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Who says we have to sit at desks to be productive? Leggett & Platt is showing off a product they have in development called the “Starry Night Bed.” I call it a bed made for web workers. Not only does it integrate the kinds of electronic […] Read more »

I was just relearning how to work with Google AdWords and noticed that its tutorials include quiz questions. Why? Because you may want to test your knowledge along the way and eventually become a Google Advertising Professional. To do so, you need to pass an exam, […] Read more »

If you’re wondering how to increase the number of people who sign up for your email newsletter, Don Nicholas, editor and managing director for consulting group Mequoda Group, has a tip for you: Don’t call it an email newsletter. “That’s kind of an overused term,” he […] Read more »

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In spite of the fact that some marketing people downplay the value of email newsletters in these days of saturated inboxes, Don Nicholas, editor and managing director for the Mequoda Group, says he has clients today who can prove that between 70% and 80% of every […] Read more »

We’ve shared six ways to start off secure in 2008, shown you how to keep your public wi-fi sessions secure, and supplied you with suggestions for free VPN solutions. But how about if you’re in the IT organization and you want to make sure that all […] Read more »

Sure, they’ve heard the complaints and jokes about Indian accents. Yes, they know that when your computer is broken, you can’t always go online for the help you need to fix it. But the era of personal service outsourcing is here, and iYogi, a new service […] Read more »

iPhones sales may have made France Telecom bright during the holidays and it could truly be the most memorable new product launch for 2007, but that doesn’t mean your corporate IT organization should have to support it. At least, that’s the conclusion coming out of Forrester, […] Read more »

Last week, we shared the story of Michelle LaBrosse, who runs successful virtual operation Cheetah Learning. This week she shares the secret to getting that bonus or raise (or both) that you believe you deserve this year. These are strategies her own people have used on […] Read more »

Michelle LaBrosse believes she knows how to motivate people. After all, the company she founded — Cheetah Learning — trains people to achieve their project management credential, the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional or PMP. She says that 97% of the people who attend one […] Read more »

Although we’ve shared a multitude of project management tools with you since the start of Web Worker Daily (including, since just the beginning of the month, “Organize Your Life With Jott,” “(Mostly) Free Resources for the Web Worker Who Works on the Web,” and “QuickBase Goes Enterprise”), actually doing the job of project management requires — above all — simple common sense. At least, that’s the take of Kimberly Wiefling, author of Scrappy Project Management. Read more »

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Are you a web worker whose business involves web sites? If so, how often do you think about Hispanic consumers? According to a recent report from Forrester Research, this segment of the population is 44.3 million strong — 15% of the United States as a whole […] Read more »

What do you use to monitor the page ranks your sites have in search engines? You could — as I have done — enter the term into a given engine and count where a particular site appears; but that can be tedious when the site isn’t […] Read more »

Gen X? Old fashioned. Gen Y? Obsolete. Let’s talk about Generation V. My son, who’s 5 years old and searches The Wiggles web site for new movies, is a member. So is your 70-year-old aunt who sends you an Amazon gift certificate for the holidays and […] Read more »

Figuring out how to optimize your web sites is a job best left to the pros. After all, they’re the ones who should be spending a lot of time trying to understand how the big three search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) operate and how to […] Read more »

Sure, this is a topic we’ve explored before from multiple dimensions (see “Yet Another Reason to Build a Case for Telecommuting” and “Challenging Telework Myths“). But here’s your chance to get advice for building a case for telecommuting directly from Chuck Wilsker, the president and CIO […] Read more »

Imagine a work life that includes two or more days a week of working from home and a compressed work schedule that gives you an extra day off every other week, covers half the cost of installation and service fees for home broadband, and the ability […] Read more »

Applying for a job without knowing somebody at the company first often feels like a quixotic mission. You throw your resume into the faceless online job site grinder and hope a human being somewhere along the way recognizes your obvious talents and relevant life and work […] Read more »

According to one estimate, one in 10 online consumers in the United States tags something on the Web at least monthly. If you’re in an online business, this may whet your appetite for figuring out how to tap into our propensity for categorizing content with keywords. […] Read more »

