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MemberHub - Text Messages

MemberHub provides a place for group members to connect and communicate, as well as tools for managing those members. Its core features are focused on sharing information and working collaboratively within groups, whether working online or via email. Its new version improves tools for managing larger groups. Read more »

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Cloud CRM provider Salesforce has announced the acquisition of web conferencing and meeting tools provider Dimdim. Salesforce says that it will use Dimdim’s presence and on-demand meeting and collaboration technologies and development team to add new real-time communication capabilities to its Chatter collaboration platform. Read more »


In my 6 month check-in documenting my move to Mac, I mentioned some of the general usability issues that I was still experiencing. My last post garnered a lot of comments in response, with some great tips from readers I thought I would share with you. Read more »

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editme editor

As part of a rapidly growing company with product lines that are continually evolving, I was recently tasked with choosing a platform for the storage of company data, to bring together the information currently housed in Google Docs, emails and elsewhere. I chose editme, here’s why. Read more »

Alfred - Find

A good program launching application is something I’ll use constantly so having it available with a keystroke is critical. When I made the move to Mac, I immediately started looking for a good launcher, and eventually stumbled across Alfred, a free launcher that’s simple yet powerful. Read more »

TrackPoints are getting scarce, though, and the Trackpad on the MacBook is a highly lauded feature; a friend even went so far as to call it “life-changing.” With praise like that, my expectations were high. So how well does it stack up? Read more »

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When evaluating if a move to Mac was possible, I created a list of the software tools that I used on a day-to-day basis, and then looked for replacements on the Mac side of the fence, as it’s the software that determines my productivity. Read more »

One of my biggest concerns was adjusting to a touchpad after many years of using a TrackPoint. While the multi-finger touch options are really useful, especially for browsing and such, for heavy text work, I still keep reaching for my TrackPoint. Read more »

In my last post I provided some background on my decision to move to Mac after 20 years using PCs. It wasn’t a decision I made lightly, with three major areas of concern that I needed to address before considering the switch: Support, software and usability. Read more »

It was time for a replacement, but the adventure I took to get there has been a wild one. You see, for the first time in my life, not only did I consider a Mac as a viable option, but I’ve made the switch. Read more »

Especially in this troubled economy, many small businesses and freelancers try to supplement their work with recurring revenue opportunities. This regularly billed income can help to ease the cash flow problems that are common with freelance work. Read more »

I actually love working in Freckle. What that said, it’s always been kind of a hassle to take time tracking info from Freckle and build my invoices, so I was thrilled to hear that the Freckle team had added invoicing to the service. Read more »

I’ve been using the same task manager quite happily for years now; when I hear people rave about the next new thing I rarely see anything compelling enough to make me consider switching. However, a few days ago I stumbled across Thymer and was intrigued. Read more »

Over the last few months I’ve seemed to neglect some of the interesting things that Springpad could do outside of my business endeavors. Features that, while appealing, I just never really got around to using. That’s about to change — and in a big way. Read more »

When I last wrote about ZooLoo I mentioned how ambitious a product it was, and how that could make it overwhelming, especially for the small business audience it was trying to attract. The new release seem to have addressed a lot of my concerns. Read more »

In a recent article, I talked about how the choice to use less complex software in an attempt to reduce perceived overhead for your employees can actually introduce more real overhead. The main impetus for these thoughts was my evaluation of the Axosoft OnTime software solution. Read more »

Have you noticed that many web-based services advertise themselves with the premise of “less,” or being “simple?” They say their programs reduce the time and energy that your team exerts using unecessary and distracting features, functions and options, letting them focus instead on just doing their work. Read more »

A long December and there’s reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last… “A Long December” Adam Duritz 2009 was a tremendously challenging year for me, both personally and professionally. But although it was a year of many changes, it was also […] Read more »

Om and the team over at GigaOM recently shared “7 Things We Hope Will Come True in 2010.” While that list of things are all well and good for our industry as a whole, I’ve identified a list of changes that web app providers could make that […] Read more »

gwabbit is a handy application that automatically identifies and parses contact information from your emails to help ease the process of creating new entries in your contact list. I’ve written about the Outlook version as well as the paid BlackBerry edition in the past and was […] Read more »

Applications, services, tools, plug-ins, add-ons, bookmarklets — there’s an endless list of things we look to in an effort to be more efficient. Here at WWD, we write about all of them and how they can be of benefit to us. We discuss how they look, […] Read more »

I’ve written a lot about social identity management using services like DandyID or GizaPage while Charles has tackled some other options for managing online identities. In my past coverage of relationship and information management service Gist, I’ve always appreciated the volume and usefulness of the information […] Read more »

It’s been an exciting and interesting year to be a web worker. We’ve come to rely more on services like Twitter, there has been huge buzz about Google Wave, and there are certainly no shortages of new applications being released each and every day. Around this […] Read more »

I work with a number of nonprofit organizations and associations. A common theme among them is their reliance on fundraising efforts to gather money for their projects. While some groups may use a content management platform like Wild Apricot (which includes built-in features to help with […] Read more »

I like dashboards. There is something attractive about a logical and configurable display of information, be it an overview of a project or a listing of computers, that makes me feel like I am in control of the information being presented. So I was impressed when […] Read more »

Like many of us, I spend a lot of time on the web and come across a staggering number of interesting things. In Clearing The Cache, I pull out some of my favorites and share them with you here. It seems like there was a lot […] Read more »

I first wrote about the Springpad notebook organizer almost a year ago now and was immediately impressed by the offering. Since then, as improvements have come across my desk I’ve always revisited it and found it to be a capable part of any organizational arsenal. And […] Read more »

Gist, the relationship management service that went to open beta last month, today announces the release of an iPhone application, available through the App Store, that makes getting access to your data easier while on the go. By its very nature, Gist compiles a sometimes overwhelming […] Read more »

It’s an exciting time to be a web worker, what with all of the great browser choices we now have available to us. Firefox may be the preferred browser for many of us, but Chrome, Safari and Opera are also compelling options. Despite these choices, I’ve […] Read more »

Online annotation and research service WebNotes has been a useful tool in my arsenal since I reviewed it last year. Since that time, the company has released a Pro version and has solidified the feature set. In a move to further differentiate itself in the annotation […] Read more »

Like many of us, I spend a lot of time on the web and come across a staggering number of interesting things. In Clearing The Cache, I pull out some of my favorites and share them with you here. Online identity manager DandyID, which I covered […] Read more »

One of the more exciting services I’ve had the chance to use over the past year is Gist, a personal relationship manager / news aggregator. In my review from last October, I was impressed with how well it mixes your inbox with the web to compile […] Read more »

In a recent post, Meryl discussed careers in remote tech support and customer service. In my business, providing remote support is a very important part of my service offering. I’ve spent a lot of time researching the tools and services available to help me accomplish this […] Read more »

Sometimes I find myself guilty of making the assumption that all web workers are like I am, and that my needs and requirements are typical of everyone. As someone who reviews web services and applications, I find I need to step back and try to look […] Read more »

The other day, some friends and I were discussing the various productivity tools and services that we rely on to manage our lives and our businesses. The usual question came up, “What application or service do you really rely on the most?” To answer this question, […] Read more »

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