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Many of us are looking at the adoption of cloud as just another technology, and are leaving decisions on how to adopt, own, and manage the cloud up to engineers. But acquiring a cloud management platform is not an engineering decision — it’s a strategic one. Read more »

People at the Open Networking Summit

A radical change in networking will be unlocked by the combination of commodity networking hardware and software defined networks, but we are in the early days. The technologies will inevitably go through the tried and true hype cycle, but that cycle has indeed started. Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg
photo: Background: Shutterstock/Thomas Pajot & Zuckerberg: Jason McELweenie/Flickr

Facebook confirmed on Friday night that it had purchased Glancee, a mobile app that uses your location and Facebook log in to connect you with like-minded individuals in real life. It’s pre-IPO shopping spree in the mobile arena continues. Read more »

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Nokia Siemens Networks plans to show off gigabit wireless speeds using the variant of of LTE-Advanced network that Clearwire plans to deploy. But don’t get too excited, too soon. These aren’t real world speeds and they’re not for handsets. Read more »

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Qualcomm can’t find enough capacity to manufacture chips designed for mobile phones. These troubles will become more common as the physics that govern how we make semiconductors buckles under the demands of our increasingly mobile lives, where we demand low power and high performance. Read more »


Big data meets the quantitative self with a project to collect every heartbeat for science. Dr. Leslie Saxon wants everyone to send in their heartbeat data to a website to create a database to track heart health. Such a database could help predict heart health. Read more »

A demo from the Open Networking Summit.

Networking is undergoing a huge change in part because of the creation of the OpenFlow protocol. But just because networks are programmable doesn’t mean they will become open platforms for developers. So will OpenFlow create an ecosystem like Android’s or like Apple’s iOS? Read more »


We’re testing carrier coverage to give consumers a real-world look at mobile data performance. As part of this process, we measured performances across multiple LTE markets during the first quarter and have put together a head-to-head comparison of AT&T and Verizon’s LTE networks. Read more »

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