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As my business grew, so did the distribution of my business card, which contained my home phone number and address. I grew uncomfortable with the wide distribution of my personal contact information. I was surprised at how exposed this made me feel. Read more »

I chose to run Quickbooks Premier for PC under Parallels on my MacBook. This sufficed for a year, despite an underpowered machine and major inconvenience. Recently, I gave up on the desktop version of Quickbooks and transitioned onto Quickbooks Online. Read more »

The question of whether the Internet should extend into our lives when we are cruising at 30,000 feet has been a heavily debated one. Should airplane cabins be bastions of quiet sanctity from the deluge of information and work that follows us everywhere? Read more »

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After iPad announcement day, I provoked a lot of controversy by writing that I felt that the iPad could serve as a travel computer for me. After handling it and trying out its features, I’m now even more convinced that is true. Read more »

I was intrigued to check out what coworking is like in a larger facility in a large city. What I discovered in visiting CoLab Orlando is that the important difference in size isn’t in the physical facility. It’s in the community created within it. Read more »

even the best OCR business card reader technology has limitations. And while adding over 100 business cards to my contact files this week using my NeatReceipts for Mac, I discovered many of them. Cards with certain design features simply didn’t scan well. Read more »

A while back I reviewed an iPhone app called reMail that I really liked. It allowed users to search their email archives very comprehensively. Apparently Google was impressed with the application, too, and as Liz reported over on GigaOM, Google has purchased the company. Read more »

At some point, a business gets too big for one person to do it all. Choices have to be made about starting to delegate tasks to other people. Which areas of responsibility should an entrepreneur hand over to others? Those can be hard calls to make. Read more »

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Between security hassles and being charged fees for everything but the oxygen we breathe on board a plane, air travel has become something to be endured rather than enjoyed. But a new service, called Minute Suites, wants to serve as travelers’ oasis. Read more »

Coincidentally, Apple happened to announce the new iPad on the morning that I came home after four exhausting days at a trade show. So when I started reading about the iPad, my flight-fogged brain immediately wanted to know if the iPad could make the travel marathon I’d just endured any easier. Read more »

Anyone who web works from home knows that the flip side to all of that comfort and freedom is the sense of isolation that can overcome you from time to time. There are a couple of ways to get out and find other people. Some workers […] Read more »

A while back I wrote that I don’t believe in resolutions. But I did suggest that the new year was a good time to evaluate your goals, especially business ones. Events the past few months have made it an especially good idea for me to do […] Read more »

While everyone around me is enjoying the relative calm after the holidays, I am frantically preparing to attend the larger of the semi-annual Craft & Hobby Association trade shows in my role as the editor of the trade journal Scrapbook Update. For a long time I […] Read more »

Web workers are dependent on, well, our web. So what do you do when yours is broken and you can’t convince the cable company of that? What do you do when everyone’s is broken and no one can convince the cable company of it, for days? […] Read more »

Jan. 1 is coming, and it’s time to make those New Year’s resolutions! Yes, I know I said in an earlier article that the New Year is a bad time to set arbitrary goals about changing your life. But while it may not be the best […] Read more »

oDesk, the online marketplace for freelancers, announced yesterday the creation of oDesk Staffing to help provide freelance workers access to employer-style benefits, including group health benefits. It will also manage contract employees for small firms, providing their benefits and handling their payroll and taxes. Freelancers typically […] Read more »

We all know that we should safeguard our critical data and documents in case of a disaster. Yet way too few of us follow the best practices of having these items backed up and kept in multiple locations. As a Florida resident conscious of the threat […] Read more »

One of my favorite holiday songs is “Grown Up Christmas List.” Amy Grant sings about all the things that she wants for Christmas that can’t be wrapped in a box. Her list, of course, is full of grand altruistic dreams such as peace and love for […] Read more »

I’ve written previously about how I find it often more trouble than it is worth to take time off of work for vacations. But many of us in the first generation of web workers are part of the so-called “sandwich generation,” caring for kids and aging […] Read more »

I’m one of those fanatics who goes out before dawn on the day after Thanksgiving, to wait in line for the doors of my favorite stores to open so I can snap up the best deals before they are gone. It sounds really crazy, until you […] Read more »

