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The folks at the Kauffman Foundation have teamed up with Google to create a portal where folks can submit their ideas for gigabit application that could use the proposed fiber to the home network that Google plans to build in both Kansas Cities. Lucky them. Read more »

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An Apple store in China.

China Telecom, the No. 3 player in the Chinese mobile market, has managed to add 9 million subscribers in the third quarter and 26.4 million so far this year. No wonder mobile players such as Apple (AAPL) are so eager to get into the market. Read more »


ARM said its next generation architecture will offer cores capable of 64-bit computing. The boost from 32-bits to 64-bits will push ARM-based processors over the last big hurdle keeping the chip IP company outside the enterprise and corporate computing market, and pit it squarely against Intel. Read more »


There are more than 5 billion mobile subscribers in the world, and new growth is coming from Asia and Latin America, according to data out on Thursday from Wireless Intelligence, which ranked the top 20 mobile operators by subscribers. U.S. carriers are way down the list. Read more »


Flexible office locations and teleworking reduce the need for as many square feet per employee according to a real estate broker that specializes in flexible work space. But along with gains in productivity, such flexibility comes with potential costs if an employee doesn’t fit in. Read more »


A Google executive said the company is pondering a fiber network in Europe according to published reports. Google’s dedication to infrastructure is essential to the success of many of its lines of business, and it wants to understand what people will do with more bandwidth. Read more »


Scott Noteboom, the man who has been in charge of Yahoo’s data center operations since 2005, has joined Apple as the iconic consumer electronics maker expands into the cloud. This follows Apple’s hiring of Microsoft data center guru Kevin Timmons a few months back. Read more »


The mobile industry is in trouble. Its networks are expensive to run. Retail customers want cheap pipes. At a conference Wednesday, a Verizon executive detailed the problem and explained how he wants to use OpenFlow and software-defined networking to lower his costs. Read more »

Jason Hoffman (Joyent), Guido Appenzeller (Big Switch Networks), Martin Casado (Nicira Networks), Dante Malagrino (Embrane) - Structure 2011

Nicira, the not-so-stealthy startup working in the network virtualization space was “outed” Monday by the New York Times as a secret startup pursuing the next hot trend in computing. But the article overstated Nicira’s secretiveness and perhaps its role as network virtualization hits the mainstream. Read more »

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