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Just so you know, this is not an April Fool’s joke: video conferencing startup Vidyo — the same company that powers the ultra-popular Google Talk video chat client — has raised a $25 million Series C round of financing, it announced today. With the new cash, […] Read more »

UPDATED According to white-label video management company Brightcove, rival Ooyala has been sending misleading information to Brightcove customers and the press, issuing a packet of information that purports to expose potential security vulnerabilities related to its media API. Brightcove says it has had at least two […] Read more »

Hulu Goes to the Movies (That You’ve Never Heard Of); Yesterday marked the first time a “feature film” appeared on Hulu before running anywhere else, but only because In The Darkness is hardly a feature film. (MediaMemo) Isohunt Ordered to Remove Infringing Content; a U.S. judge […] Read more »

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Online video management company Brightcove has been chosen by Rogers Digital Media to manage and distribute video assets for the relaunch of its Citytv video site. With the relaunch, will offer up a mix of locally produced content along with full-length episodes of some premium […] Read more »

Over the past week, online video management platforms Brightcove, Ooyala and Delve Networks all announced that they support iPad, but now it looks like an encoding company is joining the fray. Cloud encoding firm has announced support for iPad and iPhone video delivery, joining the […] Read more »

Hulu Sends Some Traffic To Level 3 and Limelight Networks; video content from Hulu historically came exclusively from Akamai, but lately, the site is also using Level 3 and Limelight Networks for some of its video delivery. (Streaming Media blog) Related: Hulu’s a Towering Success — […] Read more »

Adobe and Google announced plans today to integrate the Flash player plugin into Google’s Chrome web browser, in a move that the companies say will advance the speed of innovation on the web. By tightening their partnership for web development, the move could be seen as […] Read more »

The upcoming iPad may not have Flash, but that’s not stopping Apple from pitching it as the ideal device for personal video viewing. In its guided tour of the iPad, Apple touts the benefits of watching iTunes and YouTube video from the device, which will go […] Read more »

Online video collection service Vodpod has rolled out a new feature that allows its users to build communities around groups of videos. With the launch of its Vodpod Groups service, the startup hopes to create destination pages on the site where users can go to vote […] Read more »

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Apple Poised To Unveil New Mobile Ad Platform; the new ad platform, which will be officially unveiled to Madison Avenue on April 7th, has been described as “revolutionary” and “our next big thing” by Apple chief Steve Jobs. (MediaPost) BBC iPhone Apps On Hold; plans by […] Read more »

Online video management firm Brightcove is going after media companies that want to make their videos available on the Apple iPad by adding a whole new feature set to deliver iPad-compatible HTML5 video. The company also has unveiled a road map to eventually bring along features […] Read more »

CW to Double Ad Load in Its Web Shows; the CW Network plans to put as many ads in Web versions of its shows as it airs on TV. (The Wall Street Journal) Bitbop: Is This the Hulu of Mobile?; Fox Mobile unveiled Bitbop this week […] Read more »


When Apple first introduced the iPad to the world, there was more than a bit of consternation around the fact that the new device, which finally ships next week, wouldn’t support Adobe Flash. While limiting access to a whole range of Flash-based games and web sites […] Read more »

Someday, and maybe even someday soon, we’ll be watching the Super Bowl in 3-D — that is, if the consumer electronics and cable industries get their way. With 3D-TVs finally entering the marketplace and cable networks creating dedicated 3-D channels, it seems like just a matter […] Read more »

For YouTube, being the most popular video site in the world has some disadvantages, including a comments section that trends toward attracting the lowest common denominator. Indeed, if you’ve ever spent any time on the site, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that the signal-to-noise ratio for YouTube comments […] Read more »

HBO In Discussions For ‘TV Everywhere’ Deals; Eric Kessler, co-president of HBO, said that the programmer is engaged in conversations with a number of different distributors to enable authenticated subscribers to access content from multiple touch points. (Multichannel News) Blockbuster Dips a Toe in the Mobile […] Read more »

It looks like CBS will use HTML5 and H.264 to allow iPad viewers that connect to to watch its videos, if early test video pages discovered by The Other Mac Blog and examined by MacRumours are any indication of the company’s plans. If successful, the […] Read more »

Google has long been a proponent of net neutrality, but it appears the company may have unknowingly allowed an advertising partner in India to promote preferential treatment for certain video streams on YouTube. A reader in India tipped us off that YouTube advertiser Bharti Airtel, a […] Read more »

A Canadian company called Hulavision has sued Hulu and founding partner NBC Universal, claiming that the broadcaster stole trade secrets and plans for a premium video site, even pilfering the company’s name, according to a report in The Hollywood Reporter. Hulavision claims that founder Eroll Hula […] Read more »

Widevine, Verimatrix Settle Patent Dispute; Under the settlement, Widevine granted Verimatrix a license to the two asserted Widevine patents and their foreign counterparts. (Multichannel News) Qik Comes Built-In to the HTC EVO 4G Android Phone; not only will Qik work on the new HTC EVO 4G, […] Read more »

Personalized news service 1Cast is expanding its availability with the launch of a new Blackberry app today, adding to the number of mobile devices and users that will be able to access it. The service, which was already available on iPhone and Android devices, allows users […] Read more »

Enterprise video management startup Wistia has raised an additional $775,000 to advance adoption of its platform. The financing round comes as the company, which is focused on providing a way for businesses to share videos with employees, customers and partners, has posted impressive growth over the […] Read more »

ExtendMedia has added new functionality to its white-label video management and distribution platform, enabling media companies to deliver their TV Everywhere services beyond the PC to new screens. With the latest update to its OpenCASE software platform, ExtendMedia supports video distribution to mobile devices, game platforms, […] Read more »

RealNetworks Offers New Way To Mass Produce Mobile Video Apps; the company is rolling out a new mobile video service that will help entertainment and wireless companies tap into consumers’ increasing demand for watching video on the go. (paidContent) mSpot’s Mobile Movie Streaming Service Expands to […] Read more »

YouTube has done away with a feature designed to make it easier for users to share what they were watching with their friends in real time. After less than a year of testing, the Realtime Toolbar, which was rolled out to a limited number of users, […] Read more »

Sonic Solutions is growing the amount of on-demand TV content it will have available through its Roxio CinemaNow service, striking a deal with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution that will allow it to sell TV shows the day after they air on TV. Episodes will be sold […] Read more »

CEO: Comcast Won’t Discriminate Against Competitor’s Web Programming; Comcast Chairman Brian Roberts says his company will not discriminate against Web programming by competitors, but makes no promises about putting all, or any, new programming on the Web. (Broadcasting & Cable) ESPN Begins Cross Media Research Program […] Read more »

People are watching more TV than ever and using the Internet more than ever before. So how do they find the time? Mainly by doing both at the same time, according to new research from Nielsen. In its latest Three Screen Report, Nielsen found that 59 […] Read more »

UPDATED Well that was fast. If you’ve tried using the Kylo web video browser, which was just launched this morning, you might have noticed something funny while trying to connect to videos from Hulu — that is, that they’re unavailable. Users can connect to the Hulu […] Read more »

Let’s say it’s 2005 and online video is in its infancy. If you’re a Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, how much would it cost to start up and run a video sharing site with the hopes of flipping it for more than $1.6 billion? […] Read more »

The BBC will make viewing of its on-demand videos more social by adding Facebook, Twitter and Bebo integration into its widely popular iPlayer online video application, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph. The addition of more social sharing features has the potential to greatly […] Read more »

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