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The freemium business model propelled the phenomenal growth of Dropbox and Evernote, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Future Simple’s Uzi Shmilovici helps you decide if freemium is a good fit for your company and, if it is, how to make it work for you. Read more »

Brick wall

There are currently well over 2,000 SaaS vendors by some counts, and according to Gartner over 95 percent of companies have expressed interest in maintaining or increasing their current SaaS usage. The success of this first generation of SaaS and cloud vendors has sparked a “Cloud […] Read more »


Big data has become a big buzzword. But for companies to benefit from it, they need more than technology – they need a plan. Consultant Chad Richeson has developed seven steps to help business leaders make sure their big data strategy delivers the results they want. Read more »

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Facebook Data Center

When data centers can be built anywhere and accessed from anywhere, how much does location matter? CentriLogic’s Jim Latimer identifies four key characteristics needed for a cost-effective data center location and suggests five places to build. Read more »

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