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The protests in Iran that have come in the wake of the country’s June 13 election results, which returned President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power, have showcased the rise of social media like Twitter, Facebook and even cell phone video taken in the streets and uploaded onto […] Read more »

Wireless carriers have had a busy two days in Congress, today getting grilled over exclusivity agreements and yesterday over the high cost of texting. In reading Ars Technica’s coverage of the texting hearings, I was struck by the attention paid to the cost of sending a […] Read more »

Updated: Rep. Eric Massa (D-Corning) today introduced legislation that would force Internet Service Providers that want to implement usage-based pricing plans to go through several regulatory hurdles, including public hearings, to determine if such pricing is anti-competitive. Such usage-based plans may involve tiered pricing or caps […] Read more »

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Realizing that the phone is now a computer, or possibly that ubiquitous wireless networks mean that computers can go anywhere, IBM said today it would spend $100 million on research over the next five years to improve mobile communications for businesses and consumers worldwide. This is […] Read more »

The iPhone  has sure brought a lot of whiners out of the woodwork. Today Sen. John Kerry joined them by publishing a blog post on the Save The Internet blog arguing against exclusivity of certain phones on some wireless networks. Yesterday, Kerry sent a letter to […] Read more »

At his confirmation hearing this afternoon, Julius Genachowski, the nominee for the chair of the Federal Communications Commission, spoke out in favor of using spectrum creatively for providing mobile broadband. In response to questions by Sen. Maria Cantwell on how he planned to handle decision-making around […] Read more »

Opera Software today is trumpeting its new technology offering called Opera Unite that uses the Opera browser to turn your PC into a server that can host photos, files, music, and even act as a Facebook-style wall for exchanging notes and chats. The idea is similar […] Read more »

Western Europe had the most broadband subscribers and Asia-Pacific the slowest broadband growth during the first quarter of 2009, according to a report today from The Broadband Forum. Global broadband grew by 16.6 million lines in the first quarter of 2009, and total IPTV subscribers approached […] Read more »

[qi:___wimax] Clearwire launched its Clear WiMAX service in Atlanta today, providing 3 million people across 1,200 square miles in the home of Coke and the Braves with 4G wireless download speeds of 4-6 Mbps. WiMAX service is available in several packages, including home Internet service plans […] Read more »

IBM’s first true cloud computing products, announced today, consists of workload-specific clouds that can be run by an enterprise on special-purpose IBM gear, Big Blue building that same cloud on its special-purpose gear running inside a firewall, or running the workload on IBM’s hosted cloud. The […] Read more »

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As folks increasingly store and access information online, the data centers powering cloud services need to be managed more like a single computing entity rather than a bunch of servers, according to a Google white paper (Google calls it a mini-book) released today. The paper lays […] Read more » is trying to entice developers working inside the enterprise to its platform-as-a-service product by offering them a free first taste of The platform is built on’s own infrastructure that it cobbled together to deliver its CRM software as a service. It looks like […] Read more »

Six organizations sent a letter to the Senate Commerce Committee today with a list of questions that they believe should be asked of the potential nominees to the Federal Communications Commission. Following a delay in May, the Commerce Committee plans to open confirmation hearings on Tuesday […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_mobile] The IRS wants to enforce rules that require employees to pay taxes on personal calls made on their company-supplied cell phones, according to a story in today’s Wall Street Journal. The issues stems from a 1989 law that says employees are supposed to count personal […] Read more »

Global revenue growth from mobile phone subscriptions has slowed, according to data released today by research firm Telegeography. The firm notes that the top 20 global service providers generated $251 billion during the first three months of 2009, which was only up 3 percent from the […] Read more »

Twice in the last week, I’ve received images of  broadband speed tests from my colleagues that show how fast their networks are, especially on the upload side. I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of envy when I checked out Kevin’s symmetrical 20 Mbps FiOS connection […] Read more »

Since Dell keeps telling folks it wants to buy some companies, we’ve written out a list that Michael Dell should consult as he expands his eponymous empire. Second-hand sources quoted in the Wall Street Journal today said that the company was seeking deals in data storage […] Read more »

As many in the U.S. rush to snap up the Palm Pre that runs on Sprint’s 3G network or the new iPhone 3G S coming on June 19, it may be hard to realize that we’re still living in a world where most people aren’t on […] Read more »

BT, the largest broadband provider in the UK, has said it plans to charge video content providers for the amount of bandwidth they consume on BT’s network, according to a story in Thursday’s Financial Times. The paper quotes John Petter, managing director of BT Retail’s consumer […] Read more »

The venture capital industry needs shave about $13 billion a year from its investments in startup companies, writes Paul Kedrosky in a research paper released today by the Kaufman Foundation. The report not only offers data showing how the U.S. venture capital industry is too big, […] Read more »

