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Boundary CEO Gary Read

What if you could know everything about your network? And instead of getting snapshots you could see the path of every packet and run analytics on that stream of data in real time? It’s the difference between watching a cartoon and viewing a flip book. Read more »

OMG! These returns!!

The investment team at the Kauffman Foundation believes the venture capital industry is broken and they — or rather investors in VC funds — are partially to blame. The report condemns venture firms for being to big, not delivering returns and not adjusting to the times. Read more »


Huawei, six months after creating its enterprise networking division here in the U.S. is ready to make a big splash at Interop this year. The Chinese networking gear maker is the one thing Cisco’s CEO John Chambers fears and today’s announcements show why. Read more »


Many of us are looking at the adoption of cloud as just another technology, and are leaving decisions on how to adopt, own, and manage the cloud up to engineers. But acquiring a cloud management platform is not an engineering decision — it’s a strategic one. Read more »

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