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[qi:086] Keep your landline or your loved ones may die, seems to be the messaging tied to AT&T’s Home Base campaign released today. It comes on the heels of a Verizon ad aimed at getting non-Verizon landline customers to ditch their wires in exchange for wireless. […] Read more »

[qi:101] The $7.2 billion to be paid out to companies that plan to expand the nation’s broadband access isn’t just about tossing funds to private and public organizations to lay fiber or place wireless towers — it’s about job creation. This was brought home to me […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_chip] ARM, the company that licenses its designs to chipmakers eager for a low-power processor for cell phones and embedded devices, has taken the lead when it comes to consumer electronics in the home, according to research published today from Semicast. The analyst firm says ARM-based […] Read more »

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If the Department of Justice wants to scrutinize the telecommunications industry, as The Wall Street Journal suggests it does, then it should get in line behind the new FCC, Congress and possibly the Federal Trade Commission. It also should focus on the much less sexy aspect […] Read more »

In the fight to own Data Domain, EMC hopes that raising its offer to $2.1 billion, or $33.50 per share, will tear the de-duplication company from the arms of storage rival NetApp. Offering over $200 million more could persuade Data Domain’s shareholders, who were perhaps unswayed […] Read more »

Many of you may have seen this before, but since it’s always good to know your history, here’s a photo purporting to be of the first web server, a NeXT workstation belonging to Sir Tim Berners-Lee when he worked at CERN creating what would become the […] Read more »

BT, the UK’s largest ISP, has decided to cut ties with Phorm, the deep packet inspection company that offered ISPs a way of targeting advertisements based on where their subscribers surfed on the web. When the relationship between the two was first made public last year, […] Read more »

Akamai today said it would provide adaptive bit-rate streaming to deliver video content from web sites to the Apple iPhone 3G and devices running the iPhone OS 3.0 operating system. Basically, using adaptive bit-rate streaming means folks can watch streaming video on their iPhones or iPod […] Read more »

Updated: Today we’ve received an email and seen multiple tweets alerting us to the fact that Google’s App Engine software development platform is down. We’ve emailed the company for details, but in the meantime, a check of the App Engine status page won’t even load at […] Read more »

Several marketing associations supported by Google have banded together and released seven principles that they believe should govern online privacy. Are you ready for a journey to the Emerald City? Because the principles are the online advertisers’ attempts to stave off government regulation around protecting consumers’ […] Read more »

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Orange, a UK ISP and mobile phone company, is reportedly close to signing a deal with an ad-supported mobile virtual network called Blyk that would offer certain Orange customers credits on their service in exchange for receiving text-based ads on their mobile phones. According to an […] Read more »

[qi:101] The two national agencies responsible for allocating $7.2 billion in broadband grants as part of the stimulus bill today released the rules governing the process and said the government would provide about $4 billion in loans for the first of three funding rounds. That money […] Read more »

Globalstar today closed on $738 million in financing, while rival satellite operator TerreStar launched its new bird, TerreStar-1. Globalstar plans to use its money to fund operations and launch a new generation of satellites in 2010 that will deliver all IP-based voice and data to its […] Read more »

CenturyTel and Embarq today announced the completion of their $11.6 billion merger, which results in a phone company that will serve 7.5 million customers in 33 states. The combined company will now be known as CenturyLink — and the aging copper-based DSL lines it offers to […] Read more »

Only 2 percent of the world lives in a country where broadband penetration has exceeded 80 percent, according to a report out today from TeleGeography. The report noted that worries over broadband saturation are really only appropriate in 10 countries out of the 127 the firm […] Read more »

Cisco today outlined its plans for delivering IT services over the web (aka cloud services), and as part of a conference call, showed off a great slide that illustrates exactly how many companies this former networking gear maker wants to take on. If I were to […] Read more »

Unisys, the IT services company, today became the latest with a set of products aimed at helping customers create their own internal clouds. And in a month it will offer a true Infrastructure-as-a-Service product that will deliver computing and storage on demand and on a per-instance […] Read more »

Good things come in threes, and any triptych of services is the basis for a journalist to declare a trend, so when I met three different companies last week that offered a way to bundle a variety of mobile broadband connections into one fat pipe, I […] Read more »

Eight-two percent of home buyers who have had broadband service over fiber all the way to the house rank it as the leading real estate amenity, the Fiber-to-the-Home Council said today. A national study of U.S. broadband consumers by RVA LLC Market Research and Consulting shows […] Read more »

Research In Motion bought Dash Navigation in May for an undisclosed price, but yesterday an investment adviser did the math and stated on his blog that the BlackBerry maker paid $8.3 million for the navigation company. Davis Freeberg combed through Research In Motion’s SEC filings and […] Read more »