The Senate Commerce Committee set a hearing yesterday to consider the nomination of Julius Genachowski as the next Federal Communications Commission chairman for June 16. At that time, it will also consider reappointing Republican Commissioner Robert McDowell. This is great news, given that the current administration […] Read more »

Qualcommm’s (QCOM) MediaFLO mobile television service has the potential to reach 40 percent more people once the DTV transition occurs on Friday. The switch from analog television signals to digital television signals had been scheduled for mid-February, but concerns that a subset of the population weren’t […] Read more »

Two-thirds of U.S. homes subscribe to broadband today, up from one-fifth five years ago, according to data released today by the Leichtman Research Group. The firm found that the more money a household has, the more likely it is to have a computer and broadband access […] Read more »

Hewlett Packard  today announced a new line of servers, a data center mapping program and some consulting and financing services aimed at companies that build out mega data centers. Potential purchasers of the new HP machines include those building cloud computing offerings and enterprise customers trying […] Read more »

After a period of “looking inward,” venture firms are ready to start putting money to work during the second half of this year, according to Terry McGuire. The co-founder and managing general partner at Polaris Venture Partners spoke on a conference call today detailing the state […] Read more »

Updated: Comcast will drop the price of its ultrafast 50 Mbps up down/10 Mbps down up broadband to $99.99 per month with the purchase of one other Comcast service. That’s almost 30 percent less than the original price of $139.95 per month. The new pricing takes […] Read more »

Joe Tucci, president and CEO of storage giant EMC, today issued an open letter wooing the employees of Data Domain, a company that has agreed to be purchased by EMC’s bitter rival NetApp. On May 20, NetApp offered $25 per share to acquire Data Domain in […] Read more »

Cisco said today that the web will continue its breakneck rate of growth to hit 56 exabytes of data per month by 2013. In 2008, IP traffic accounted for 9 exabytes per month, according to the company’s second annual visual networking index. Cisco, which stands to […] Read more »

Apple unveiled the new iPhone today, and once again the device is inspiring lust while the network inspires loathing. While a lot of sites are hacked off that AT&T will not support tethering (using your phone as a modem) and MMS picture messaging on the iPhone […] Read more »

[qi:___wimax] Intel has invested $43 million into Japanese WiMAX provider UQ Communications, as the chip giant continues its efforts to boost the mobile wireless broadband technology around the world. Compared with other forms of wireless broadband, such as the current 3G networks and coming Long Term […] Read more »

Qwest may be desperately looking for a way to ignite growth in the face of its stagnating land-line business, but it’s not yet desperate enough to accept a too-low offer for its long-distance network. The company said today that it’s completed the strategic review of its […] Read more »

These days, as the slowdown in broadband adoption increasingly hampers revenue growth, the consumer broadband business is searching for new ways to boost its bottom line. Some Internet Service Providers are experimenting with tiered pricing, while others are trying to deliver advertising or new content. While it’s […] Read more »

Updated: After writing extensively about how cell phone providers want to boost their business by offering wireless access for emerging devices, such as electric meters or e-readers, I decided to check with the nation’s four largest carriers to see what they consider to be some of […] Read more »

Cloud services, such as Microsoft’s Azure platform, will be less profitable for the company than its software sales, said Ray Ozzie, Redmond’s chief software architect. He said the same thing back in a March 2008 interview with Om as well. Ozzie made his latest comments at […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_chip] The Semiconductor Association has lowered its chip forecast for the year, saying it now expects the sale of semiconductors to fall by 21 percent from 2008 to 2009. The revised numbers shave $53 billion off the previous 2009 forecast, issued by the SIA in November, […] Read more »

National security on the web will be the next topic tackled by Google at a meeting it holds regularly in Washington, D.C., to highlight web-related issues for regulators and staffers of congressmen. This latest topic is appropriate, given the Obama administration’s recent creation of a cybersecurity […] Read more »

This morning I chatted with Glenn Lurie, president of national distribution at AT&T, about the carrier’s strategy to embed wireless access into anything that isn’t a smartphone, netbook or PC. He said AT&T is working to find pricing models that may include prepaid data plans (we […] Read more »

Intel today said it plans to acquire Wind River Systems for $884 million — a deal that gives the world’s largest chipmaker control of development software and operating systems for devices that range from cell phones to routers. Intel last year made a big to-do about […] Read more »

Back when explorers were setting out from Spain, England and Portugal with instructions to find God, gold and glory, maps were a strategic asset. Even today, the in-depth mapping and visual information provided by Google Maps and Street View is a source of concern to the Pentagon […] Read more »

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