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Ray Dolby, who founded Dolby Laboratories and pioneered the Dolby noise reduction technique, passed away Thursday at the age of 80 in his San Francisco home. His work in audio engineering includes noise reduction techniques, the creation of a videotape recording system as well as surround sound.

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Oh internet of things, is there anything you can’t do? Thanks to estimates about productivity gains from Cisco, AT&T and GE, the Progressive Policy Institute, a Washington D.C. think tank, is asking if the internet of everything (the PPI claims that phrase is more accurate, reflecting it’s acceptance of the Cisco spin) can jumpstart growth and reduce the political gridlock. I suppose that is more important than my connected fridge.

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The Verge went to the factory in Texas where the Moto X phones are made, and the photo of the workers at their stations stunned me. I’ve visited the factory floors where computers, servers, electronic toys and even semiconductors are made, and this one had the most people doing jobs by hand that I have ever seen. I had no idea assembling a phone was so people-intensive.

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Well this is a marketing coup. The biggest chip maker gets the biggest cloud provider to use its silicon and display its brand. Intel at its developer event Tuesday said Amazon Web Services instances that exclusively use Intel Xeon processors now display the “Intel Inside” brand. AWS is also adding the latest Xeon processor family to its data centers. I guess for someone, commodity x86 servers aren’t a commodity.

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Some of the hottest names in technology startups can attribute some of their success to Benchmarks’ Peter Fenton, who has backed Twitter, New Relic (see New Relic’s CEO Lew Cirne at Structure:Europe next week), and Zuora. With Twitter and New Relic expected to go public soon Benchmark is about to reap what Fenton has sown, according to this Bloomberg profile of the man.

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Broadcom is aggressively moving forward with radios to connect all of the things, saying on Wednesday that it will buy a carrier-validated LTE system on a chip from an affiliate of Renesas. The carrier validation mean customers can just pop this SoC into a product and get it quickly online, making it perfect for those wanting to build connected gadgets with cellular connectivity.

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