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The computing world is undergoing a significant shift as consumers and businesses access and store more of their information in web-based applications, get their software delivered as a service or even download music and movies to their PCs on demand. This trend is enabled by better […] Read more »

Nokia reported financial results for the first quarter today and, despite posting a 90 percent drop in profits, gave investors something to celebrate. The world’s largest cell phone maker said the handset market hit bottom in the first quarter and sales for the rest of the […] Read more »

As super-fast, Long Term Evolution wireless networks are deployed, some are questioning whether carriers even need 4G femtocells to boost coverage in the home. A post this week over at Unstrung adds fuel to the debate by pointing out that with femtocells, bandwidth speeds are only […] Read more »

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Cloud storage startup Nirvanix said today it’s raised an additional $5 million from existing investors to continue the expansion of its business. The funding, from Intel Capital, Mission Ventures, Valhalla Partners and Windward Ventures, brings the total amount raised for the San Diego, Calif.-based startup’s Series […] Read more »

The promise of cloud computing has come not only to web startups seeking cheap storage for photos or a way to handle a viral hit without owning a data center, but to big industry, thanks to Tata and folks using Amazon to offer supercomputing as a […] Read more »

The European Commission has taken legal action against Phorm, a company using deep packet inspection to sell advertisements based on where people surf the web according to the BBC today. The EC alleges that Phorm has intercepted private data without clear consent from a user, a […] Read more »

When it comes metered broadband, most consumers don’t understand how its implementation could affect what it costs them to download content. So I decided to compare how much, depending on which of the nation’s top ISPs’ metered bandwidth plans you choose, it would cost to rent the teen vampire flick “Twilight.” And I discovered that in almost all cases, the decision to download the movie will cost more than just the $3.99 rental fee — sometimes much more. Read more »

Four research universities say they have reached networking speeds of 170 gigabits per second (Gbps) using a hybrid type of optical semiconductor. The team used a special manufacturing process to create a waveguide that mixes four 42.7 Gbps signals, creating a multiplexed 170.8 Gbps signal. If […] Read more »

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As computing becomes cheaper, smaller and more mobile, our gadgets are morphing from desktops into notebooks and from netbooks into smartphones. But rather than focus on how small or cheap these devices can become, forward-thinking companies should focus on how their constant connection to the Internet changes […] Read more »

Some 40 venture funds raised $4.3 billion during the first quarter of 2009 — the fewest to raise money in a single quarter since the third quarter of 2003, according to data out today from the National Venture Capital Association. And while the dollar figure was […] Read more »

Schooner Information Technology, a 2-year-old year old startup in Menlo Park, Calif., today came out of stealth mode with an appliance designed to speed up the transfer of information. As online data becomes more prevalent and the patience to wait for that data wanes, the company […] Read more »

In the technology world, moms are like Joe the Plumber — the average person who doesn’t quite understand complicated technology, but whose approval and use are seen as signs of widespread acceptance. But what is it about pushing out a baby (or adopting one) that transforms a […] Read more »

[qi:004] Time Warner Cable will offer users unlimited broadband for $150, it said last night when it released pricing plans for its metered broadband efforts. A quick check this morning shows that the pricing isn’t just a 285 percent increase over my current $39 a month […] Read more »

[qi:004] Time Warner Cable, after bearing the hatred of the digerati, its customers and even the financial community for its attempts to meter broadband use, has released more information about its pricing plans. It also offered a teaser assuring the world that it plans to one […] Read more »

This week’s news of a chip designer leaving Sun to work for Microsoft could be a sign that the Redmond giant is trying to build a closer relationship between its software and others’ hardware as a way to boost performance of applications and use the underlying […] Read more »

Nokia Siemens Networks has offered to buy several business units of  bankrupt telecommunications gear provider Nortel, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Journal reports that Nokia Siemens has bid on Nortel’s Long Term Evolution (LTE) R&D unit and its carrier networks business, to help expand […] Read more »

Cisco this morning said it plans to acquire Tidal Software for $105 million in cash as part of its expansion into the data center. Tidal, which raised venture money from investors including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Panorama Capital, and VantagePoint Venture Partners, makes software that […] Read more »

The Fiber to the Home Council yesterday released data that, in these times of carrier-constrained broadband, offers a glimmer of hope. Thanks to the efforts of Verizon and several smaller telecommunications companies, 15 million homes now have access to fiber broadband, with 32 percent of them […] Read more »

Intel made a series of announcements last night that push its low-power Atom processor closer to the smartphone side of the mobile computing spectrum. It announced more details of its Moorestown platform aimed at mobile Internet devices. The platform is coming in 2010 and includes an […] Read more »

