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Companies making products for wireless HD video transmission through the use of the 60 Ghz standard are showing off their wares in Europe, thanks to the European Union’s recent approval of the use of spectrum between 57 GHz and 66 GHz wireless bands for unlicensed commercial […] Read more »

Qwest today said it has purchased gear from Alcatel-Lucent that will one day allow its long-haul network to achieve speeds of 100Gbps.  Since the company decided last June to keep its long-haul network, the upgrades were part of a continued and necessary investment in greater speeds and […] Read more »

As most know, Gmail has had hiccups today and as I write this, is down. While I used to visit blogs for more information when sites like Gmail, YouTube or Facebook stop working, Twitter has become my go-to source for information on how widespread the problem […] Read more »

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[qi:063] A group of 10 consumer groups today asked the House Commerce Committee, which is drafting an online privacy bill, to consider stringent regulations aimed at curbing behavioral advertising and the use of sensitive consumer information. The groups, which include the Center for Digital Democracy, Consumers Union, Electronic […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_mobile] The Linley Group released a report last night in which it claims that about 150 million handsets are missing from the official calculations of phones sold in 2008. The research firm notes that while some 1.2 billion cell phones shipped last year, 1.43 billion cellular […] Read more »

[qi:___wifi] The Wi-Fi Alliance, the groups that certifies Wi-Fi devices and markets the wireless technology, has conducted a survey, released today, that found that 76 percent of people would choose an airline based on whether or not it offers in-flight WiFi-based broadband. However, only 31 percent […] Read more »

Dell has signed partnership agreements with Brocade and Scalent to answer the threat posed by Cisco’s servers and the need to create a computing environment that can handle virtualized servers, networking and storage. The idea is to create what most call a unified computing fabric to […] Read more »

Clearwire today said it’s hired Teresa Elder to be the new president of strategic partnerships and wholesale, which will see her market the WiMAX company’s services to its cable partners and consumer device makers, and that Chief Strategy Officer Scott Richardson will leave Clearwire, but remain […] Read more »

Calix, a company that provides equipment to help carriers, cable companies or rural broadband providers deploy and manage fiber networks, has raised $100 million in a combination of debt and equity financing. The funding will help the company meet demand for its products, which has been […] Read more »

Google’s Mountain View, Calif., Wi-Fi network was supposed to mark the search giant’s evolution into an ISP when it was unveiled three years ago, delivering free Internet access to people as a way of getting more of them to see its ads. Instead it’s stayed confined […] Read more »

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[qi:gigaom_icon_chip] Intel this morning lifted estimates for its third-quarter revenue, saying it now expects sales of $9 billion, give or take $200 million. That’s up from its previous guidance of $8.5 billion, give or take $400 million, issued just last month. The chipmaker, which is due […] Read more »

The quality of software will soon drive consumers’ purchase of cell phones, much like the availability of specific games has determined which consoles people buy, says Peter Farago, vice president of marketing for Flurry, a company that provides information on which mobile platforms are attracting developers. […] Read more »

With venture capitalists still leery about telecommunications investments after the fallout from the dot-com crash, telcos should beef up their R&D if they want to stay competitive, Dave Burstein, a longtime telecommunications reporter, wrote yesterday. Two percent of sales would be a good start, he suggests, […] Read more »

[qi:101] The government agencies responsible for dispensing $7.2 billion in broadband stimulus money said today that 2,200 entities have applied for the first tranche of $4 billion in grants. The total funding sought was just shy of $28 billion, according to a release posted on the […] Read more »

Updated: The Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously this morning to review innovation in the wireless industry, a commitment it signaled when it interceded in the banning of the Google Voice application from Apple’s iPhone.  The agency will also take a detailed look at competition in the […] Read more »

We’ve been hard on the federal government for the disconnect between its need to get out $4 billion in broadband stimulus money to areas without broadband and its simultaneous need to map the areas where folks don’t have broadband in order to determine the best way […] Read more »

Amazon last night announced it Virtual Private Cloud service, essentially giving enterprise customers worried about security and control in the cloud a salve to get them to trust it. The offering provides access to Amazon’s web services through a virtual private network, which is basically a […] Read more »

As platforms pop up everywhere, the API, or application programming interface, is the bridge linking data on to an app built in Google’s AppEngine — or it’s the link between Twitter and your ability to tweet using TweetDeck. No matter what type of business is […] Read more »