At some point in your Web career — whether as blogger, podcaster or vodcaster — it’s likely you’ll find yourself in the position of interviewing others. If you’re a professional journalist, doing an interview is fairly straightforward. But what if you’re no expert? This cheatsheet, culled […] Read more »

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating a blog or a podcast and then cashing out big time, you’ll want to study the story of Howard Lindzon, the guy who started Wallstrip last October as a daily vodcast then sold it eight months later to CBS for […] Read more »

When social scientist Herbert Simon came up in 1971 with the concept later branded as “attention economics,” how could he have known that getting fly-by surfers to stop and pay attention would be the bane of existence for those of us cranking out content for one […] Read more »

If the CEO of your company came to you one day and said, “Tell me what we’re doing about Web 2.0,” how prepared would you be for the discussion? Here’s one way to lead the conversation. Step 1. Recap the basics of what Web 2.0 really […] Read more »

I’ve worked for a multitude of Web sites, but they’ve always emphasized function over form, useful and usable over truly engaging. There was never enough time or money or even talent to do more. And maybe that’s why, with one exception, none of them has ever […] Read more »

Although not all web workers prefer to work outside of corporate offices, a lot of us do. So finding companies that are amenable to the idea of telecommuting is always a boon. Those organizations often have leadership that is comfortable with the idea of managing people […] Read more »

We’ve covered “How to Manage Kids in the Home Office” and provided “10 (More) Tips on Doing Productive Web Work with Kids in the House.” But neither article included one resource we’ve come to rely on in my household: TumbleBooks. This online collection of lightly animated, […] Read more »

Efforts to change how a vital process works in business often fail — whether due to project mismanagement, miscommunication, too few resources, a reordering of priorities. But the key factor may be a lack of expertise in change management, according to Forrester analyst Connie Moore, who […] Read more »

Companies spend a fortune putting people through Myers-Briggs, 360-degree feedback and predictive indexing — in the hope of finding the silver bullet that will alleviate the inevitable clashes that arise in work. Web workers who are telecommuters have to try even harder to reach out to […] Read more »

As web workers most of us already grasp the idea that we should be able to control our Web experience – to generate content, view content in a manner we prefer and the rest of it. But companies that sell online – especially those for which […] Read more »

You’re hot and you’re thirsty, and the Wisdom Cafe is a long haul into town. So what are you going to reach for? Early on in the history of this site, Om Malik invited web folks to share what they nosh on as they work. I […] Read more »

Although Eric Schwartzman doesn’t make money directly from his podcasting, the indirect return on his efforts can be counted in financial terms all the same. Let’s see how one podcast host has succeeded, the soft skills needed in podcasting, how to sell your company on the […] Read more »

What will your job as a web worker look like in 2015? Yes, it’ll still encompass digital devices, a multitude of communications technologies and social networking. But it may also offer a 20-hour work week, according to Gartner research director Brian Prentice. In a new report […] Read more »

Britanyj Crimson earned 34,000 dollars last month online through the sale of jewelry she designed and created herself. That doesn’t include what her shop took in as donations for Relay For Life. Not bad for a business that didn’t exist before February 2007. Britanyj is selling […] Read more »

If you have expertise in a specialized business area, can keep your cool when hundreds of people are hanging on your every word, and know how to show good humor when technical snafus arise, you may have a bright future as a webinar host. And the […] Read more »

The web isn’t the free-for-all that some of us believe it to be. Many sites, especially those catering to niche audiences, use the skills of online community managers to nudge the conversation, seed chat forums with threads, recruit others to take a lead in various topics, […] Read more » is a poster child for virtual companies. Its staff is entirely distributed. It holds no scheduled meetings. And when it decided to gather for a retreat, it did so virtually. In a panel during Software 2007 in Santa Clara, CA, MoveOn co-founder Wes Boyd shared […] Read more »

This week in Bonita Springs, Florida, during Search Insider Summit, 100 search marketing experts will pay major bucks to network over pinot gris and spanakopita. These insiders understand how to exploit search engine optimization (SEO) to make money for their companies and clients, and themselves. How […] Read more »

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