Nokia, Motorola, Research in Motion, Apple (yes, even Apple) and six other cell phone makers have agreed to a European Commission request to develop a universal charger. The agreement was announced today by the the EC. The new handsets will use Micro-USB connectors, and will be […] Read more »

Alcatel-Lucent said today that it’s begun providing German carrier E-Plus with equipment that inserts advertisements onto mobile devices based on demographic information provided by a subsidiary of the carrier. Customers opt in to the service and in exchange get extra minutes or texts on their cell […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_netbook] Nokia plans to launch an ARM-based netbook that relies on the Google-pioneered Android mobile operating system in 2010, writes Lazard Capital Markets analyst Daniel Amir in a research note issued this morning. In the same note, he predicts that the total number of netbooks sold […] Read more »

The congratulations are rolling in after the Senate today confirmed Julius Genachowski as the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. The Senate also confirmed Robert McDowell for his second term, leaving only two spots remaining to be filled on the five-member commission. Read more »

Most technology vendors agree that multiple mobile networks create a lot of complexity for users trying to figure out how they should connect when Wi-Fi or 3G networks are available. Add WiMAX and LTE to the picture and things get even more complicated, according to Barbara […] Read more »

The demand for ubiquitous web access and a scarcity of bandwidth on wireless networks are driving the technology world to try to figure out how to build the equivalent of a bandwidth cloud composed of a variety of available networks, from cellular to Wi-Fi and WiMAX. […] Read more »

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is rethinking his earlier disdain for software as a service and all things cloud, according to a report today in The Wall Street Journal. Maybe a dismal economy and a drop in Oracle sales are forcing him to change his position. The […] Read more »

[qi:032] The other night I watched “Corpse Bride.” The Tim Burton flick was streamed from Netflix via my Time Warner broadband subscription, though my Linksys router to my Roku box, and from there through an HDMI cable to my television. But I could have watched a […] Read more »

Ivan Seidenberg, the CEO of Verizon, appeared on “The Charlie Rose Show” yesterday talking about the communication company’s plans for global growth, network neutrality and the role of government. For the record, Verizon plans to build out its wireless business internationally within the next 5-10 years, […] Read more »

Texas Instruments is betting that a more powerful cell phone, one that uses identical computing cores working in parallel inside the application processor, a setup it calls symmetric multicore processing, will be here as soon as 2011. Such phones, which will be built with multicore ARM-based […] Read more »

Updated: Intel is expected to announce today that will sell its chips to Nokia for use in the Swedish Finnish handset maker’s mobile devices, according to a report from Bloomberg. The deal may be a coup for Intel’s low-power Atom chips, which it hopes to provide […] Read more »

In the battle over consumer privacy, it looks like information gleaned from deep packet inspection may be under fire, according to a post on Perkins Coie’s law blog. Deep packet inspection tools can review the content of each packet of information traversing the web. The post, […] Read more »

Verizon today boosted its upload speeds across its FiOS fiber-to-the-home broadband packages, which leads me to wonder if upload speeds are the new download speeds in a saturated market for broadband. Om and I both have complained about anemic upload speeds, which are becoming more of […] Read more »

During the dot-com boom, so many undersea cable delivering the Internet traversed the bottom of the ocean between the U.S. and Europe that bandwidth prices plummeted and providers of submarine cables filed for bankruptcy. But those cables may soon no longer be enough to satisfy the […] Read more »

Gigle Semiconductor said today that consumer device maker Belkin is using its chip in an adapter that allows for home networking of up to 1Gbps using a home’s power line infrastructure. Such speeds are a huge boost for power line networking. A consumer buys the adapter, […] Read more »

Austin is among the places that people are flocking to in the recession, according to BusinessWeek. Other magazines have given Austin (and all of Texas) similar praise, mostly because it’s so darn cheap to live here. But I don’t want to lie to y’all — Austin […] Read more »

Sony CEO Howard Stringer reaffirmed the consumer electronics giant’s decision to focus on networked gadgets while discussing its restructuring at a shareholders’ meeting held today, according to Reuters. Stringer said the company would lay off 16,000 workers and close eight of its 57 manufacturing sites as […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_mobile] FCC acting chairman Michael Copps said yesterday afternoon that the agency would investigate exclusivity deals between carriers and handset makers, and “take action” if they were found to cause harm to consumers. While the largest cellular carriers are protesting the probe, consumer advocates are thrilled. […] Read more »

[qi:___wifi] Wi-Fi on planes isn’t just a threat. It’s here, as evidenced by this recent video chat between our earthbound colleague Kevin Tofel and Paul Walborsky, our fearless leader, who was crossing the country on a Virgin America flight. What’s better (or worse, depending on your […] Read more »

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