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AT&T said today that it will provide wireless service for an eagerly anticipated e-reader from Plastic Logic, and that it’s inked an agreement with Jasper Wireless to provide 3G service to a variety of consumer devices such as cameras and navigation systems in cars. The two […] Read more »

Synaptics, maker of the touchscreens on several phones, including the Google phone from T-Mobile and the LG Samsung Instinct, has benefited as touch has been added to all kinds of devices — its seen a boost to both its profits and its number of customers. The […] Read more »

IBM said today it will resell switches and routers made by Juniper under the IBM brand to compliment Big Blue’s server products aimed at data centers. The move is a direct response to Cisco’s creation of its own brand of servers it calls the Unified Computing […] Read more »

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Wired Internet service providers, by and large, view peer-to-peer file-sharing as a voracious, bandwidth-eating monster. With that in mind, they have justified tiered pricing, aggressive traffic shaping and bandwidth caps all in the name of stopping P2P traffic from overrunning the network. Handily, such practices not […] Read more »

Venture firms were still shy about making investments in startups during the second quarter of 2009, and the industry as a whole will likely return to 1996 funding levels, with VCs investing between $11 billion and $14 billion for the year, according to the MoneyTree Report […] Read more »

Qwest  said today it will offer double the broadband speeds to some  customers, and is also offering discounts on the service in conjunction with a wired phone line. Like its competitors, the phone provider is emphasizing faster upstream speed packages as part of this effort. It’s […] Read more »

The folks behind PrimaCloud, a cloud computing and storage product that offers a service-level agreement that it claims delivers 99.99 reliability (that means it can go down 53 minutes each year), said today it will save $1 million by virtualizing its network and will spend 50 […] Read more »

With every day that passes we become more convinced that the Internet in our hands aka on our mobile devices is going to define network usage and innovation. According to some estimates, the consumption of data on mobiles will near an exabyte by the end of […] Read more »

Verizon’s not merely bowing to federal pressure, it’s using the concessions it is making towards handsets as way to weaken AT&T’s grip on the iPhone. With its willingness to make all of its phones available, (albeit to the nation’s smallest carriers) it’s breaking ranks with AT&T, which now looks like a kid who refuses to share. Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_cloud-computing] HP  said today that it has agreed to buy IBRIX, a Billerica, Mass.-based maker of software that allows customers to build out scalable storage clouds. Terms of the deal, which will augment HP’s sales to businesses requiring high-performance computing, were not disclosed. Like Caringo and […] Read more »

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[qi:gigaom_icon_hardware] Google is operating a data center in Belgium without chillers (which augment cool air to help keep the data center at the right temperature and use a lot of electricity), according to Rich Miller over at Data Center Knowledge. However, what’s most noteworthy about this […] Read more »

Google wants you to help shape the forthcoming National Broadband Plan. The search giant has created a web site with the New America Foundation where anyone can submit their ideas. People can vote for their favorites (Google will use its Moderator program to manage the entries), […] Read more »

Location information is becoming a lot like salt — some folks think adding it makes every app better. Data released today from Skyhook, a company that uses Wi-Fi signals to provide location information, notes that location data is popping up in ever more mobile applications, from […] Read more »

3Par, a Fremont, Calif.-based maker of storage arrays for data centers, pre-announced lowered earnings for the first quarter of its fiscal year 2009 yesterday, blaming, among other things, the fact that customers don’t have access to the electricity needed to add 3Par gear to their data centers. Data […] Read more »

Microsoft today unveiled pricing details for its Azure services platform — possibly because customers were reluctant to build an application on the beta platform without knowing what it may one day cost them. The platform is Microsoft’s leap into the clouds, and it’s an impressive first […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_4G] People will consume an exabyte — that’s 1 million terabytes — of information on mobile networks this year, predicts independent wireless analyst Chetan Sharma in his latest report, entitled “Managing Growth and Profit in the Yottabyte Era.” (A yottabyte is 1,000 billion terabytes.)  Sharma notes that […] Read more »

Rackspace said today that it will release the APIs for its Cloud Servers product, which provides on-demand, per-instance-based computing. Releasing the APIs means a variety of companies — such as RightScale — will be able to build products and development platforms using Rackspace’s cloud without going […] Read more »

Nuance Communications, a provider of various speech recognition and predictive text products, said today it’s purchased Jott, whose service translates spoken messages into text and then emails or inserts them into various web services, for an undisclosed sum. As part of the deal, John Pollard, co-founder […] Read more »

Verizon wants to build its own app store, and is planning a July 28 event to entice developers to its platform. Like everyone else wooing programmers, the company hopes to get the equivalent of the in-crowd building the hottest apps that will elevate its store, and […] Read more »