Last spring, I bought my first Mac laptop to replace my aging Windows laptop. Mac fans may say the result was predictable: My shiny new MacBook quickly became my primary computer while my desktop PC gathered dust. That change left me with one problem I hadn’t […] Read more »

Gary Vaynerchuk is the host of Wine Library TV (with over 80,000 viewers a day) and Director of Operations at his family’s company, Wine Library, in Springfield, NJ. He grew that business from $4 million to $60 million in only five years, and is now the co-founder […] Read more »

Mike McDerment is the co-founder and CEO of Freshbooks. I caught up with him at the recent LessConf event in Jacksonville, Fla, to chat about Freshbooks’ focus, whether you can trust web apps with your data, and working with family members. Do you work with family […] Read more »

If you are a serious photographer, one of the things you live (or work) most in fear of is of losing a whole session of shots before you are able to properly back them up. This can happen in many ways: equipment loss, memory card failure, […] Read more »

Social media is becoming a must-use tool for marketing businesses of all types and sizes. Next month, well-known social media marketing consultants Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo will be publishing their comprehensive guide to social media marketing, “Friends with Benefits.” The title, while sounding gimmicky, is […] Read more »

All but the youngest of web workers grew up learning not about email but about paper correspondence, as dictated by the likes of Emily Post. I personally learned to type on an electric typewriter in high school, and can write a perfectly polite thank you notecard […] Read more »

This week, Intuit announced that it will be releasing the 2010 versions of Quickbooks Pro and Quickbooks Premier to users on Oct. 7. So what’s new for Quickbooks users in 2010? Intuit says it has streamlined the install process from 15 screens to only six for […] Read more »

Almost exactly a year ago, Apple introduced its unibody aluminum MacBooks. “Unibody” means that the case is a single piece, with the battery being sealed inside. My immediate reaction, shared by many road warriors and web workers, was horror: “They can’t do that!” Not only did […] Read more »

Every platform has an app store these days, and so it was almost inevitable that there would be a Twitter app store. Perhaps the only surprise is that the store comes from an outside company and not Twitter itself. oneforty, which launched yesterday, is the creation […] Read more »

“Cloud computing” has easily replaced “Web 2.0” as the current trendy buzzword. The state of California is even turning to it for government systems. I have to say, however, that I have serious reservations about heavily implementing cloud computing in my own work flow. I believe […] Read more »

We talk a lot here on WWD about the benefits of being a web worker. But not everyone is suited to it, and not everyone likes it, despite the fact that the freedom and comfort of working from home can sound like nirvana. In “7 Signs […] Read more »

In my Labor Day post, I talked about the importance of web workers advocating for ourselves, and why it is necessary. One of the topics for advocacy that is on everyone’s mind right now (at least in the U.S.) is healthcare, or more particularly health insurance. […] Read more »

The origins of Labor Day, which takes place the first Monday of September in North America, are somewhat uncertain. The holiday originated in Canada, born out of the worker’s rights movement there in the 1870s. By the 1880s, it had spread across the border, and the […] Read more »

Most of us are accustomed to making New Year’s resolutions. We’ve been programmed to believe that because we turn a page on the calendar, that we can and should try to change ourselves and our lives for the better. Oftentimes, these resolutions are work-related: to be […] Read more »

A few recent experiences on the road left me feeling like I was doing my 21st century job in very 20th century hotel rooms. It got me thinking about what my wish list would be for the web worker hotel room of the future. Power The […] Read more »

Twitter has revolutionized the world of marketing. In his new book “Twitterville,” which will be released September 3rd, social media journalist Shel Israel explains how Twitter evolved into the marketing force that it is, and shows companies how to take advantage of the powerful tool. Israel […] Read more »

A new iPhone app called reMail gives iPhone users the email archive search functionality available in applications like Gmail and Outlook.  reMail is priced at $4.99 until September 1st ($9.99 after that date). The creator of reMail is Gabor Cselle, who has previously worked on Gmail […] Read more »

Most of the time, I’m hauling a bag for one of two reasons. Either I’m around town and taking my computer with me to get some work done, or I’m traveling to conferences and events, something I do a couple of times a year. Around town […] Read more »

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