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Frank Frankovsky Facebook
photo: Pinar Ozger

Facebook is boosting its edge network with its own servers to speed the delivery of its photos according to Frank Frankovsky, a VP at the social networking company. Frankovsky outed his plans onstage at the structure 2012 event and explained how he hopes to scale. Read more »

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Cisco’s plans to capitalize and perhaps marginalize the emerging software defined networking sector are now in full view, and for those wondering how the world’s largest networking gear maker plans to deal with the commodification of networking gear the answer is in the northbound traffic. Read more »

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Like 3-D? Well get ready to research like mad trying to figure out what system will work best. There are seven types of display decoder technologies that deliver stereogrpahic 3-D on 13 platforms including common ones like TVs and cinemas, making for 91 possible combinations. Read more »

Structure 2011 opening remarks.

From the beginning of Amazon Web Services in 2006 to the current state of webscale and cloud vendors, the concept of cloud computing, webscale firms and corporate IT have taken a crazy journey, and at Structure, I’ve had a front trow seat for most of it. Read more »

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The launch of a think tank to educate Congress about disruptive technologies is just one of several new efforts proposed by the Internet and startup community. Conversations between Silicon Valley and D.C. will no longer rely on big tech firms. The Internet can disrupt politics too, Read more »


Arris and Kabel Deutschland, Germany’s largest cable service provider, have managed to field test cable equipment that delivers fiber-like speeds of 4.7 gigabits per second. While those speeds aren’t for the real world, it shows that cable can hold its ground with fiber. Read more »

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