[qi:101] Venture capital firms convinced limited partners to hand over $1.7 billion to 25 funds during the second quarter of this year — the smallest dollar amount raised by VCs in a single quarter since 2003, according to data released today by the National Venture Capital […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_chip] Texas Instruments last year said it would exit the wireless baseband business (it will still make custom radios for clients, but will dump its catalog of wireless baseband chips), and today the Wall Street Journal notes the effect this is likely to have on TI’s […] Read more »

In the U.S., which has a population of 304 million, there are about 270 million cell phone subscriptions. With a market this saturated, the conventional wisdom is that there’s not much room for growth, especially as the amount paid for voice declines. And this is why […] Read more »

While broadband service provider networks and utilities’ two-way smart grids belong together, the utilities are acting like a reluctant bride in an arranged marriage. Reasonable adults can see that combining the two is a good idea, but utilities and communications companies are oftentimes miles apart over […] Read more »

Updated: Using gestures to control your computer is one of those sci-fi dreams that most of us find fun to imagine, but don’t expect to ever incorporate into our everyday lives. But after reading about the AcceleGlove over on OStatic, a $500 glove that comes with a […] Read more »

Intel has “been working with Google” on the search giant’s planned Chrome OS, according to a report today in The Inquirer, which goes on to herald the end of the Wintel (Intel PCs running the Windows OS) hegemony. My feeling is that such a proclamation may […] Read more »

Updated: Sprint today said it will turn over the day-to-day management of its wireless network to Ericsson, and spend between $4.5 billion and $5 billion over the next seven years for the service. The two companies will host a conference call later in the day to […] Read more »

How would you like to help determine which projects will receive some of the $4.7 billion in federal funds allocated for broadband improvement around the country? Well, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration has the job for you — as a volunteer grant reviewer. That’s right, […] Read more »

Wireless dealmaking has remained a fairly bright spot during the recession, according to an overview of venture investment and M&A in the industry released today by Rutberg & Co. The boutique investment bank focuses on digital media and wireless deals, and says it’s seen the dollar […] Read more »

[qi:107] Almost half of those currently subscribing to a mobile broadband plan are willing to cut such plans in order to make ends meet, according to research from Strategy Analytics (profiled at eMarketer). Two-thirds would keep their in-home broadband, while 48 percent would dump mobile data […] Read more »

[qi:004] The rules surrounding the release of $4 billion in federal funds aimed at providing better broadband and creating jobs announced last week have so far disappointed applicants hoping to deliver advanced broadband services such as fiber to the home. Instead, the rules associated with the […] Read more »

Google’s Chrome OS may or may not make it, but the attempt shows how far the computer industry has come from a bulky PC chained to a desk by its power cord and Ethernet cable. The computer is evolving from those dinosaurs to a smaller, mobile model that is always connected to the web. The iPhone brought us apps that are lightweight so users don’t get bogged down by smaller processors and slower wireless web connections on mobile devices. Google’s Chrome OS attempts to keep that speed, while preserving a platform for Google to make money through advertising. Read more »

The majority of second-round-and-later venture funding deals during the first quarter of 2009 showed a decrease in valuation. Fifty-one percent of the financing during the period were so-called down rounds, which means the price per share of a new security is less than the price of […] Read more »

[qi:086] Keep your landline or your loved ones may die, seems to be the messaging tied to AT&T’s Home Base campaign released today. It comes on the heels of a Verizon ad aimed at getting non-Verizon landline customers to ditch their wires in exchange for wireless. […] Read more »

[qi:101] The $7.2 billion to be paid out to companies that plan to expand the nation’s broadband access isn’t just about tossing funds to private and public organizations to lay fiber or place wireless towers — it’s about job creation. This was brought home to me […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_chip] ARM, the company that licenses its designs to chipmakers eager for a low-power processor for cell phones and embedded devices, has taken the lead when it comes to consumer electronics in the home, according to research published today from Semicast. The analyst firm says ARM-based […] Read more »

If the Department of Justice wants to scrutinize the telecommunications industry, as The Wall Street Journal suggests it does, then it should get in line behind the new FCC, Congress and possibly the Federal Trade Commission. It also should focus on the much less sexy aspect […] Read more »

In the fight to own Data Domain, EMC hopes that raising its offer to $2.1 billion, or $33.50 per share, will tear the de-duplication company from the arms of storage rival NetApp. Offering over $200 million more could persuade Data Domain’s shareholders, who were perhaps unswayed […] Read more »

Many of you may have seen this before, but since it’s always good to know your history, here’s a photo purporting to be of the first web server, a NeXT workstation belonging to Sir Tim Berners-Lee when he worked at CERN creating what would become the […] Read more »

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