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I’m a firm believer that most of the innovation in browsers is coming from the open-source players. This week brings a number of interesting developments from the browser arena, especially if you use either of the two most popular open source browsers: Mozilla Firefox and Google […] Read more »

Google has apparently made enough progress with its pre-release Google Wave project that, starting today, the company is rolling out a preview version, although it’s only available to some users. Wave has been available for a small group of developers already, but now more than 100,000 […] Read more »

If you happen to work for a small startup business, and have the need for web development and tools, you may want to look into a new program that Microsoft has launched: WebSiteSpark. The specifics of the program are in this announcement. Essentially, Microsoft is offering […] Read more »

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Last week, the IEEE’s Standards Board ratified the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard, which will increase the number of certified compatible products based on the standard, and is likely to encourage many businesses and users to upgrade from previous 802.11g Wi-Fi technology. Of course, many people, myself included, […] Read more »

Sometimes, technologies that are ready for prime time don’t arrive in official, finalized form for ages. For example, although many of us have been using high-speed Draft 802.11n Wi-Fi technology for years now, it was only a few days ago that the IEEE officially ratified the […] Read more »

This week brings several pieces of significant news on the browser front, about Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8. As covered on the OStatic blog, Google has announced a new, stable version 3.0 of Chrome. It’s downloadable here, and if you’re already […] Read more »

I noted with interest that Microsoft has announced a new feature in its Bing search engine, focused on visual searches. You can try it here (note that it requires you to have Silverlight installed). Like some of the dedicated visual search engines, it presents a way […] Read more »

A much-improved version is out of uberVU, a site that helps you track the flow of conversations on the web, whether they’re taking place on Twitter, Digg, Reddit, in the comments sections of blogs, or elsewhere. There are many tools available for searching specific social sites […] Read more »

If you’re an iPhone user who needs remote access to one or multiple computers when you’re on the go, the folks at LogMeIn have a new application that will do the trick: LogMeIn Iginition. The application is actually specifically intended for IT personnel who need to […] Read more »

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Many of us are increasingly working with multimedia online, including video and audio applications for everything from podcasts to video tutorials. While well-known tools such as Audacity and Blender can help you deliver slickly produced online audio and video content, really good producers make use of […] Read more »

Many of us use Google Docs, and many of us also collaborate with others who speak different languages. As announced on the Google blog, you can now translate documents in Google Docs into 42 different languages. The supported languages include Arabic, Chinese and Japanese, and you […] Read more »

Many of us are consuming video and audio content as part of our working lives; some of us are broadcasting it and encoding it, too. For both types of tasks, one of the best applications that you can get is the free, open-source VLC Media Player. […] Read more »

As announced on the Gmail Blog, the folks at Google have added an important update to Gmail: mail and contact import features for everyone. Somewhat annoyingly, these features were previously available for newly created Gmail accounts, but were not available for the many of us who […] Read more »

We’ve done a number of posts on good strategies and tools for finding work, whether you’re in need of a new job or some additional freelance gigs. As AltSearchEngines reports, there is a new, free e-book available on the topic, called “30 Ideas. The Ideas of […] Read more »

Have you been using Microsoft’s (and now Yahoo’s) new Bing search engine in conjunction with Google for searches? I have, partly because of the novelty, and partly because Bing does a few interesting things that Google doesn’t, including good natural language searches. Webware has published an interesting […] Read more »

Due to their favorable price points, and how very mobile they are, netbooks — small, light portable computers — remain one of the hottest hardware categories. If you’re in the market for one, I posted some shopping tips on them back in early March. Since that post, […] Read more »

LogMeIn has long been one of the top remote control applications for managing and monitoring computers when you’re away from them. Now, LogMeIn is beta testing a new web-based application — centered around a management console — that allows people who oversee numerous computers to monitor […] Read more »

Thanks to this gloomy economy, many people are looking for work, and many people who already have some are looking for more. The job search sites are good places to start, but not everyone realizes that you can use some of the employment sites to track […] Read more »

As IDC recently reported, business adoption of free, open-source software is rapidly on the rise. It’s also true that many open-source applications are being launched as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) appls, free to try online, where you often don’t need to download or install anything. Recently, on the […] Read more »