Clearwire has enough money to provide 4G wireless broadband service to 75 million people this year, and hopes to raise enough to boost that to 120 million by 2010. Clearwire CEO Bill Morrow tells The Seattle Times today that the $2.5 billion the company has allocated […] Read more »

Apple pulled the Google Voice iPhone application from the iPhone, according to letters the company filed in response to an inquiry by the Federal Communications Commission. Apple says that it has not outright rejected the Google Voice app, but is merely studying it. Problem is, it mucks around […] Read more »

The Federal Communication Commission yesterday afternoon released a notice of its open meeting to be held next Thursday. The two most significant items planned for the meeting is an attempt to gather more information on competition in the wireless industry and a request for help in […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_lte] Just three days after an analyst questioned Motorola’s ability to win any business selling Long Term Evolution equipment (something I had been asking the company about as well), the vendor said it won a contract to provide LTE equipment to Japan’s KDDI. This is the […] Read more »

[qi:___wimax] The future of WiMAX is pretty bleak in developed countries and as a result, equipment makers aren’t likely to sustain their investments in the space, according to a note out today by research firm Analysys Mason. The note calls out Cisco and Motorola specifically. Motorola […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_iphone] Verizon and Qualcomm said today that their new joint venture, which will provide access to Verizon’s network for machines and other embedded wireless applications, will be called nPhase. The name comes from the original M2M company that Qualcomm acquired in 2006, and the service provided […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_social_networking] The Federal Communications Commission’s workshops related to the National Broadband plan are a hotbed of data if one bothers to download the presentations various people and companies are making in them. One that caught my eye, from Verizon for today’s workshop, showed how much time […] Read more »

[qi:015] KeyOn, a wireless broadband provider in Omaha, Neb., said this morning that it’s applied for $150 million in broadband stimulus funds in order to expand its WiMAX network and cover an additional 4 million people — a cost of $37.50 each. KeyOn, which uses WiMAX […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_4G] When it comes to broadband, we in the U.S. want more, more, more. But when it comes to wireless, we’re limited by the amount of spectrum available to us. The spectrum is a measure of dedicated (in the case of licensed spectrum) or undedicated (in […] Read more »

My daughter broke her leg on Saturday, and despite my worry for her, I spent a considerable amount of time at the hospitals where she was treated noticing the variety of familiar technology used by the doctors. While some of what I saw was awesome, I […] Read more »

Earlier this week I spoke with Erich Clementi, General Manager, Enterprise Initiatives (otherwise known as the head of IBM’s cloud computing efforts) about Big Blue’s cloud strategy. After we raked the computer and service provider over the coals earlier this year for talking about the cloud […] Read more »

Without the Universal Serial Bus standard we’d live in a world that Apple, with its infinite variations of specialized port formats and cable changes, would love to make possible. Think of the margins! But even the design-centric Apple has succumbed to the lure of USB, that […] Read more »

Today is the due date for municipalities and companies to apply via mail for a piece of the $4 billion being released in the first tranche of the broadband stimulus program, (those filing electronically get another week to get their applications through clogged servers). Roughly half […] Read more »

Internet service providers are beginning to focus on upstream speeds as subscribers change their online behavior from consuming web content to producing it. I’ve written how upstream demand is on the rise thanks to online storage services, video uploads and file sharing, but for people to […] Read more »

[qi:101] Folks applying online for some of the $4 billion in broadband stimulus funds available in the first round of grants have a little breathing room thanks to the government servers hitting a wall. It’s not clear what department is running the servers, but like any […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_4G] Later this year in Boston and Seattle, Verizon will test a wireless technology capable of delivering speeds that are comparable to those of basic cable modems and exceeding basic DSL. And the local Boston papers want to know if this means consumers should dump their […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] When it comes to buying content, consumers prefer to pick a bundle rather than buy à la carte, Daniel Taylor, a GigaOM Pro analyst, argues over at NewTeeVee. To bolster his argument, he used the example of paying for cable, rather than individual channels (even […] Read more »

[qi:083] Updated: The deal expected to be announced between Nokia  and Microsoft today, which would see Microsoft adapt its Office products for Nokia smartphones, would be is a desperate play. But not nearly desperate enough. The pact, by which Microsoft hopes to boost the fortunes of […] Read more »

Readers, it looks like Twitter is on the fritz, so let’s play a quick game to figure out what might be wrong with the microblogging site this time. At 12:15 PT, the main site appeared to be down, then it was up and running a few […] Read more »

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