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Oracle said it will pay $68 per share for Micros Systems, a company that makes cash register software for the retail and hospitality industry. The deal is valued at about $5.3 billion, or at $4.6 billion when taking into account Micros’s cash. The deal gets Oracle deeper into the retail market where its rival SAP is fairly strong, and is the biggest acquisition for Oracle since buying Sun Microsystems in 2010 for $7.4 billion. The Micro deal is expected to close in the second half of this year.

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Texas Instruments has created a family of chips that lets you connect your devices to the internet without much ado. The TI SimpleLink chips connect directly to the existing ecosystem of cloud partners that TI has signed up, making it easy to prototype a product and get it running along with an app. One version comes with a programmable ARM-based microcontroller while the other offers Wi-Fi only. It reminds me of what Electric Imp is doing with its Wi-Fi modules, and may signal trouble for the startup, whose chips are inside popular products like Lockitron locks and the Rachio connected sprinklers.

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Ringly Launch Collection
Ringly, a startup that graduated from the PCH incubator, launched its initial line of Bluetooth-connected jewelry — four rings that extend your smartphone’s notifications to your hand. The rings, which will sell for $195 at retail ($145 during the pre-order period) tie into an app that lets you set notification settings for different people and apps. So your ring could vibrate when your mom texts or flash red when you get a direct message on Twitter. Supported apps include ​Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Poshmark, Tinder and Uber. The rings will ship in the fall.

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