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photo: 20th Century Fox

After users complained about bad online video experiences, France’s telecom regulator launched an investigation trying to figure out if a local ISP was blocking YouTube or if it was just underinvesting in its network. A decision is expected soon, and could have worldwide repercussions. Read more »

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Karl Freund, Calxeda

Calxeda, the startup building ARM-based servers for the scale out data center, has sold 130 systems and expects customers to put its systems into production before the end of the second quarter of 2013. Plus, it’s finding success in a completely new market — storage. Read more »

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Frank Frankovsky Facebook
photo: Pinar Ozger

Facebook’s Frank Frankovsky was onstage at today’s launch of Intel’s first low-power system on a chip for the data center, but it turns out that the social networking doesn’t plan on using the chips. Instead Frankovsky’s role could be seen as validating the microserver market. Read more »

Syria, which is engaged in a citizen revolt, has been cut off from the Internet according to several reports. This tactic isn’t all that difficult implement and is becoming more common, making the need for new open source technologies for wireless communications necessary. Read more »

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