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Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said Google has all the data it needs to present Twitter in its search results right alongside Google+. That’s the latest public word from Twitter after Google began pushing its own social network in search results while keeping out Facebook and Twitter. Read more »

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Could Apple spend its $100 billion in cash to create a virtual cable operator to compete with Comcast and the like? Sure. But it would have a really hard time offering a competitively priced service and building a profitable business out of it. Read more »


The Apple TV sold 1.4 million units during the holiday quarter, about half of what Apple sold in the entire year prior. While it’s far from a mass-market device, its sales numbers show that even in a relatively small market, Apple dominates the competition. Read more »

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youtube skippable ad

Google SVP of ads Susan Wojcicki said on the company’s earnings call that 60 percent of all video ads that appear on YouTube are TrueView ads, meaning that viewers can skip it and move on to the video if it’s not relevant or interesting. Read more »

pirate flag

Big media companies are pushing SOPA and PIPA to limit piracy. But it’s not Google’s fault people are seeking out films and watching pirated streams or downloads — it’s the studios’ fault for not making it easier for consumers to find and pay for that content instead. Read more »


More than perhaps anyone else in Silicon Valley, SV Angel’s Ron Conway knows how important free expression on the Internet can be for fledgling technology companies to grow and prosper. So it’s probably not a surprise he’s against the proposed PIPA and SOPA bills. Read more »

snapstream mac

Snapstream is making its TV monitoring capabilities available to Mac users, with a Web-based video player and client that will let its customers search, view and clip live and recorded TV feeds. That could increase help its potential customer base, while making its existing base happier. Read more »


Updated. Outdoor recreational startup AllTrails today announced a major partnership with National Geographic that will bring unique, co-branded content to the startup’s website at and its mobile applications. That will give it a lot more data, and opens the door for a subscription service. Read more »

yowie facebook

Online video chat provider Yowie is boosting its social presence, with a Facebook app that will let individual users talk to one another while sharing interesting videos. The app differentiates itself by ranking users based on videos they share and their behavior in chat rooms. Read more »


Beepl opened its social Q&A site to the public, with the hopes of challenging Quora and others by finding specialists to answer user questions. It does that with technology that matches users with the queries that they are most interested in and most qualified to answer. Read more »

vizio google tv

A week ago, it seemed like Google TV was back on track after announcing new partners. But if Google finally is gaining the trust and support of the consumer electronics industry, there was little evidence of it at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Read more »

Affine Systems' object detection

Michael Mathieu, former CEO of video ad network YuMe, has taken the chief executive role at Affine Systems. He’ll take over for Co-Founder Mike Sullivan, who will stay on at the startup in an executive role. The management change comes as Affine just raised $5 million. Read more »


Hollywood’s UltraViolet initiative might not have gotten off to a great start. But things are looking up, as it’s added Amazon as a partner, and Samsung Blu-ray players will now let consumers add DVDs they’ve already purchased to their UltraViolet digital rights lockers. Read more »

set-top box

The latest evidence that the set-top box will soon be dead comes from Samsung and DirecTV, which have partnered. Set-top boxless viewing will enable operators to provide the same user interface on the TV without the need for another piece of hardware. Read more »


Just about a month after going live with its iPhone app, Givit has dramatically increased the number of mobile devices that support its private video sharing service, with the rollout of an application for Android. Users can now upload, manage and view videos from Android phones. Read more »

comcast anyplay

Comcast is finally making live TV available on the iPad. But unlike other operators, it’s not just making those streams available directly through an app: Customers who wish to take advantage of the live offering will need an extra set of equipment to make it work. Read more »

samsung smart tv

Samsung is putting some effort behind its smart TV lineup, with plans to add new functionality for consumers to interact with their TV screens. Its next-gen smart TVs will include voice, gesture and facial recognition features that will enable even smarter TV applications. Read more »


Dish first announced its Blockbuster subscription streaming service three months ago. In that time, it’s been quietly ramping up the amount of content its subscribers can access through the service, boosting the number of choices from just 4,000 streaming titles at launch to more than 25,000 now. Read more »

onlive desktop

The new OnLive Desktop app making its debut at CES this week will let users stream their full-featured — and resource-intensive — Microsoft Office applications to their Apple iPads. The company runs virtualized versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint on its data centers in the cloud. Read more »

flingo syncapps

Flingo is making an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, and it will be showing off a little bit of technology that will let viewers share what they’re watching on social networks directly from their TVs, without ever having to pick up another device. Read more »

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