One way to spruce up your professional image is to explore the world of pre-built business documents and web site templates. There are many good resources online where you can freely download templates for everything: brochures, newsletters, business cards, balance sheets income statements, and more. These […] Read more »

In my recent post, “3 Efficiency Tips for Using Dual Monitors,” I noted that I recently switched to a dual monitor setup, and will never go back to a single monitor. The post also delved into some simple organizational principles for using multiple running applications with […] Read more »

PortableApps has issued a new beta version of its Platform 2.0 release, downloadable here. If you’re unfamiliar with PortableApps, I covered it previously here. It’s a suite of pre-selected free, primarily open-source applications that you can stick on a USB flash drive. It’s especially popular as […] Read more »

Increasingly, many of us are working with video and audio online, not just text and still graphics. From video-based marketing materials, to online tutorials, to videocasts and podcasts, multimedia offerings are a great way to engage your audience. Here are four good, free open-source audio and […] Read more »

When Google recently announced its Google Wave initiative, there were a lot of posts going around the web characterizing it as earth-changing news, although some questioned the effort. Wave combines email, instant messaging, wiki features and more, conjuring up images of a next-generation communications tool. Now, […] Read more »

Recently, I went to check on an open-source drawing program called Draw, which used to be from Cumulate Labs, and was a pretty good tool for creating diagrams; effectively an online equivalent of Microsoft Visio. When I went to the site, I found that it’s been […] Read more »

Yesterday, Simon noted that Elance’s Online Work Index, which analyzes the hot categories for jobs posted on its marketplace, shows PHP-related jobs holding the No. 1 spot in July (as has been true since February). This lines up with trends that we have been tracking on […] Read more »

Over on the OStatic blog, Lisa Hoover covered Luminotes, which has been around for a while, but just became completely free and open source, for anyone to use. It’s a note-taking and wiki-building tool that you can either use online or offline, collaborating with others, or […] Read more »

We’ve written widely about the rejuvenated browser wars, with lots of innovation coming from the new Firefox 3.5 and Google Chrome. There is another browser that has recently been released in a new version 5.1: Lunascape. The new version is this browser’s first release optimized for […] Read more »

If you happen to carry a USB thumb drive or a netbook for mobile work, you’re probably already familiar with PortableApps. It’s a collections of great open-source applications in one free download. Many of the applications are lightweight, portable versions of larger applications that come complete […] Read more »

Whether you have only rudimentary web development skills, or are an expert developer, there are quite a few free sites that can help you extend your skills and learn new things. If you’re looking for education specific to, say, markup languages, CSS and the like, W3Schools […] Read more »

Like many of us, you’re probably getting used to the much-improved version 3.5 of Mozilla’s Firefox browser. Of course, one of the primary reasons that many people use Firefox is the large ecosystem of useful extensions available for it. The speed of version 3.5 will automatically […] Read more »

The number of useful online tools that help to sift through the masses of information posted to the Internet every minute for content worth reading is growing. In this post, I’ll discuss a good way of following how news in any particular area is developing, and […] Read more »

Many of us have been using the Release Candidate of Mozilla’s Firefox 3.5 browser, which is a major upgrade to previous versions. Now, Mozilla has released a third Release Candidate, available for download for Windows, the Mac and Linux. Mozilla also has a post up about […] Read more »

Mozilla Labs today released a preview version of the next major version of its Ubiquity extension for Firefox: Ubiquity 0.5, downloadable here. I’ve been steadily using the beta releases of it, and Mozilla has ambitious plans to make Ubiquity a standard part of Firefox. It’s a […] Read more »

If you’re using the new Release Candidate of Firefox 3.5, and many of us are, it’s worth looking into the posts at the Mozilla Hacks site to get to know how some of the most powerful new features in the browser work. There are more than […] Read more »

Netbooks have become a hugely popular hardware category, and I’ve been using them for more than a year, including trying many of the new models. Making compromises is part of the design of netbooks, so it’s important to evaluate them in a hands-on way when you […] Read more »

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