a statement noting that it will accept grant […] Read more »

Microsoft will stop issuing security updates and patches for Microsoft Office 2000 as of June. It’s Microsoft’s policy to support its business software products for up to 10 years after their release, according to ComputerWorld, and then users have to pony up for the latest upgrade […] Read more »

TerreStar expects to launch a satellite that costs some $500 million at the end of June, and with it, hopes to reinvent the failed satellite service model from the 90s. Even though TerreStar’s service will launch at the end of this year with normal-sized phones that […] Read more »

Insufficient bandwidth has the potential to limit the cloud because it can take a long time to send large files over thin pipes. Amazon Web Services now addresses this problem with a new data delivery service called AWS Import/Export, which uses the postal system rather than […] Read more »

[qi:___wimax] Juniper Research issued a report this morning noting that growth in WiMAX networks has been slower than anticipated, but revenue from WiMAX 802.16e broadband subscribers will exceed $15 billion globally by 2014. Before we get all excited over the prospects for Clearwire, to put that […] Read more »

Storage vendor NetApp said today it will buy Data Domain, a de-duplication firm, in a cash-and-stock deal valued at $25 a share, or $1.5 billion net of Data Domain’s cash. The deal will give NetApp more tools to offer customers in their attempts to stay ahead […] Read more »

Yesterday we reported that targeted ad firm NebuAd bit the dust, but it appears that its Insight technology platform has risen again in the UK as part of a company called InsightReady. Folks from a publication called Clickz called the phone number for NebuAd’s UK office […] Read more »

[qi:021] The National Venture Capital Association launched a job listings service today to track open positions at venture-backed startups. The new site, called, currently lists 10,000 openings, with 37 percent of them in California. For a select few, this may be a good source of […] Read more »

Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard said today they’ve teamed up to push Microsoft’s unified communication software and HP gear to enterprise users. The two companies are jointly spending $180 million over the next four years on what they call their Frontline Partnership to develop and market ways to use […] Read more »

Sony CFO Nobuyuki Oneda said today that the joint handset manufacturing effort between Sony and Ericsson  will need to raise at least 100 million euros ($135 million) this year, according to the Nikkei English News. This prompted ratings agency S&P to issue a note saying that […] Read more »

NebuAd, the company that planned to enable Internet Service Providers to offer behavioral advertising based on a person’s web surfing history, has shut its doors, according to MediaPost, which cites court documents. The controversial service, which is akin to Phorm in the UK, had conducted advertising […] Read more »

The big chip news this morning is about a 7-year-old company coming out with a completely new technology that it believes has the potential to replace the type of memory used to store data in phones, MP3 players and solid-state hard drives. Unity Semiconductor also said […] Read more »

[qi:051] The transition to delivering software, services and compute infrastructure via the web will change the dynamics of the IT industry, shifting power away from the services players such as IBM and HP and toward companies running monolithic data center operations such as, Amazon or […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_lte] UPDATED: Verizon Wireless plans to launch its LTE networks commercially in the second half of 2010 and finish its deployment by 2014, according to comments made by Lowell McAdams, president and CEO of Verizon, on a conference call earlier this week. That’s slower than its […] Read more »

Next week Dell plans to announce a server based on the Nano chip from VIA Technologies, the Taiwanese x86 vendor known for its low-power chips for netbooks and other portable computers, according to the New York Times. Putting VIA chips in servers reduces both the cost […] Read more »

There’s a thoughtful essay over at TechDirt by Derek Kerton comparing broadband pipe providers to gas stations. In it, he argues that sharing wireless networks is beneficial for carriers and consumers alike, because it reduces network costs and leaves carriers free to innovate and improve their […] Read more »

Intel this week announced a $12 million investment into a visual computing research program focused on using three-dimensional imaging for entertainment, data analysis, medical imaging and scientific research. The Intel Visual Computing Institute is located at Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany, and will receive the $12 […] Read more »

This morning, Google somehow rerouted some of its vast hordes of web traffic through Asia, causing service delays, interruptions, and a bit of craziness on Twitter. But it also managed to slow down a few retail web sites, and cause a noticeable gap in the worldwide […] Read more »

Bandwidth caps are forcing at least one startup to adjust its business. Last month when I was in Houston, I met Shion Deysarkar, chief marketing officer of Plura Processing, a company that harnesses the CPU cycles and bandwidth of participating gamers (it pays them up to […] Read more »

UPDATED: Google appears to be having problems across its Gmail, search and even its Blogger platforms, judging by complaints on various social networks. A Google spokesman said, “We’re aware some users are having trouble accessing some Google services. We’re looking into it, and we’ll update everyone […] Read more »

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