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Sweden’s telecommunications regulatory agency took a look at innovation and openness on broadband networks and found that the government should have a role in providing fiber — and that the country needs more spectrum. Read more »

Comcast and GE said today they plan to merge Comcast’s entertainment properties with GE’s NBC Universal to create a joint venture valued at $37.25 billion — a smart move by Comcast as it seeks to control the future of television on the web. Read more »

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Alcatel-Lucent is introducing software and services to enable it to be the bridge between carriers and applications developers. Its hope is to help open up the proprietary telecommunications world to apps companies while helping carriers make money off their pipes. Read more »

The FCC is prepping for a future without the circuit-switched network that currently handles most of the calls in this country, as we transition to an all-IP communications network. This transition requires regulatory reform, but will also enable new services that meld voice, video and data. Read more »

Comcast today said it’s kicked off a broadband meter trial that will measure how much data a household consumers over its cable modem, something we’ve asked for since Comcast made clear its 250 GB-per-month cap on data downloads. Read more »

Clearwire has opened retail stores in 10 U.S. cities as part of pushing its Clear WiMAX service to the masses. However, given how few WiMax-capable devices there are right now, the retail environment must seem pretty empty. Read more »

Samsung today announced volume production of its latest Flash memory chips that will lead to faster, cheaper memory in a variety of consumer products. It starts with 8 GB microSD cards. Read more »

Broadcom today agreed to acquire Dune Networks, a chip firm that enables hyper-scale computing, for $178 million. The deal is a response to the changes that virtualization and cloud computing have created in the IT environment. Read more »

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Waterloo, Iowa will soon offer the fastest broadband in the nation with 105 Mbps service provided by Mediacomm, a cable provider. Sure, the fast speeds are somewhat of a gimmick, but we hope it’s a gimmick that can turn into reality. Read more »

Data so far shows that online spending and visits to online retailers are up this holiday season, but has the spending and traffic hit a peak ahead of Cyber Monday? If so, does it render Black Friday and Cyber Monday moot as indicators for holiday spending? Read more »

As Lenovo steps back into the mobile business, it’s becoming clear that Android will democratize the hardware for mobile phones allowing the PC makers (both Dell and Acer are using it) to make a compelling handsets and put the hurt on traditional handset makers. Read more »

The cyber shopping rush has already begun, with Akamai reporting that at around 11:30 a.m. ET some 6,591,354 global visitors per minute were hitting retail sites, which is about 48 percent above normal. Read more »

I’m not really comfortable making broad technology predictions, but I’ve run across two things recently that perfectly illustrate for me the next generation of the web, which will consist of services that tell us what we want to know precisely when we want to know it. Read more »

Asana, a year-old stealthy startup co-founded by two Facebook alumni, Justin Rosenstein and Dustin Moskovitz, said today it’s raised $9 million in a Series A round led by Benchmark Capital and Andreessen Horowitz. While intentionally vague about how the Asana software will work, the two are […] Read more »

The servers running our web applications, crunching numbers or serving up ads aren’t all in company-owned data centers — many are in co-location facilities, which have grown by 1.66 million square feet of floor space since 2008, an increase of 9 percent, according to a report out this morning from Telegeography research. Read more »

Here at GigaOM we’ve pretty much decided that the femtocell market is dead. At the very least, it’s significantly smaller than what was forecast (GigaOM Pro, subscription required) when these tiny base stations for the home first started garnering attention last year. However, analysts at Deutsche […] Read more »

AT&T today introduced a prepaid mobile broadband product that exactly matches the pricing of similar plans launched earlier this month by Verizon Wireless. I was skeptical of Verizon’s offering because it’s pretty pricey, and I’m not sold on AT&T’s either, but my colleague Kevin Tofel points […] Read more »

Ciena today beat out Nokia Siemens Network to buy bankrupt Nortel’s metro Ethernet business for $769 million, winning the bidding war for the assets that it began in October. A court will still have to approve the deal that will see Ciena, which makes fiber optical equipment, […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_hardware] As compute demand increases, demand for power in data centers is soaring. To help IT professionals halt the spread of watt-consuming servers, the industry needs to develop software that can communicate the ways in which the various layers of the data center perform and interact. […] Read more »

Air Canada is testing an in-flight Wi-Fi service from Aircell on its flights between Toronto and Los Angeles and Montreal and L.A. From now until Jan. 29, passengers can plunk down $9.95 per flight to surf on a laptop and $7.95 to access the Internet on […] Read more »