New York Representative Eric Massa came out against metered billing yesterday, issuing a statement that called out Time Warner for limiting consumers’ access to broadband. Massa, who represents an area near Rochester, N.Y., where Time Warner has expanded its metered billing trials, seems to agree with […] Read more »

The Federal Communications Commission will open up on Wednesday a Notice of Inquiry for the forthcoming National Broadband Plan, kicking off what interim FCC chair Michael Copps calls “an open, participatory, public process.” I hope it is, but traditionally our citizens have been quicker to complain […] Read more »

Researchers at Rice University have scored $16 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop a universal compiler that will run on heterogeneous hardware and multicore platforms, which are found in everything from supercomputers to embedded systems, such as those used in routers or game […] Read more »

Updated: Fusion-io said today it has raised $47.5 million in second-round funding led by Lightspeed Venture, and formally announced David Bradford as CEO. The enterprise Flash drive startup also saw Series A investors, including New Enterprise Associates, Dell Ventures and Sumitomo Ventures, return for this round […] Read more »

It’s a good time to be a budget cell phone company, judging by the subscriber numbers out this morning from MetroPCS. The cellular operator added 687,000 net new subscribers in the first quarter of this year, up 51 percent over last quarter’s record number. MetroPCS, which […] Read more »

When Time Warner Cable rolls out its new pricing plans, it won’t base its tiers simply on consumption, but will also consider broadband speed as part of the equation, according to a statement released this afternoon by TWC Chief Operating Officer Landel Hobbs. As it deals […] Read more »

Frontier Communications told me today that it will delay launching consumption-based broadband plans until at least 2010 due to the “current economic environment.” “We know everyone is looking at value and trying to stabilize their current budgets, so we felt it would be best to hold off […] Read more »

Last week the Washington Post published a big article in which it lists a variety of software-as-a-service applications trying to get government business, and notes how many federal agencies are leery of things like Google Docs and cloud storage because of perceived security concerns. I came […] Read more »

When it comes to trialing its metered broadband service, Time Warner Cable’s choice to do so in the tech-savvy city of Austin, Texas, was no accident. And residents may not be able to do much about it. According to TWC spokesman Jeff Simmermon, Austin’s dedication to […] Read more »

Verizon has been aggressively pushing its fourth generation wireless network plans, which would bring Long Term Evolution, or LTE, to 20-35 markets by the end of 2010. But in the interconnected world of telecommunications, the desires of a vendor can be waylaid if all the pieces […] Read more »

Intel released its proxy today, and in it was some blatant self-promotion that caught my eye. The chipmaker said that by making its proxy materials available online for the past two years, it’s saved some $4.5 million in printing and postage costs and avoided generating the […] Read more »

T-Mobile is trying to work with the Federal Communications Commission to cut in half the number of days a land-line carrier has to transfer a phone number to a cell phone, according to the New York Times. This cracks me up as number portability was once […] Read more »

AT&T, with its efforts to restrict Skype on the iPhone to Wi-Fi hotspots, and what appear to be attempts to block some video services as well, is looking like the Comcast of the wireless net neutrality debate.  In one of my favorite pieces of corporate BS, […] Read more »

Streaming HD video may be clogging up the last mile in homes, but in an enterprise setting, it’s not Vin Diesel flicks that are the problem — it’s larger and more important data being stored in the cloud.  Medical records containing radiographic scans or genomic data […] Read more »

Update April 3: Five days after the terms of service were changed, and four days after the first outcry in the online community, AT&T has retracted the worrisome language in its TOS that forbid third-party video transfers over its cellular network. Today the carrier issued the […] Read more »

AT&T yesterday announced a package that combines wired broadband with mobile broadband via the carrier’s 3G cellular network and 20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots. Customers in Atlanta and Philadelphia can now sign up for plans that offer 200 MB or 5 GB per month of mobile data for […] Read more »

Amazon today said it would bring web-scale computing power for use in workloads such as web indexing and data mining to just about anyone. The bookseller now offers MapReduce (a programming model created by Google to help deal with incredibly large data sets) using Hadoop on […] Read more »

Qwest Communications, the regional telephone provider, is looking to sell its long-haul network, according to a story in the Wall Street Journal. The company, which has $14 billion in debt, wants to continue its consumer last-mile business, which serves 11.6 million customers. However, without a wireless […] Read more »

[qi:004] Updated: It was only a matter of time before Time Warner Cable expanded its efforts to bring tiered broadband out of the tiny town of Beaumont, Texas. According to BusinessWeek, Time Warner is expanding its trials to San Antonio; Austin, Texas; Rochester, N.Y.; and Greensboro, […] Read more »

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