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Aryaka, a startup offering cloud-based wide area network optimization raised $25 million in Series C funding. The round was led by InterWest Partners and brings Aryaka’s funding to $54 million. As the reliance on clouds and remote working grows, Aryaka is poised to succeed. Read more »

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Fiber may not just be for undersea and long-haul networks anymore.

Plexxi Systems, a stealthy networking startup that wants to bring fiber into the data center at a cost the comprable to existing Ethernet technologies, has scored a $20.1 million third round of financing from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Matrix Partners and Northbridge Venture Partners. Read more »

Ofer Bengal, Co-Founder & CEO of GarantiaData

Many popular sites use memcached and/or Redis as part of their back-end infrastructure. Both technologies are popular ways to store data that needs to be easily accessible, and both require compromises. GarantiaData, a Tel Aviv-based startup wants to eliminate some of those compromises. Read more »

Google's Hangouts recognize people, even if they are just a photo.

Google is teaching computers to recognize human faces without telling the algorithms which faces are human. It’s a machine-learning problem made for this era of unstructured data and access to large compute clusters. It’s also the next big opportunity in tech — enabling computers to “see.” Read more »

Scale breaks everything. When you move from thinking 10,000 servers is a lot to buying hundreds of thousands a year your perspectives change. And that shift in perspective has changed the information technology industry. We cover some of the biggest takeaways from our Structure 2012 conference. Read more »

Frank Frankovsky Facebook
photo: Pinar Ozger

Facebook is boosting its edge network with its own servers to speed the delivery of its photos according to Frank Frankovsky, a VP at the social networking company. Frankovsky outed his plans onstage at the structure 2012 event and explained how he hopes to scale. Read more »

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