The New York City Council is voting on a resolution this morning supporting the idea that Internet service providers cannot discriminate against web traffic on their networks. As gestures go, this resolution supporting net neutrality is more symbolic than it is useful, and to that end […] Read more »

With Azure, Microsoft is trying to strike a balance between giving customers the ease of a platform as a service and the customization that power users need to build tailored applications — both in-house and in the public Azure cloud. In the wake of the Redmond giant’s […] Read more »

Sprint held a happy hour last night to show off the WiMAX launch in here Austin, Texas, so I wandered over for some BBQ and broadband. I want to love WiMAX, but I can’t get excited about the promise of upload speeds of some 400 kilobits […] Read more »

The iPhone has not only changed the way people consume data on their mobile phones — thanks to its touchscreen, and the myriad of apps that make grabbing such info from the web on a small device easy — it’s changed assumptions as to which devices […] Read more »

Even though we’re inching ever-closer towards consumption-based broadband, not all ISPs are implementing metered or tiered plans as a way to punish users who clog their pipes. For example, Verizon plans to may one day move to a consumption-based model as a way to generate additional […] Read more » today announced Salesforce Chatter, an application that provides a social network for enterprise businesses. Salesforce Chatter incorporates social networking and real-time connection features as well as integrates Facebook and Twitter status updates, making it unique from other enterprise collaboration offerings from Cisco and Microsoft, which […] Read more »

The Asia-Pacific region is getting ever-closer to faster mobile broadband, with network operators in Japan, Singapore, Australia and Indonesia readying their Long Term Evolution networks. Today NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s largest mobile operator, affirmed its plans to deploy LTE in 2010; it also said it would shut […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_4G] Qualcomm holds about a quarter of the patents required to make the Long Term Evolution wireless standard happen on mobile devices and networks, according to an ABI Research report published earlier this week. Other big holders include Interdigital, with 18 percent; Huawei, with 10 percent; […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_fttx] Get ready for the next generation of fiber to the home, which will deliver 10 Gbps downlink and 2.5 Gbps uplink shared across 32 homes. Verizon will announce next year that it has achieved these results in its labs, a huge improvement over the 2.5 […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_cloud-computing] Microsoft today at its developer conference in Los Angeles unveiled its Pinpoint service, which looks kind of like an app store aimed at enterprise developers and customers using Microsoft’s Azure cloud offerings, albeit one that goes beyond mere apps. It also showed off  a data […] Read more »

ARM and more than 35 other companies have banded together to create an alliance dubbed the Solution Center for Android, which is aimed at increasing the resources available for developers trying to build for the relatively young OS on top of ARM hardware. Android, an open-source, […] Read more »

Cray’s Jaguar supercomputer is the fastest machine on the planet, according to the Top 500 list of supercomputers published today by four researchers in the computing industry. It marks the first time that Jaguar beat out IBM’s Roadrunner on a performance basis, achieving 2.3 petaflops, or […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_WiMax] Sprint announced WiMAX service today in San Antonio and my hometown of Austin, Texas, so this is just to tell y’all I’m playing with a modem and will be letting folks know how it all works, once I activate the darn thing. Currently Sprint doesn’t […] Read more »

Cisco said today it would up its offer to buy Tandberg to $3.4 billion — a boost of $400 million over its original bid, made last month — and said 40 percent of Tandberg’s shareholders have so far accepted the deal (Cisco needs 90 percent). About two […] Read more »

[qi:gigaom_icon_cloud-computing] AT&T today unveiled its Synaptic Compute as a Service product that will use hardware from Sun Microsystems and software from VMware to provide businesses with computing on demand backed by a guarantee of 99.9 percent availability. The product, which will compete with Amazon’s Ec2, Rackspace’s […] Read more »

At the NewTeeVee Live conference in San Francisco yesterday, I interviewed Sam Blackman, co-founder and CEO of Elemental Technologies, about trends on computing and storage costs. Elemental makes software that takes advantage of graphics processors to provide super fast transcoding, which is the process by which […] Read more »

Verizon may be joining the ranks of Internet service providers that send subscribers who illegally download or upload music files notices on behalf of the Recording Industry of America, according to sources who spoke with CNet. Verizon has not responded to my questions on this issue, […] Read more »

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