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IBM's new memory storing the letters for the word THINK.

Computer and memory chips usually tend to get smaller over time, but in a paper published Thursday in Science, IBM details how it’s building memory chips that would be 100 times more dense than today’s hard drives by starting with the smallest building blocks: atoms. Read more »

Guido Appenzeller (left) and Kyle Forster of Big Switch

Big Switch Networks, a startup using the OpenFlow protocol to help companies build software-defined networks, has open-sourced its controller software, dubbed Floodlight. With this move, it will attempt to unseat networking giant Cisco by creating an ecosystem of startups building tools for SDNs. Read more »

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Fewer venture firms raised more money during 2011. A smaller industry with more money, plus an active angel community that can put money in early stage deals, means entrepreneurs are likely to face the biggest fundraising challenge at the Series B round. Read more »


Facebook’s Timeline feature is the result of an engineering effort that was the equivalent of building a racing bike customized for a specific track, only without testing either until race day. At least that’s how it seems from a blog detailing how Facebook engineered Timeline. Read more »


Bright Capital, KPCB, August Capital and NEA have contributed to a $17.6 million funding round in SuVolta, a process technology company. SuVolta doesn’t design chips; it has come up with a novel way to manufacture transistors in a way that makes them use less power. Read more »

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AT&T said it will drop its planned acquisition of T-Mobile and take a $4 billion charge against its earnings. This paves the way for new partners to emerge for T-Mobile and means AT&T will have to build its LTE network without taking out a competitor. Read more »


Adding a good API to your web service can result in a 70-percent increase in traffic, according to a survey out this week from a tech research firm. The survey laid out the business and technical reasons companies use APIs and how well they work. Read more »

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Just like the iPhone brought smartphones to the mainstream, widespread streaming, YouTube and online pharmacies have brought SOPA to Congress. But the fundamental issue isn’t about SOPA, it’s about protecting business models that rely on a fragmented world, as the web makes fragmentation less relevant. Read more »


Playing off the interest in creating software defined networks for virtualized environments, startup ConteXtream has launched a product that allows a data center operator to separate network services such as firewalls and load balancers from the physical hardware. It joins several startups pushing virtualized networks. Read more »


The judge hearing the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against AT&T’s planned takeover of T-Mobile has agreed to give the two parties a month to figure out if they can salvage the $39 billion deal. The court will revisit the case on Jan 18. Read more »

Jason Hoffman (Joyent), Guido Appenzeller (Big Switch Networks), Martin Casado (Nicira Networks), Dante Malagrino (Embrane) - Structure 2011

Embrane, the not-so-stealthy startup that’s one of several hoping to make it big on the concept of virtualizing the network, launched Sunday. The company, founded in 2010 by Dante Malagrinò, has raised $27 million to provide firewalls, load balancers and more via distributed software. Read more »

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